Tammy Slaton Disappoints At Rehab, First Weigh In A Bust

Tammy Slaton

1000-Lb. Sisters viewers were dumbfounded when Tammy Slaton made the decision to get into rehab for her eating addiction. They were even more shocked when she decided that she was capable of returning home and continuing her weight loss plan on her own. Now, just a few weeks after being discharged from an intensive treatment facility, Tammy comes face to face with Dr. Eric, where she comes to terms with the fact that she may have overestimated her ability to control herself. Read on to find out what happened at the first weigh-in of season 3.

Tammy Goes To Rehab

As fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters watched Tammy Slaton’s journey during season two, many were shocked at how she seems to live in a perpetual state of denial regarding her health. Despite being told time and time again that her lack of effort could literally kill her, Tammy has continued to backslide. After watching her own family members meet their own weight loss goals, and eventually get the bariatric weight loss surgery without her – the TLC celeb finally made the decision to get a more intensive type of help.

1000 LB Sisters Tammy Slaton Youtube
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During the opening moments of the show’s third season, Tammy’s sister, Amy Halterman, reveals to fans that Tammy has finally made the decision to participate in more intensive treatment. She voluntarily checks in to a rehabilitation center that specializes in helping patients combat food addiction.

Tammy Slaton Archives Weight Loss!

Tammy’s family checks in during her stay in the rehab facility. While she says she hates the food and that she’s regularly hungry, the plus-sized celeb has found a silver lining – she has made friends. In addition to finding camaraderie with some of the other patients, Tammy reports that with the help of nurses, doctors, and a strict food and exercise plan, she lost just over 60 pounds.

For Tammy, 60 pounds of weight loss is, in fact a huge milestone. While it may not seem like a lot of weight comparatively, Tammy Slaton has failed repeatedly to not only meet goals, but has on several occasions gained ridiculous amounts of weight in between doctor’s appointments. For her, this is a huge win, and a huge step toward being approved for her bariatric surgery goal.

In fact, if Tammy had kept up this intensive program for just a few more weeks, she could have easily met and likely succeeded her goal 100-pound weight loss goal set by Dr. Eric. Unfortunately, this is not the outcome we are seeing on the show.

Running In Reverse, Again

After a few weeks in rehab, and having a supportive, dedicated nursing staff to monitor her every movement – Tammy had lost a total of 60 pounds. At over halfway to her goal, Tammy decides that she no longer needs the help of medical professionals. She deludes herself into believing that she is now capable of carrying on the program on her own at home.

While her family knows that this is a horrible idea, Tammy is homesick and convinces her brother Chris to come and bring her home from the facility. While there, the facility director lets Tammy know that she is leaving against medical advisement. Staff attempted to reason with her, warning her that she’s not ready to battle her food addiction and her weight plan on her own.

1000 LB Sisters Tammy Slaton Youtube
Tammy Slaton YouTube/TLC

Tammy travels home, though unfortunately, as her family expected, things did not go as well as she thought they would. A few weeks after leaving the rehab facility, Tammy goes in for her appointment with Dr. Eric.

Prior to the appointment, her brother, Chris, admits to the camera that he isn’t expecting the outcome to be a positive one. He knows that, since she has been home, Tammy has fallen back into old habits. She remains unable to control her eating addiction, and, in addition, has jumped into a relationship with Jerry 2.0, whose name this time happens to be Phillip.

“Tammy’s not doing what she needs to do,” Chris says tells producers in a confessional session, “She’s in a relationship with a dude that’s not got Tammy’s best interest at heart.”

The Numbers Don’t Lie

When it came time to put all the cards on the table, Tammy told the camera that she hoped that she had lost more weight, but wasn’t sure if she had. ”

“I’m hoping that I’ve lost even more and I’m closer to my 550 goal,” she mused.

At her last weigh-in, the over-sized celebrity had rung in at 624 pounds, which, for her was a great success considering she entered rehab at nearly 700 lbs. Now, in Dr. Eric’s office, the numbers told a much different story than Tammy would have liked to portray. Instead of coming closer to her goal, she was quickly moving away from it.

1000 Lb Sisters - Tammy Slaton - Youtube
1000 Lb Sisters – Tammy Slaton – Youtube

In just a few weeks since she made the decision to come home early from rehab, Tammy had gained nearly 15 pounds – now putting her weight back up to 639.

Chris, who has done his best to be a supportive ally for Tammy on her health journey, was absolutely livid by her lack of effort. “This s—‘s unbelievable,” Chris vented on camera, “Tammy gained about 15 lbs. than what it was three weeks ago, so it sucks. She’s pissing precious time away that she really ain’t got.”

Tammy on the other hand feigned surprise at the weight gain, deflecting and making varied excuses for her lack of progress.

“I gained weight back,” she says. “I’m not happy about it. I hate it. I hate it.”

Will Tammy Slaton ever be able to match the success that Amy and her brother, Chris have had with their weight loss? Let us know you’re thoughts in the comments.

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  1. This is so sad to see Tammy in such denial, it breaks my heart. Maybe some kind of tough love, sit her down and have her help make her own funeral arrangements. Kudos to all of her family and friends and health care people that are behind her! It must be so frustrating for everyone. Tammy, there’s a whole world out there you deserve to experience!

    1. Their mother bought Tammy two cemetery lots and was shopping around for a huge casket for her for when she does die. It didn’t phase Tammy one bit when she found out. She will die due to her addiction. Some people just cannot be helped because they simply do not want it.

      1. I just wish they could keep her in a rehab place and just throw away the key for about a year and just let this woman know it’s all about time time and she could lose so much weight she will not have a refrigerator to dig in she will not have a stove to cook on

    2. I have no sympathy for Tammy. She is selfish expect the Amy to run around for her and wait on her hand and foot. Amy has her life and a baby to take of. Use tough love kick her out.

      1. Me neither, and has the nerve to call Amy a lazy bitch no the golden gurnsey is LAZY! I honestly believe shes never gonna do it. She just is obsessed with being fat and the obsession and fetish these men have. I wouldn’t do a damn thing for her, she’d figure it out. Makes no sense to gain that much wait in a month, there’s nothing on her body that doesn’t have fat bulges, shes disgusting at best, she’s trifling goes to doctor with dirty and ripped up clothes. She’s a self centered only care about Tammy kinda an winch and to say someone is intimidated by her size is a joke, she can’t even move out of that chair whose scared if her? Nobody!!!!! Get off your lazy ass and do something for YOURSELF! Feel bad for her sister! Piglet no hoglet

    1. Until she deals with the sexual abusive person from the past. No relationship with food or people is going to work. I felt the same feelings and by reflecting on why my Mom never protected me from her dates that waited for her , Throw people getting ready. Tammy it’s the little girl, in you that needs to say ” not my fault you were sick. I was an easy target. Your problem, in hell. Bye.
      Keep trying . Get rid of the guy.go through photo albums and burn photos of people that hurt you.

    2. I dont think she wants to lose the weight, she had the perfect opportunity in rehab and she left.She has given up and sees her family losing and maybe is jealous and doesn’t want to put forth the effort.Maybe she’s afraid of failing so she sabotaged everything deliberately.

  2. She is a master malipulator she can push everyone’s buttons and go on her oh woo is me. She’ll not survive and possibly sgive on her. She has to take some responsibility b he understands that but her choice of partners is crazy. One doesn’t want to gve up on her but she needs to get a grip.

  3. Even if she is forced to stay somewhere until her weight loss and her surgery losing several hundreds of pounds over a few years, once she is released to live an independent life, she’ll go right back to her addiction and eating herself to death. She will gain most of the weight back in a couple years time. Tammy doesn’t want help. She wants attention and she would rather die than be healthy. I stopped feeling sorry for her years ago. I just feel for Amy and I’m proud of Chris even after his weight gain. Tammy is sadly a lost cause and she chose that herself.

    1. I totally agree that maybe she wants the attention. I feel sorry for her sister and brother, she is killing herself and they need to accept facts and go on with their lives, you only live once and they need to be happy and grateful for their doctors and families.

  4. She is a hamburger away from death and she doesn’t care. Her addiction to food and lack of exercise is going to kill her soon. If her family does not stop enabling her and walk away from her she will be dead very soon. Her family needs to put her in a nursing home and go on with their lives. She will either change or die. She is the only one who can change her life. What a waste of life to live for food. I feel sorry for her family, especially Amy, Michael & Chris. I refuse to watch that show and support the exploitation of her situation. I pray for Tammy to see the light and change but don’t believe she is capable of helping herself. She has no desire to change. Weightloss surgery can change her life. I had it and was 240lbs and now 140. I could not do it by myself because of my handicap & autoimmune diseases. I thank God I finally got help and can live a healthy happy life and hope she wakes up before she in a morgue.

    1. Tammy must feel that it is imperative for her to lose weight. She tried it on her own and couldn’t do it. I hope she realizes that she needs help. Addiction to anything is extremely hard to handle. But having a support system and following everything to the letter is so vital to getting healthy and happy.

  5. Tammy is not trying to lose her weight at all the new man been given her lots of food and it’s a shame that she don’t realize that her life is spending and on her face Tammy need to wake up I do enough effort walking exercising moving her with it and her legs more than her arms see progress of doing that Amy she needs to do more exercise Amy need to do more exercise and her health to cuz she’s looking like she’s doing what Tammy’s doing her way is going up to I see it in her face and in her stomach they should have a sister exercise days with each other

  6. Sounds horrible??? Its the only way to do it, she won’t do anything on her own. That’s why she weighs 700 pounds!! When she was in the facility they watched what she ate and she had to exercise. That’s why she wanted to go home, she’s lazy and all she wants to do is eat and manipulate everyone into doing everything for her. Leave her lazy ass to fend for herself and we’ll see what happens…

  7. A hard road to go on but having been on it myself and put weight back on, if I had all the help and care tammy has had I’d of made it.Tammy your acting like spoilt brat you care about no-one but yourself and even then you don’t care when you realise you will be on your death bed and too late:(

  8. Made ?? Addiction!! what ever it be you don’t realise that after surgery you can go to something else I didn’t realise mine had gone from food to alcohol oh wish ad had known so now alcohol free just, 4 stone over weight so a new journey for me oh how I wish I had the help you have had threw your hands tammy in the UK things are alot different give yourself a good talking to girly you have it all there right infront of you grab it while you still can

  9. I lost interest and empathy for Tammy a long time ago. She is so self absorbed and nasty to her family and blames everyone else for her problems. They keep giving her chance after chance and have invested so much time and emotion in her. I hope THEY succeed.

  10. Not SURPRISED @ all! I’ve said all along she doesn’t want to change her life. She’s the ONLY 1 that can. Also Amy NEEDS to move! Period. She has her OWN family & weight loss journey to CONCENTRATE on. You can’t be around a person who’s VERBALLY ABUSIVE & NEGATIVE all the time. If Tammy dies it’s on her.

  11. I just wish they could keep her in a rehab place and just throw away the key for about a year and just let this woman know it’s all about time time and she could lose so much weight she will not have a refrigerator to dig in she will not have a stove to cook on

  12. Tammy loves the attention she gets from all those fat girl web sites. Amy should just STOP feeding, cleaning, shopping and everything else she does for her and move on with her and Michael and Gage’s life. Chris, well he just rocks!!! Love me some Chris!! 😘

  13. Tammy won’t change she loves been a star , death is imenent for sure but she’s not able to see life without food , addiction is very sad but she can only help herself !!!!!!

  14. It’s a food addiction. It’s every bit as gripping as a drug addiction. It isn’t that easy to break. Especially if a person is an emotional eater. And yes she DOES want to lose weight. She isn’t lazy or unmotivated to lose. She just can’t do it alone and on her own. But she wants to. She thought she learned the tools in rehab and could follow them at home. Turns out she can’t. But it isn’t like she just wanted to go home so she could just toss caution to the wind. I think she will see she needs the help and go back to a facility of some kind. And I have faith in her! I know she can do this with the right help & understanding. She won’t do it with criticism tho. None of us do ANYTHING well with criticism. Have some compassion. She’s trying. Build her up, not down.

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