1000-Lb. Sisters’: Have Amy & Michael Halterman Purchased A Home?

Amy and Michael Halterman

During this season of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Amy and Michal Halterman have been struggling with their decision to find a new ‘forever home’.  As little Gage has grown into a tiny, nearly-walking tot, their tiny, one-bedroom residence has quickly become too small for their budding family. In last week’s episode, we see the couple actively searching for a new home – but did they ever find it? Read on to get the details on Amy and Michael’s current residential arrangements.

Amy and Michael Halterman Decide To Move

Since some time into Amy Halterman’s pregnancy, she and her husband, Michael Halterman, have known that their tiny duplex apartment was not going to be an option much longer. In fact, with only one bedroom, their home is overrun by their belongings, and their growing collection of baby gear, which has caused quite a bit of clutter.

Amy and Michael attempted to get their small space organized so they could hold out a bit longer. Unfortunately, the couple has since realized that more space is something they need sooner rather than later.

Photo Credit: TLC

On The Hunt For Their Forever Home

In Monday night’s episode, viewers go along with Amy and Michael Halterman to check out some homes in their area. During the episode, the couple drives around the neighborhood that they have been interested in for some time. They come upon a home with a for sale sign in the yard.

During a conversation with her husband, Amy says the house in question is nearby to Michael’s mom. She also muses that it is close enough to her family, and very near a park. They call the number to get more information about the home, however, the segment did not give us the details of that conversation. It’s clear, however, that the couple is fully committed to finding themselves a bigger space, despite any former hesitations about leaving the duplex.

Why Did Amy and Michael Wait So Long

While Amy and Michael knew that they couldn’t stay forever, they put off finding a new home for quite some time. Amy has expressed many times that they made the decision to stick around because Amy was afraid to abandon her sister.

Tammy Slaton, still at 640+ pounds is now nearly twice the size of her younger sister. Unlike her sister, Amy was approved for surgery during the first season of the show. Through her efforts, she has since lost more than one hundred pounds. She happily reports that the quality of her life has greatly improved.

Photo Credit: TLC

Now, on the other side of the surgery that changed her life – she is watching her sister flounder fall more and more dependent on others. Amy, having been Tammy’s primary caretaker for years, hired a nurse earlier in the season to help Tammy with basic daily tasks, like cooking cleaning, and basic hygiene. Many of these tasks were items that Amy was once responsible for.

Amy said that she hoped Tammy having a nurse would prepare her for being more independent from her sister. The celeb knew, with Gage on the way, they would eventually need more space. Additionally, Amy needed Tammy to start taking responsibility for her own life because soon, Amy’s primary focus would be her newborn son.

Did The Halterman’s Find The Perfect Home?

Despite there being a huge time gap between the filming of seasons and when they air – no definite answer about Amy and Michael’s living situation has been announced. At the end of last week’s episode, TLC released a ‘preview’ of what’s coming for the rest of the season. Included was a clip of Michael and Amy ‘moving.’ They are packing, loading appliances into a truck, and telling Tammy that they were ‘leaving for the new house.’ This has led fans to think that the pair finally did agree on a place.

Photo Credit: TLC

Other fans, however, suspect that whatever plans they had to leave may have fallen through. Why? Well, a scroll through Amy Halterman’s recent Instagram posts shows pictures as late as Halloween, still inside the duplex. The current season premiered on November 15th of this year. On that date, Season Three would have already completed filming. With the most recent photos of the family being taken in the duplex apartment, many fans ultimately believe that they still live there.

Do you think that Amy and Michael Halterman have found their new home – or do you believe they are still living next door to Tammy Slaton? Tell us in the comments.

You can catch a new episode of 1000-Lb Sisters Monday night on the TLC network.

Nikki Desrosiers


  1. I hope Micheal and Amy do get their own home and away from Tammy.
    She is a mean and arrogant little witch.
    Actually my opinion of her is she acts like a entitled little bitch who feels everyone owes her a living.
    Get rid if that poor me attitude and get off your ass and take control of your own health.
    You are the one killing yourself slowly and making them feel guilty for your short comings.
    I wish I was your nurse for a week..
    I’d bitch slap you up the side of your head, because that is where the problem is.
    Let your family have a life and you take responsibility for yours.GlendaG

    1. I agree with you 200 percent.iTs time for her to quit worrying about dating someone and look at herself and either go to rehab and get help or just give up and die. Amy has a life Chris has a life. They not able to be the horses pushing your big 639 lb around.. grow up and get yourself help and quit blaming everyone else for your self destruction. God I get so mad at how Tammy treats everyone else.. they need to put her in rehab or a home. You’re not a baby gadge is the baby.

      1. I agree also. She thinks she can sit there and dictate what everyone else should do. She needs to get up and start moving around. Godforbid, my son passed away a year ago due to his weight he had a pulmonary embolism that stopped his heart. I miss him so much, so if she doesn’t start moving around she could suffer the same fate my poor son did. He was only 33.

          1. I lost my son 11 years ago, seems like yesterday, he had just turned 40, prayers to all and Amy n Michael enjoy Gage and let the zpuffer Fish sit

    2. Glenda if I wrote a message it would be exactly the same as yours, Well Done , Tammy makes me crazy blaming Amy and Michele for her lack of self control . If I had the money I’d buy them a house just to stick it to Tammy . She couldn’t last a week on her own and Amy shouldn’t feel guilty for anything , she has an amazing Sister.Well Gllenda thanks for your post it made my day ,

    3. Damnnnn. Say it again cause Tammy didn’t hear you. I was 503 lbs, then I started watching 1000 lb sisters. Now I am 461 lbs and losing and I owe it ALL to TAMMY. Watching her, how she treat her sister-family, those killer eyes, nasty attitude. I would NEVER NEVER treat someone like that. And when she told Amy to shut up after Amy was trying to order her medicine…oh my goodness… She treated Amy like a piece of crap and I wanted to get into the TV screen and get a hold of her. Tammy makes me angry but she also makes me realize that people like her do exist. All I will say is I pray Tammy get HELP

    4. I so agree with you Tammy has lost her mind. I do not understand why she will not get healthy and lose the weight. She is back with the BBW KING again and she needs to leave Philip and leave him alone for good. She treats Amy and the rest of the family like shit. They just need to leave her alone and let her wallow in her own self pity.

  2. I agree with those ladies as far as Tammy wanting a boyfriend does she realize she could have a lot more choices of men if she lost her weight and attitude

  3. So true she can wash herself my azzzz if she can then she can push herself n wheelchair but we all know she is lying I feel bad 4 Amy and Chris

  4. Tammy is horrible to her family. Her tantrums are irritating. I wouldn’t want to push around that much weight. I would leave her butt sitting in her wheel chair

  5. It is time for Amy to go on with her life and be a mom to her son and a wife to her husband. She has done all she can for Tammy as well as the other family members that have tried to help Tammy in the past. Tammy is self-destructive, self entitled and doesn’t care about anybody or anything. She is unwilling to do anything that will make her life or health better. Her only motivation is falling for men who do nothing but use her and take advantage of her gullibility. It’s time for her to take care of herself, grow up and become independent and stop using her sister and family for her own selfish reasons

    1. That is the truth!!! Tammy is responsible for herself and her own decisions. She is doing it all to herself. Amy needs to move on and take care of her family. It doesn’t mean that Amy will forsake Tammy if she moves and has her own life.I have 8 sisters and we live in our own homes and some in different states. We live our own lives. But we still are sisters.It is sad that Amy has been taken advantage of her whole life by Tammy. Another thing it is getting so boring watching Tammy over and over not losing weight. If she isn’t going to lose any weight and doesn’t start making at least some right decision to get her life in order mentally and physically,I have decided to stop watching the show. I am tired of the same crap coming from her. If she don’t want this than just let her be. It’s her life. Her decisions. So why try and help someone who is not willing and wanting better for herself. Tough Love and let her reap what she soles.

  6. I watched today and mirror and agree with these wise comments. Typical Addict selfish narcissistic childish behavior by Tammy. The rant about how lucky her relatives were because she wasn’t making them clean up her shitting in the bed…. You are six months away Tammy, and reminder, they can leave you wallowing in your own piss. She will end up killing those around her, as most addicts take those around them down. Dangerous food is her crack.

  7. I believe that Tammy is capable of getting herself together and walking and moving around like she should. She’s just gotten amy to believe and her family that she is handicap PERIOD! When she really isn’t. I love watching the show and as hard as it is for both sisters to be happy for one another I wish them the best! Tammy can be very demanding ugly with the attitude she quite gets often if she doesn’t have it her way, but she is human and only she knows what its like to be in her shoes. As for amy I’m so proud of you for molding into the person that you are today! staying positive for your baby husband and family that loves you, girl you have came along way and the way things are turning out for you, You deserve it!!!!

  8. I am about to stop watching I get so mad at Tammy entitlement get off your lazy butt !!! Dam I would push 639 lbs of pure lazy rude person I see now she trying to make Amy look bad, Amy has a life a beautiful baby she cant enjoy she has a 639 lb baby stealing her motherhood. I hope Amy and Michale got a new place away from the drama Queen!!

  9. Amy and Micheal need to go on with their life and their baby boy she needs to stop helping Tammy if Tammy does not want to help herself that’s how we see it but she will allow a man to come into her life and feed her all kinds of street food but she does not want to help her self the hell with her Amy you need to do what you need to do. Now that you have a son you need to be there for him and be healthy for yourself and your husband we love your show you guys make us laugh but there comes a point where you just have to be stone face and look the other way and do your own thing! I think the best decision you did was to move away from Tammy fix your house and make it look beautiful for your son so he can have a beautiful life♥️

  10. I think they should put her back in rehab, and dont go get her, if she wanted to leave it would be up to her to get out, I bet she would be stuck there.
    That’s call hard love.

  11. My suggestion-is to put Tammy into a assisted living facility in warm spring georgia that has 1 bedroom unit and around the clock nursing care for her

  12. Tammy isn’t thinking straight. When she said that the family should be grateful she’s not bedbound yet and that they don’t have to clean her stinky butt!! Grateful?? Does Tammy think they will do that?? I think they’ll send her to a nursing home to live out her last days. She’s so self absorbed that she just assumes that her family will be cleaning her, cooking for her. She talks like they owe it to her!! She needs to find one of her online guys to do all that. Not likely though. Wake up Tammy and start taking care of yourself!!

  13. Tammy will move in with Amy (eventually) because Amy is kind hearted & feels bad for Tammy’s health problems. Mark my words.

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