‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Say Losing Weight Won’t Fix Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton is notorious for having a bad attitude and a less than sunny disposition. Over the last three seasons of 1000-Lb. Sisters, fans have watched this heavyweight reality celeb attempt to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. Unfortunately, she has yet to make her goal. Many viewers have been hopeful that getting the life-changing surgery will change her perspective on life. Hardcore fans of the show, however, believe that not even losing weight will ‘fix’ Tammy. Read on to find out why viewers are doubtful that Tammy will change her ways.

Tammy Slaton Hasn’t Changed A Bit

Through the course of three seasons, 1000-Lb. Sister star has been criticized for having a nasty attitude. Her rude demeanor and her lack of consideration for others is definitely a sore spot for a lot of fans who once wanted her to succeed.

Her less than shimmery personality only worsened after her sister, Amy Halterman, surpassed Tammy, achieving her weight loss goal and getting her bariatric surgery. The jealousy and resentment Tammy shows toward her sister have negatively impacted their relationship. Additionally, her lack of effort in spite of having infinite support from her whole family has also weakened her relationships with them.

Tammy Slaton Season 3
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Now, with Chris also leaving Tammy in the dust and getting his own surgery, fans expect that Tammy’s personality will only sour more. So much so in fact that they don’t believe even massive weight loss can change her for the better.

Fix Yo’Self Tammy

In addition to Tammy’s mostly sour personality, fans often muse that perhaps investing in her appearance might improve her demeanor. Viewers on Reddit threads have commented regularly wondering why Tammy Slaton hasn’t used some of the money she’s earned from TLC to improve her appearance. Last season, for example, the show dedicated an episode to Tammy visiting the dentist to see about getting her teeth fixed. Yet, to this day – she has not had any work done to improve her smile.

Some viewers have been vocal, wondering if Tammy fixing her teeth or otherwise splurging on her appearance might raise her self-esteem and possibly brighten her personality. Other fans are of the mind that nothing short of a holy miracle will “release the Kraken from Tammy Slaton’s soul.”

Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit

On the same side of that coin, people wonder if Tammy can’t be bothered to improve her health in simple ways (i.e. dental care) how can anyone expect her to put effort into bigger goals like weight loss. Furthermore – if she were able to get the surgery – would she maintain it, considering brushing her teeth more than twice a week has become a ‘goal’ for her.


Photo Credit: Reddit


Photo Credit: Reddit

Is There Any Help for Tammy Slaton?

Many fans remain supportive of Tammy. They are hopeful that eventually, she will muster the courage to achieve her goals. It is clear to her viewers that her lack of success is not the result of lacking resources – it is a lack of will.

Over the course of the show, she has been given the aid of reputable doctors and the encouragement and care of her family – who have used those same resources to surpass Tammy’s efforts. The question that remains is how long before Tammy Slaton is tired of being left behind. And, how badly does she really want to live?

Tammy fans hope that she has this revelation sooner than later.

You can see new episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday nights on TLC network.

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  1. It is more than obvious that Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters will never reach her weight loss goals and to get bariatric surgery. The fact that she is making money that feeds her appetite is the nail in her coffin. I wish the show would stop paying attention to her journey. It only promotes her nasty personality and her continuing awful comments. Please stop rewarding her bad behavior. It’s only sure to guarantee she continues her bad behavior and expedite her road to her demise. When the inevitable happens don’t let the network wipe its hands of its responsiblity to the situation. It’s their fault for glorifying her behavior for profit.

  2. I am relieved to see I am not the only person tired of seeing Tammy as part of the show. She is just too broken to be glorified on TV. What bothers me a lot is that she seems to think she is cute by speaking the way she does and behaving the way she does when in reality she is disgusting. She does not understand humor or what is truly funny, just thinks she can keep talking about body functions that most people would conceal but to her are funny. She is way too old to be talking like that and needs to practice being a lady. Most of her behavior–zero ignorant way of revealing everything when she talks and her refusal to do what is best for her, or to be civil and polite to others, is such childish behavior. Please do not feature her so much in the show if she refuses to act like an adult. Amy is not perfect but at least is somewhat better. Keep Chris, and encourage his wife to lose weight also as part of a new direction for the show. And please get makeovers for everyone!

  3. Here’s my first comment, I just want AMY to realize that she looks to be gaining weight and because she is small next to Tammy,no one is commenting about her really bad eating habbits.I was so unhappy recently when Chris came over with a big old burger for her.Love the show but don’t think Amy or Tammy will ever reach a good wait.

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