Tammy Slaton Hospitalized: Life Support, Septic, Tracheotomy

Tammy Slaton - 1000 Lb Sisters Youtube

Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters has been hospitalized. The TLC personality uploaded a video to TikTok with an update on her health and weight loss journey. She explained that things have been pretty rough for her for a while now. So, rough that she landed in the hospital with carbon dioxide poisoning.

Her video update reveals that after being hospitalized she learned she was septic. She was placed on life support. And, they had to perform a tracheotomy on her. How is Tammy Slaton doing and is she getting out of the hospital any time soon?

1000 Lb Sisters - Tammy Slaton - Youtube
1000 Lb Sisters – Tammy Slaton – Youtube

Tammy Slaton Hospitalized: Life Support, Septic, Tracheotomy

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star tells her fans that from the months of July to August she was not herself. She reveals that she had a bit of a mental breakdown and really struggled with life. Things got so bad for Tammy that they had to take a break from filming Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters in September. She explained that they resumed filming and wrapped up filming in October. Tammy added that they are no longer filming because Season 3 is currently airing on television.

According to the TLC personality, she was hospitalized for carbon dioxide poisoning. Chatter on Reddit discussed whether she meant dioxide or monoxide. Being that she is morbidly obese, respiratory therapists chimed in to argue that dioxide made more sense.

Turns out, Tammy likely suffered from a condition called obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS). On Reddit, respiratory therapists explained that when someone is overweight they often don’t take deep enough breaths to clear the carbon dioxide (CO2) from their lungs. This, in turn, results in carbon dioxide poisoning.

Tammy Slaton Tik Tok

Leaving Hospital Soon, Headed To Rehab

No longer septic, Tammy Slaton is adjusting to having a trach in her throat. She explains that she is heading to a nursing rehab when she gets out of the hospital in a few days. Tammy Slaton explains she’s going to rehab so she can work on losing weight and building up her strength following her stay at the hospital.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans hope this hospitalization is the wake-up call Tammy Slaton needs to turn her life around and finally start dropping pounds.

1000 - lb -sisters tammy slaton - amy slaton halterman

1000-Lb. Sisters fans react to Tammy Slaton getting hospitalized

It was a disturbing video and still leaves fans wondering is Tammy going to be ok? It will be interesting to see how TLC deals with this major leak in the new season.

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    1. She s a looser , she has been a looser for a long time. She is truly self destructive and I am sick of her. I stopped watching them many months ago.

      1. Tammy is lazy, entitled, ungrateful, And truthfully does not want to lose weight. She likes being waited on hand and foot and she’s paying lip service when she talks about losing weight. She keeps saying she’s on a weight-loss journey she’s more like on her weight gain journey. I hope Amy Really moves on and takes care of her family and lets Tammy see what it’s like not to have her servant waiting on her daily.

        1. Tammy get off your lazy ass and move around Amy stop doing things for her Amy how do you allow that beautiful baby be around Tammy her hygiene is not the best Chris stop pushing her around if She is just plain lazy wipe the tears and say see you

          1. I couldn’t agree more. Sorry Tammy but you are disgusting you’re lazy you’re a whiner to let your sister go and live her life with her family you take care of yours and whatever you want to do with it but right now you’re destroying it

        2. I agree…I’m watching one of the episodes that I haven’t seen yet and I’d like to slap the s#@t out of her. She’s a Narcissist…Help yourself…Time to know when enough is enough!

      2. 100%% she’s disgusting and ur right she’s a loser it’s sad she just sits there lies and doesn’t try it’s irritating

      3. Next time you Might want to learn how to spell before you post your nasty comment. If you are being nasty the word is LOSER (like you). LOOSER means something is not as tight as it was… like the rope you use to keep your pants up!

      4. I agree, I find her to be selfish and a spoiled brat. Her poor siblings. They should not have to be worried about her care at the level they are when she has been offered so much help. She is self destructive, selfish and extremely immature. You are 35 years old Tammy. I was sick in my twenties but did not choose to drink, smoke and party and would not have them even if I had not gone through what I did. I am so happy for Amie who Tammy won’t be give the loyalty of seeing the inside of the house. I hope bring it is TV that Tammy is not as selfish and disgusting as she comes off. The mom is useless as well.

    2. All this could be karma for faking she was dying so their YouTube followers would send her and Amy money. Amy lied many times how they needed money for a super huge casket. They got caught. Why they were given a TV show is beyond reasonable thought. They owed people money. In the US this means you get a show.

    3. To all of you who continue to say such mean horrible comments about Tammy, I sure hope you look in the mirror cuz you are definitely no better! Have you all ever wondered why she is the way she is? Could it be because all of you say the most hurtful crap about her! You do know that hurt people end up hurting people! Why can’t you all try to be kind and motivate her instead of put her down? I’ve never seen this much hate towards one person. My God, this is why so many people commit suicide! And Quincy, you say Tammy is an attention seeker and jealous? Well I guess when you try to have friends you act differently than someone who hasn’t been bullied all their life! Seems to me you are the thirsty ass attention seeking fool telling her business that really isn’t interesting! Maybe she is not a very happy person and she gets definsive automatically when people are coming at her from all sides! Let her be happy for once. Stop being disgusting trolls and saying horrible remarks to her! Tammy is still a human being and nobody knows how it is to be in her shoes! Be kind to her!! SMH…all of you will get back 10 fold what you put out..KARMA IS A REAL BITCH! Tammy I pray you have a beautiful life someday soon and never allow these bullies who call you a bully to bring you down! You are beautiful and I can tell your family truly loves you and they want the best for you! Just please stay away from that ugly behind BBW balloon head. He is damn near thirsty himself! Stay beautiful Tammy💜

        1. The entire fat shows are disgusting as are the language used.
          I have empathy for all of addiction problems but yes, the big but.
          I suggest counseling followed by weight loss counseling.
          All enablers stop!!!!
          You can not fix her or anyone but you. Stop enabling it is abuse to you both.
          Clearly, there are old family issues along with behavior issues from childhood.
          Please, get into recovery, not silliness about farts, belching.
          Tammy, please get into emotional, therapy, when old wounds are addressed issues become clear.
          You can do this.
          You must, To save yourself you must.
          Kindness is fair and great but enablers love Tammy enough to say no!! And mean it.

      1. Maybe if Tammy was a little more grateful to the people (especially Amy) that do so much for her, and her attitude and mouth wasn’t so darn nasty, may be people would be a little nicer to her! Maybe if she turned all that anger and irritability toward trying to lose weight, she would succeed! I saw the episode where her family got her an electric wheelchair, she complained the whole time, because no one was pushing her!! 🙄 Seriously? She should have been grateful, I’m sure Chris or whoever pushes her, was!

      2. You did exactly what you were telling everyone else not to do. You can support someone in their weaknesses w/o being a bully to those who don’t agree w/you.

      3. You wrote all about karma and being kind to one another just to say mean and disgusting things about a guy Tammy lied about dating. Maybe you should look into the same mirror you want Quincy to look into SERIOUSLY!!!

  1. Severe case of arrested development. Tammy is still 14, throwing fits, demanding she be taken care of. When other demand she do for herself she might have a chance. I see a dying girl in her eyes. No regrets. She is living the way she wants. Food is her hobby, her friend, her lover, companion and mother. She needs no one else. She does not want different She says it but it is not in her soul. Leave her be. Her mother was right to get the plot. She will need soon

        1. Dr Now, uses the same program that Dr Proctor uses. He has even gotten the robotics instead of ol’school techniques. Tammy doesn’t seem to have a problem getting up and grinding with the people “partying” at her home. Admitting “I know I am doing more harm to myself and I don’t care”, is not a good sign. She was in rehab and cheated. Posting videos with made up drama for likes, is juvenile and criminal apparently. Their “mother” was negligent and the catalyst for her eating and behavior. She should not be allowed on the show. Tammy is heavier than when the show began. It’s not a show about weight loss anymore. She is going to die, that simple.

      1. People need to look long and hard at what is acceptable viewing. This is a return to the ” side show freaks” mentality. If there were no audience for this type of show, it would end. Watching her destruction is sick in its own right.

          1. Guess I’m safe cuz I don’t know WHAT y’all talkin’ ‘bout! Sounds kinda interesting but I find myself
            getting too involved with the comments so I’d better not check out the show.
            You all be blessed!!

    1. I agree. I’ve followed these women on Youtube for a long time and neither of them are particularly nice people… Tammy is just an overgrown toddler who is facing death but still refuses to do anything about it. It’s kind of hard to feel any sympathy for her.

      1. Amy, does have a kind heart! She tries to help Tammy, but Tammy acts like a soiled brat! As we saw they did not have the easiest, or loving childhood! I just think it’s sad, because food is her comfort, her addiction! She has to want to lose weight, no one can decide for her. Praying she gets help, and can live a normal joyful life🙏

      2. Yes i agree everyone who is trying to help n support her are wasting there time n energy,she needs to wake up ,and do something about it herself its either that or heaven take your pick

    2. Tammy is an addict. Tammy needs a great 12 step program plus a therapy program who understands addictive abuse, behaviors. The entire family needs to learn about dysfunction family as Gage is at risk.Please take care of you and all get into recovery.
      It works if YOU work it.

  2. It’s a sickness for sure. Looking at the entire family it’s genetics. I worry when I hear the brother talk and he seems out of breath. The bottom feeder boyfriends that Tammy hooks up with are just putting her into the ground that much faster. I wish them all good health and happiness.

    1. You all need to stop the nasty remarks. Have any of you ever suffered from an addiction? Don’t make judgment’s. You have no idea what’s going on when the cameras leave. Leave her alone and let her get the help she needs.

  3. The best thing that could happen to her is for TLC to end their association with her and stop feeding her addiction for attention. It’s grotesque that a morbidly obese woman has gained fame for being a petulant, chronically ill slob.

    1. Wow I realize that she acts like a toddler but you don’t need to call her a slob that’s kind of mean if she’s going to die she’s going to die there’s nothing anyone can do about it but bashing her calling her out of her name it’s just not very nice

    2. Absolutely agree. It’s hard to think she is in her thirties. I also think she suffers from some form of a mental disability. She does not act or speak like a normal adult woman.

    3. AMEN. She is a disgusting thing,and looks inbred as hell. These people have no worth and should not be allowed to breed. Bad genes, bad blood, contribute nothing to society or the human race. Weed that shit OUT.

  4. The only way she could have gotten carbon dioxide poisoning is from vaping. Morbidly obese people can’t breathe good to start and vaping only exasperates the problem of not releasing the gas in her lungs.

    1. Severely obese people get carbon dioxide poisoning because they can not breathe in and breathe out full breaths. The fat pushing on their organs prevents it.

  5. What her family needs to do is cut all ties with her and let her take of herself and not bring her any food, grocery shopping, or take her anywhere. That way she will have to get off her fat ass and start doing stuff for herself. She is the reason why people are getting fed up with the show.

      1. Tammy just wants people to feel sorry for her and give her everything she wants.She acts like a totally spoiled brat and ruthlessly mean jerk to ensure she gets her way, reminds me of Trump

  6. Tammy is a victim of the same low intelligence that plagues her family,and this compounds the consequences of her atrocious upbringing. Her eating was her way of finding comfort and what may have briefly been her friend many years ago is now her enemy. She should be sectioned as a danger to herself and forced to lose weight. she won’t ever do it on her own. People who develop eating disorders at the opposite end of the scale are sometimes sectioned, so why not those who’s complulsive eating is also killing them? I find the whole family quite repulsive – and that mother is a completely heartless monster.

  7. Everyone celebrate another trip to the hospital that will be paid for by you and me! Isn’t it wonderful that we get to support such individuals? I would bet my bottom dollar that anything these trailer sloths dislike will become an allergic situation sooner or later

  8. Tammy doesn’t want help, or she would be trying. That’s obvious.
    Amy is the one I want to talk about. She had Gage, I know. But, that was months ago. She wasted her surgery and isn’t even trying anymore either. Does she even go to the doctor anymore? Smdh

    1. Yes, I would have thought Amy would have lost more weight by now. She is trying to better herself and start a new life away from Tammy. I don’t like it when they refer to her as the bitch. The producers need to focus more on Amy and let Tammy dig her whole bigger. Really tired of Tammy not being accountable. Everyone needs to stop enabling her cause that’s what it is. Good luck Amy with your weight loss..I dare you to get down to 150.. hugs

  9. This Network needs to stop giving Tammy air time due to the fact that she’s wasting everyone’s time especially the doctor who seems to want the weight loss for her more than herself….shame

  10. I agree with everyone who says Tammy is spoiled.I dislike how nasty she is to her sister who has only helped her.Im tired of watching people push her around in that wheelchair when she can clearly walk.They all need to make her walk.

  11. Most of you know nothing about obesity. Child abuse and sexual abuse a lot of times plays a role in food addiction. It’s sad to see the horrible things people say and the name calling. Drug addicts can do without drugs…food addicts can’t live without food. You should educate yourself before saying the horrible things you say and name calling.

      1. That is just a sorry, not even an an attempt at being funny. Tammy’s addiction with food may be something she can’t stop as easily as you all think. Good has been the thing that has brought her comfort, been a distress object for many years. She would need therapy to help create new brain thoughts to cope. It’s like people who stay in a bad relationship. It’s all they know and to leave is like losing a part of themselves and can cause self destructive behaviors. People need help with new thinking processes. And I’m sure this person who thinks it’s funny to all someone fat and follow with lol, I guess you’d probably call me fat too; but you’re ugly and I can go on a diet. You’ll always be ugly!

        1. If she followed Dr Now’s program… that would be addressed! He sends patients to therapy! She’s too darn stubborn!

  12. She won’t live long. She’ll get her 15 min of so called fame I guess. She’ll never lose the weight, it’s not in her heart or soul to do so.

    1. You would think that all these people in this family would some kind of sense but non of them Amy is walking around calling Tammy a fat bitch and she should be smaller than she is plus she’s sloppy and she has no excuse she should be neater leave. Tammy where she’s at and go on with her life Tammy is being sorry and blame everybody for her weight problems im tied of her too all she do is complaint and curse nobody wants to hear that they all have a problem they treat her like a baby and she treat them like they owes her something let Amy and Chris do the show at least we can see where our money is going Tammy sucks

  13. I feel bad for Amy’s husband. He’s always having to push her. He has a hard time doing it now. Mike take care of yourself pls.

  14. Come on people, who are you to judge her? Is her food addiction an issue for YOU? Be a Christian and pray for her to be healed in all areas of her mind and body.

  15. The whole family needs help. The sister that has the bypass already is still over weight, Chris his wife is over weight just as bad as they all are. i think it is easy to gain weight but so so hard to take it off. Also they get their surgery free which a lot of regular people truly need.

  16. Tammy needs to take responsibility for her own life already. Amy needs to learn how to clean house. I can’t believe how disgusting these people live. There’s a baby to think about now, and I hope he grows up in a clean environment

  17. I don’t understand why people have to judge Any, Tammy ,Chris and the rest of the family for. They are trying the best they can.Yeah Tammy can be rude sometimes but you don’t know what is going on. I think that the whole family is funny, caring, loving, and awesome people. I love watching the shows they are people just like me. They are just trying to make it in this big world. No one on this planet is perfect! Amy and Tammy if you guys see this I love you guys and I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world. Keep you heads up high and keep doing what you guys are doing. And Tammy I know you can do this weight loss journey you are a strong and beautiful woman. Amy you and Micheal have a beautiful baby boy. I know you worry Amy about being a good mom but don’t worry you will be fine. You are so loving and sweet you will be a wonderful mother to both of your babies. Just remember their is no one on this planet that is perfect. You guys are awesome and I wish one day I can meet you wonderful women. You guys would be awesome to hang out with. Your number one fan. Brenda Riley-Nazario

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