Wait, Is Tammy Slaton In A Hospital Or Nursing Home?

Tammy Slaton YouTube TLC

Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters have been saying for a while they wanted to see Tammy Slaton moved to a nursing home or hospital. She’s having issues with her mobility. She’s cheating on her diet. And, most of her family is moving on with their own lives. Fans think assisted living with strict diet and exercise rules is the only way to save the Slaton sister at this point.

Who will take care of her moving forward?

Tammy Slaton might be an adult. But, she physically can’t take care of herself without assistance. She needs someone to push her wheelchair. And, we can only assume, she requires bathing assistance too. Amy and Michael Halterman had their son. They plan on getting their own place. And, they won’t have time to take care of Tammy Slaton too.

Chris Combs stepped into the position for a period of time. After all, he had some pounds to shed too. But, he’s getting close to being able to qualify for the surgery. And, he’s not willing to wait for his sister to get her life together. He admits he’ll be having the surgery when his time comes. He won’t wait for Tammy or let her hold him back. And, really, no one can blame him.

But, who is going to take care of Tammy Slaton moving forward? Fans believe assisted living or a nursing home would be best. They think she needs some support that isn’t coming from her loved ones.

Wait, is Tammy Slaton in some sort of nursing home?

As we previously reported, Tammy Slaton has taken up a new hobby. Unfortunately, she has some mixed feedback from fans on it. Many note her painting looks like that of a preschooler. Others, however, think she should consider selling her work to her fans. They are sure she’d be able to make some serious money.

Some fans of the TLC star, however, were more focused on the details of the video. They were looking at the stuff in the background. And, the beeping sounds. Was Tammy Slaton in some sort of hospital or nursing home? Fans seem to believe this is the case.

Tammy Slaton YouTube TLC

Fans doubled down in the comments of her Instagram and TikTok videos about her new hobby that she was clearly in some sort of facility. Many admit it looks a lot like the room of a nursing home.

Fans remain hopeful that Tammy Slaton will turn her life around. And, a nursing home with a strict diet could be just what she needs to get better. This way she’ll have to stop blaming her issues on various family members.

Do you think Tammy Slaton might be in a nursing home or living facility? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Tammy always says she can take care of herself. If she wanted to get the covid shot she would have. Why condem Amy and Michael for getting theirs. Good for them. Tammy gets nasty with Amy for trying to take care of her. If I were Amy and Michael I would move away and let her take care of herself.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Tammy has gotten real complacent, she knows everyone will cater to her every whim so she treats everyone like shit. The family needs to call her bluff and give her a big, fat dose of tough love. Let her fend for herself for a while, maybe she would change that awful attitude of hers and maybe she would finally get tired of being Fat and immobile! I get so angry at her when I watch the show but I really do hope she gets some help.

  2. Amy it is time to work on yourself and your family. All Tammy wants is to eat, eat, eat. She isn’t even trying to help herself. Stop Amy, It’s time to move and have a life. She calls you Stupid and yet wants you to kiss her ass. It’s time to let go and make her grow up and take care of herself. You have done all you can do.

  3. I believe Tammy has bigger problems than her weight. She refuses to comply with. Anything anyone including her Dr. tells her to do. She does not care enough about her self to lose weight. She is very lazy, no question. She just doesn’t care. What would you do in her place? You wouldn’t want to live either. A normal person would never let themselves get that big. She is too far gone, why bother? She’s just waiting to die. Sad but true!!

  4. My heart goes out to Tammy at such a young age it’s like she wants to die sadly I pray she loses the weight tho how does she wipe her bottom O wonder

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