‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Fans Believe Tammy’s Life is Better Than Amy Halterman’s – Here’s Why

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For fans who watch TLC’s hit show 1000-Lb. Sisters, it’s easy to see that Amy Halterman is definitely the healthier of the two sisters. Over the first two seasons, we have watched Amy successfully meet goals. We’ve seen her go through weight loss surgery and even start her family. Despite everything that she has accomplished and how happy having her son has made her, fans wonder if her life is as happy as it seems to be for her. Is Tammy Slaton‘s quality of life better than her sister’s? Read on to find out why fans suspect that might be the case.

Tammy Slaton Denies Reality

Tammy Slaton has a plethora of health issues that could, quite literally, kill her at any moment. Despite how poor her condition is, Tammy continues to fight against the truth. She notoriously puts the blame for her problems on other people, especially her sister, Amy Halterman. The TLC celebrity is currently weighing in at well over 620 pounds. Even though she has the love and support of her family, and access to medical professionals and resources that can aid her in getting her weight and her life back on track, Tammy refuses to put in an ounce of effort to help save her life.

Tammy Slaton Instagram/YouTube
Tammy Slaton Instagram/YouTube

Many fans who watch the show feel like Tammy really doesn’t grasp the gravity of the situation. Even though she has been warned repetitively that she could soon be bedridden, she doesn’t seem to believe it. According to Tammy, there’s always a reason why she is unable to lose weight – and the reason is never her.

In addition to being overly nonchalant about her own morbidity, fans have noted on many occasions that Tammy really enjoy being in the public eye. She also really seems to crave the attention that she gets from the plethora of fetish-driven BBW-loving men that she finds online.

To many, it appears that in her mind, Tammy really does have it all. She is earning an income from being as big as she is – in the form of a hit cable television show. Her lifestyle is essentially paid for. She doesn’t “work” so she has the free time to spend as she pleases and has both family members and a hired nurse to help wait on her every need. And, to top it all off, she gets to constantly pursue relationships with the many new men who line up to get their chance to indulge their fantasies and her stomach.

Reddit Fan Comments
Photo Credit: Reddit

While a lot of her happiness is born of delusion, her only main source of stress seems to be fueled the “nagging” and “bitching” of her family members and nurses aid who consistently try to get her on the right path.

Unfortunately, her sister, Amy Halterman, doesn’t have a life that is as glamorous.

Amy’s Lesser “Quality of Life”

Between the two sisters, Amy Halterman is in far better condition health-wise than Tammy. Amy started at just over 400 pounds – and almost immediately seemed to see the light. Early interactions with doctors helped put her weight in perspective. She was fully able to grasp that her size could limit her life in many ways.

While her weight loss journey was far from perfect, the celeb managed to hit the goal set by her bariatric surgeon in under a year. She then managed to successfully get through her surgery and go through recovery. Beyond that she managed to lose more weight despite becoming pregnant much sooner than her doctors wanted her to.

9 months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Gage and has the love and support of her husband, Michael, who she seems to adore.

Reddit Fan Comments
Photo Credit: Reddit

Despite all of the positive, Amy still carries a lot of burden and stress that easily decrease the “quality” of her life.

One of those deficits is having to constantly carry the weight (no pun intended) of Tammy’s care. Even when she was at her heaviest, Amy Halterman was still much more mobile and motivated than her sister. From an early age, Amy has been mostly responsible for her sister care – and that has transferred with her into adulthood. Even now that she is much healthier, post-surgery, Amy still takes on the responsibility of making sure that Tammy has the support she needs.

Amy Halterman Is Living In Her Sister’s Shadow

In addition to Tammy’s everyday care, Amy has a family and responsibilities. She takes care of her son, and films the show to help support her family’s income.

Of the two women, Amy Halterman is much more driven by responsibility, and definitely takes others’ burdens on to herself. She constantly feels the need to take care of family members, even when she doesn’t have to. As you would expect, this self-inflicted familial obligation adds a lot of emotional stress to her life.

Photo Credit: Instagram

From the outside, Tammy seems a lot more carefree because she has so little responsibility. Amy carries so much responsibility for everyone else that she often seems as though she’s about to have a mental breakdown.

We cannot comment officially comment on her mental health, but Amy seems to suffer from anxiety. Even to her doctors, it’s clear that the anxiety is exacerbated by her constant worrying over her sister’s health. This is easily seen in any scenario on the show where the ‘reality’ of Tammy’s condition comes into play. When Tammy Slaton and her family members are shown how Tammy is declining, or when a doctor reminds them how a few more pounds could have her knocking on death’s door, Amy becomes visibly emotional.

Fans on Reddit recently commented on this topic, pointing out that no matter how well Amy does, Tammy always seems to get the spotlight because of how little she cares about her life and the people in it.

Fans Think Amy Would Be Better Off Giving Up On Tammy

Clearly, Amy Halterman does not want to lose her sister. She loves her and in many ways feels responsible for her. It’s clear through the therapy sessions that the show has featured, that if Tammy were to die because of her weight, Amy would feel responsible. She would wonder if her weight was her fault because of how she fed her sister when they were young. Amy would constantly ask herself if she could have done more for Tammy and if it would have saved her.

Amy Halterman
Photo Credit: TLC ‘1000’Lb. Sisters’

Most would agree, that constant guilt and anxiety has clearly impacted Amy’s life in a negative way. Viewers in various Facebook fan groups and Reddit streams worry that Amy is putting her own health at risk because of the constant stress that Tammy creates. Amy’s emotional health is fragile because she is always waiting for the worst news; the other shoe to fall. In spite of all the positive progress -Amy’s fans express that Tammy holds her back from truly enjoying her life. Many have bluntly stated that it’s time to give up that responsibility.

Do they want Tammy to die? No, of course not. But, comment after comment speaks to the fact that viewers feel Tammy needs to be left alone with her reality. They want her to decide whether her life is as valuable to her as it is to her family. Fans think Tammy uses Amy’s love and guilt to get her way. They think it’s apparent that she is using her sister as a scapegoat for her failures.

For many, underneath the fart jokes and the funny family interactions – is a sad story about a woman who should feel amazing about her life. Instead, that woman’s fear and guilt hold her prisoner to her sister, who doesn’t seem to care about anything but her addiction.

Do you think that Tammy holds Amy back from being happy in her life? Tell us in the comments.

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