Tammy Slaton Heads To Dentist For First Time In A Decade

Tammy Slaton Dentist

Accompanied by her brother Chris, Tammy Slaton heads to the dentist for the first time in a decade. Tonight’s episode offers fans of the Slaton sisters a look at what a dentist appointment is like for a bariatric patient.

This article contains spoilers from Season 2, Episode 7 of 1000-LB.  Sisters. If you haven’t watched the episode titled “Jerry Bites Back” yet you may want to exit this article.

Chris takes Tammy Slaton to the dentist

Tonight’s episode kicks off with Tammy and Chris in a car together. Chris is taking his sister Tammy to the dentist. Tammy reveals this is the first time she’s been to the dentist in ten years. So, she’s definitely nervous. Chris and Tammy discuss going to the dentist isn’t easy for someone Tammy’s size. They had to spend some time finding a dental facility that was capable of handling her needs and her weight. Fortunately, they found someone.

In the dental office, Tammy had trouble fitting through the door because of the size of the wheelchair. So, Chris made her get up and walk. Once they got through the door. He pushed her to continue to walk. She made it to the examination room and she was greeted by a very friendly dentist.

Tammy Slaton Dentist

The dentist reassures her there will be no judgement

Kicking things off, the dentist did everything he could to make Tammy comfortable. He asked several times if the chair was alright. Did she feel comfortable? Did she feel secure? The dentist exploded to the cameras they do not usually get a lot of patients like Tammy. But, even bariatric patients need dental care. They planned the appointment ahead of time. And, they checked the specifications of the chair to make sure it was secure and stable for Tammy.

Once Tammy was situated in the chair, they did some chatty. Tammy explained she wanted to do something about her missing teeth. She also explained she hadn’t been to the dentist in a decade. And, she was sure some work needed done. The dentist asked how often Tammy brushed her teeth. She admits she tries to get in there twice a week. But, she knows it should happen every day. The dentist corrects her noting she should brush her teeth twice a day.

Tammy Slaton Dentist

He, however, reminds her there is no judgement. And, they will work on it. He gets a good look and says her teeth are pretty good considering how little she brushes them. She gets a good cleaning and they make plans for dealing with those missing teeth. Tammy asks if weight loss will change things with her dental plan. The dentist insists losing weight will just make it easier to care for her teeth.

1000-LB.  Sisters Season 2, Episode 7 titled “Jerry Bites Back” airs tonight on TLC at 10 p.m. EST. The episode is also currently available on discovery+. Stick with us at TV Shows Ace for the latest Slaton sisters news!

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