1000-Lb. Sisters:’ What Happened To Nurse Tisa?!

1000 LB Sisters Tammy Slaton Youtube

1000-Lb Sisters Season 3 is well underway and fans have questions. Tammy’s behavior this season has been less than impressive and it’s causing some to notice some plot holes as the show goes on. One of those is what exactly happened to Nurse Tisa?

1000-Lb Sisters Nurse Tisa

This season on 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy ended up getting a home nurse because her sister, Amy, just can’t take care of her alone anymore. Totally understandable since Amy has a son. It seemed that Tammy and the nurse got along well even though Tammy could sometimes be a bit harsh to her. Now, on a Reddit thread, fans have noticed the nurse is missing and the show has yet to address it.

“So is she gone?” a Reddit user starts the thread. “Will the show address it? I wonder if she’s the nurse Tammy allegedly assaulted and so they’re keeping it quiet on show.”

This stems from rumors that began to swirl about the abuse Tammy inflicted on a nurse. However, another thinks that this nurse was actually at the rehab facility. Hence why Tammy left rehab so early even though it seemed to be working for her.

1000 LB Sisters Nurse Tisa Youtube
1000-LB Sisters | Youtube

“I have a theory on that too,” a user writes.  “The nurse she smacked was in a facility. I believe that is the real reason she needed to be picked up from the rehab before she hit her goal, and they cleaned up the story for the show, and had one person from the facility appear with her to go along with their story. $$$”

Of course, this still doesn’t really answer the question. Where exactly is Nurse Tisa and is she going to speak up? One fan had the perfect explanation of where the sassy nurse went.

“Tammy ate her,” they write.

All jokes aside, it will be interesting to see how the show handles this exit. Nurse Tisa was seemingly becoming a fan favorite as she worked to get Tammy back into shape. Not to mention, Amy is moving away soon. She has a goal to give her son, Gage a better life. It seems that because of this she will no longer even be near Tammy to help take care of her. How will anyone care for Tammy if there isn’t a nurse? Of course, Tammy claims she can care for herself.

Are you watching 1000-Lb Sisters this season? What do you think happened to Nurse Tisa? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates on the Slaton sisters.

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  1. All these cpmments about Tammy I feel does not address the real issue with her. I believe she is mentally challenged and should have been evaluated in childhood. Notice her forehead feature. Abnormal positioning between her brow and eyes. I wonder if she had learning disabilities that her family ignored. Which could account for her behavior: Anger, sexual preoccupation, denial, etc. She claims she can’t walk, etc. but she seems to have the energy for sexual encounters!!!

    1. I think she is a narcissist, selfish, self absorbed, demanding, sense of entitlement, every single one of 21 traits fits her. Her forehead is just distorted, the fat just goes wherever it wants to.

  2. Tammy is not able to car for herself. We are all aware of this except her. I feel that Amy ‘z right to give her xhild a better future.wilk help Tammy to see,however according to her tiktok she is now where she will live her days out. To expect her family to change her in bed. Really

  3. I think everyone should just let Tammy be. Give her a taste of being alone and maybe then she will decide to fight back and start to get better.

  4. Most of the comments are from illiterate posters no better than the hopeless Slaton sisters. Tammy will either live or die by her own efforts. No-one else is responsible for the outcome. Gage is now all that matters.

  5. Let’s address a glaring error. Nurses take a state exam to earn the right to be called nurses. One year for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), 2 yrs for ADN (Associate degree) Registered Nurses (RN), 4 years for a Bachelor’s degree RN (BSN RN). LPNs are being phased out and most work long term care, RNs with a 2 yr degree are required to get a 4 yr degree and are also being phased out. Most positions now require a 4 yr degree. Nurse’s aides ARE NOT nurses, and only have a 2 week class. Nor do most of us do what Tisa does.

    1. I’m a certified nurse assistant and it’s a 3 week course that we cram alot into those weeks. We do assist patients with their daily activities. Tisa is good with Tammy but Tammy doesn’t appreciate her. It’s sad.

    2. So thats all you are concerned with? Forget the patients health, which is the concern, and worry about who is called what? What a gem you are. We Paramedics only worry about the patient, not our degree, who has what degree and what we are called. Narcissism is a terrible look whether one is a doctor or scrub tech. Why don’t you focus on the patient instead of who is addressed as what. Your career will last longer.

    3. Excuse me but as a cna i think your comments are self righteous and rude. We all know the difference in nurses, and a cna is in the same nursing field. It is not ok to degrade a nursing assistant she is a worker in the nursing field. You I am sure are one of the ones we would never want to work under. Guess you forgot where you came from your BSN must stand for bulls— nurse

  6. I’m a certified nurse assistant and it’s a 3 week course that we cram alot into those weeks. We do assist patients with their daily activities. Tisa is good with Tammy but Tammy doesn’t appreciate her. It’s sad. CNA also takes state exams.

  7. I completely agree Tammy behaves a. childish brat and those enabling her put up with it. The coddling needs to stop she needs to manage on her own for a month. Perhaps it will encourage her to start caring for herself. Until their are behaviour changes in everyone they will unfortunately be burying Tammy. It is hell trying to help a person that will do nothing to help themselves.

  8. let’s put all that aside for a minute why is nobody asking why hasn’t TLC helped Michael with his teeth that he don’t have it seems to me if you don’t have anything at all that’s what TLC is going to give you nothing. Look at all the other shows that are on TLC and how much they do for them vacations trips come on they are treating them like garbage and it’s sad 😥

  9. If Tisa was smart she quit. Tammy doesn’t deserve to have a good nurse like Tisa. Tammy is just down right nasty. I was bigger once but I never let myself go to the depth of not being able to take care of myself. I was still very mobile. But it still doesn’t give Tammy the right to be so cruel to everyone.

  10. Tammy uses every thing and every one as an excuse why she can’t loose weight…She is her own worst enemy. The thing that got me was….when she told her sister it could be alot worse for them, if she got bedridden, and couldn’t go to the bathroom on her own. This sounds like she has given this some thought, and not the kind of thinking that involves getting better, and loosing enough weight for surgery. It sounded like that might be used as punishment towards the family. I have had the surgery, 20 years ago..I still am at my goal weight of 135 lbs. It does work…but you have to be willing to do the work….IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.

  11. I love Amy and Tammy but Tammy is mean to Amy. Amy had to do what’s best for her and her little family. She tries to help Tammy and if Tammy wasn’t so mean and rude to her maybe Amy would stick around . Tammy blames everyone else for her failure. Look in the mirror Tammy. You only have yourself to blame. I still love ya girl.

  12. So? No clear answer about Tisa…hmmm. Tammy really needs that psycho therapist and I sure can’t blame the Dr for giving her the boot. Her time is running out and she’s in total denile. So sad.

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