‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Show Amy Halterman No Mercy Over Roach Infested Hoarder House

Amy Halterman

During last week’s episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC fans watched in shock and horror at the conditions that Amy Halterman and her small family have been living in. Through the show, fans got a much more detailed look at the unsanitary environment the couple and their infant son live in. Several days after the episode originally aired, fans are still up in arms over the state the home is in. Read on to find out why fans have continued to drag Amy through the mud.

Amy Halterman Asks For Help

In the past, fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters have cheered Amy on for trying to better her life. In the short few years since the show began, the TLC celeb has achieved major weight loss, made it through a high-risk pregnancy, and has even gotten more assertive about letting her sister control her life.

Despite all that progress, this week’s episode told fans that Amy still has a long way to go when it comes to breaking old habits and generations-deep mental health issues that are still standing between her and the life she wants to live.

Amy Halterman Home
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This week, the show follows Amy and Michael as they hire professional cleaners/organizers to come in and help them get their clutter under control. While fans have been aware for a long time that Amy’s house is less than sparkling clean, many had no idea how bad the house actually was. Judging by the seating areas it looks like the couches and things like that remain clear for filming purposes, but the cameramen don’t actually focus on the rest of the house during filming.

As the organizers begin to try and help the couple organize the home, they begin to come across a number of concerning issues that have viewers worried for Gage’s health and safety.

Amy Halterman
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Amy Breaks Down On Camera

During their visit with the organizers, Amy Halterman starts to become physically upset. After being filmed pulling a dead mouse from her kitchen cabinet and having cockroaches scurry up the wall behind her during an interview, her anxiety skyrockets and she has to step outside because she gets overwhelmed.

Michael joins her outside, in an attempt to calm her down. He tries to gently reassure her that mice and roaches don’t make her a bad mom. Amy would later apologize to the organizers, explaining that she has a lot of anxiety around people judging her. She reveals that growing up, she lived in similar conditions because of her mother’s hoarding. The reality celeb admits that she hangs on to things that she shouldn’t, telling viewers that she doesn’t want to live this way.

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The celeb also recalls having flashbacks to a few years ago before her weight loss journey began. She admits that she was very lazy and unkempt and that her “life was going nowhere”.  According to her, Gage changes everything and she wants to do everything she can to create a healthy, safe environment for her son.

Fans Drag Amy For Roach Infested Hoarder House

While plenty of people continue to be supportive of Amy and feel she is doing her best to try and get her cleanliness issue under control – there are a great many viewers who feel just the opposite.

From 1000-Lb. Sisters Facebook groups to TLC SubReddits, fans have been losing their minds over what they saw in the episode. Many are calling Amy Halterman out for being lazy – it takes time for hoarding and infestations to get to that level – and they feel that she should have gotten the issues under control way before Gage was born.

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Sadly, we’re sure the public’s response to this episode airing will likely take a toll on Amy emotionally. During the episode, she seemed to have some very tangible residual issues stemming from home cleanliness and judgment. This is in addition to her constant worrying that people will think she is a ‘bad mom.’

Do you think the organizers will be able to help Amy make significant changes to the state of her home? Should they abandon the duplex and move to a new place? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Catch a new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday night on TLC.

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  1. I don’t believe in bashing if you can’t say something to help please don’t say anything. They have feelings too

  2. Sorry but no way is Amy to be given a pass on the filthy home she lives in. I like her a lot and appreciate her trying to keep up with her diet and taking care of Tammy BUT, she is an enabler if ever there was one. Many women have two or 3 children and keep up the house and help out other family, there is no excuse for the filth Amy lives in, nobody could be so busy that they can’t wash a dish or vacuum a filthy floor and have their filthy couches steam cleaned. It’s appalling that Amy lives the way she does and home organizers are NOT enough to fix this problem, it’s a FILTHY mess, the furthest thing from an every-day MESSY home of a busy mother, it’s pure filth and Amy needs serious counseling. As for Tammy, she gets away with being a nasty b—h because Amy is too easy on her. Amy, MOVE to a new apartment, start it out clean and sanitary and keep it that way and let Tammy stew in her own juice, she creates her own problems!

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