‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Throws Tantrum At Public Pool

Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton’s doctors and family have been harping at her to be more consistent with her exercise regimen. Unfortunately, Tammy has fought the advice of her support system at every turn. In the upcoming episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, it appears that Tammy is making some progress. With the help of her home health nurse, Tisa, Tammy heads down to the public pool to participate in a water aerobics class. While Tammy seems to enjoy her class, she and Tisa share some words that send Tammy into one of her signature tantrums. Read on to find out why Tammy is floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

Tammy Slaton Heads To The Pool

In previous episodes, we have seen Amy Halterman and her sister, Tammy Slaton visit their local pool to get in some exercise. While the two always seem to have fun, Tammy did tend to have a bit more trouble with the movements than Amy. She also had to struggle to get herself in and out of the pool.

Photo Credit: TLC| ‘1000-lb. Sisters

On the adventure filmed for the show, Tammy doesn’t have Amy by her side, but rather her nurse aid, Tisa. Initially, Tammy appears to be in good spirits. She is happy and motivated to get into the pool. She walked all the way inside the facility and got herself down the steps that led into the pool without assistance.

While in the water, Tammy and Tisa participate in a water aerobics class being held for local seniors. While Tisa actively participates and is encouraging Tammy to join in, Tammy is playing around in the pool. People sitting around the pool are actively staring at the 600+ pound woman who is playing defiantly like a toddler, floating on her back and dunking under the water. Her nurse quietly scolds her for not listening to the instructor. She makes no effort to try and do the exercises. Tisa takes a jab at Tammy during an aside interview, joking that the elderly ladies are moving more than the youngest person in the pool.

Photo Credit: TLC| ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’

Tammy Throws A Tantrum

After the class is over, Tisa tells Tammy that it is time to go. Tammy manages to get herself up the stairs using the railing and hoist herself out of the pool. She walks several feet to a bench before sitting down. Tisa offers to carry her shoes so that the two of them can walk to the car. Tammy, however, doesn’t much care for this idea. Tammy decides she no longer wants to walk, resorting back to making excuses.

Tammy Slaton
Photo Credit: TLC | ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’

“I can’t walk back there, the floor is wet,” Tammy Slaton says matter of factly. Tisa rebuts, reminding Tammy she has walked back from the pool many times before. The stern nurse also reminds her that the floor was wet then too.

Immediately, Tammy begins to whine like a small child. “And I was very careful,” she said. Tisa shakes her head. Thankfully, the nurse that Amy Halterman picked for her sister does a decent job not giving in to Tammy Slaton. She tells Tammy that she can be careful now too. She knows that if Tammy can make the walk once that she can do it again.

Tisa gets Tammy’s walker and puts it in front of her. She then stands, waiting patiently for Tammy to move. Later during an interview, Tisa tells the camera that “if Tammy had her way” she would be pushing her in her wheelchair from the pool through the facility and back out to the car.

Tammy Slaton
Photo Credit: TLC | ‘1000-lb. Sisters’

Eventually, after whining once more that she won’t walk, and Tisa continuing to hold her ground, refusing to get the chair, Tammy stands. While it is understandable that Tammy is tired from swimming, doctors have told her that if she does not push herself, she will not lose weight. Thankfully, Tisa pushes back against Tammy, not letting her get her way. This tension is likely to cause some headbutting during the remainder of the season. Fans, however, are hopeful that Tisa sticks around. Many are optimistic that she will make a positive impact on Tammy.

See how the rest of Tammy Slaton’s pool adventure went when 1000-lb Sisters airs its new episode Monday night on TLC.

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