Fans Don’t Believe Tammy Slaton Can Actually Wash Herself

1000-LB Sisters Doctor Procter gives up on Tammy

In the latest episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton declares that she is thankful to be as “independent” as she is. In conversations with her older sister, Misty, Tammy muses that her family should be looking on the bright side. She told Misty that they should be thankful that she isn’t bedridden and that they do not have to perform various, unsavory tasks like changing her sheets, bathing her, and wiping her after using the restroom. Show fans, however, aren’t sure how true this claim is. It seems that many viewers wonder if she CAN actually bathe herself. Read on to find out why TLC fans are questioning Tammy’s alleged independence.

Tammy Slaton Tells Everyone She is Independent

During Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters, fans have definitely noticed how often Tammy Slaton brings up how “independent” she is. She has often been quoted telling people that she doesn’t “need” Amy and that her sister “only” does minimal tasks for her to help in her daily life.

Unfortunately for Tammy, many fans are quick to point out that she is a lot less independent than she claims to be. In addition to having Amy and Michael living next door, the family has also hired a home health nurse named Tisa who is doing her best to help make sure Tammy’s needs are met.

1000 LB Sisters Tammy - Nurse Tisa Slaton Youtube
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In many instances, Tammy refuses to follow the exercise regimen set by her physician – so Michael and Nurse Tisa have been taking on the burden of having to push her everywhere. Recently, in fact, Tisa and Tammy got into a heated argument in an earlier episode over her refusal to walk even minimal distances.

In the latest episode, Tammy even tells Misty that she is lucky to be as independent as she is and that her siblings should be grateful they don’t have to wash, bathe and change her. But is Tammy really as independent as she claims to be?

Fans Don’t Believe Tammy Slaton’s Claims

Fans of the hit TLC show 1000-Lb. Sisters are a little confused when it comes to Tammy’s claims of independence. While many are thankful that Tammy hasn’t crossed over the border into bedridden, they don’t necessarily believe that she can call herself “independent.”

Over the last three seasons of the show, viewers have watched Tammy be waited on hand and foot by her family members – Amy in particular. Viewers consistently express anger when it comes to how much coddling the family does when it comes to Tammy.  The celeb’s siblings have expressed feeling sadness and guilt when it comes to Tammy Slaton’s lack of mobility – and often help her with everything on reflex. Fans have expressed repeatedly that this is not doing anything but making her MORE dependent on them.

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The show has highlighted repeatedly that Tammy does not cook or clean for herself. The celeb rarely shops for herself and forces her family into transporting her and pushing her wheelchair. When it comes to her personal care, the show reveals Tammy doesn’t always make personal hygiene a priority. In fact, during an earlier season, the celeb went to the dentist for the first time in a decade – revealing to the dentist that she brushes her teeth maybe once or twice… per week.

Additionally, while Tammy may not plague her family with the task of washing her – someone does need to assist her. Right now that person is her nurse. This was seen just a few episodes back when Tisa asked if Tammy was ready for her to help get herself washed.

We also know that she bathes on the toilet because she can’t stand in the tub. So, it is safe to assume that washing and maintaining standards of personal hygiene are NOT things she can do without assistance and accountability. We can also assume that Amy was once responsible for Tammy’s hygiene. Why? Because Nurse Tisa was hired to help alleviate Amy from some of the strain of Tammy’s daily care. This just further proves how little “independence” Tammy actually exercises. No Pun Intended.

Fans Want Tammy To Stop Being Delusional

It’s easy to see that Tammy Slaton is far from being “independent.” Consequently, fans worry she is deep in denial. Yes, she’s trying to look at the bright side of things – but her defenses are – for the most part – not true.

What makes fans even angrier is that they can see that she is creating a narrative that makes light of her situation rather than making any attempt to fix it.

Currently, Tammy is more dependent on others than she has ever been. And, if she doesn’t make some massive changes – she could easily become bedridden, losing any chance she might have of turning things around.

Tammy Slaton
Photo Credit: TLC | ‘1000-lb. Sisters’

So, what are 1000-Lb Sister viewers saying about Tammy’s bolstered idea of independence? Well – thousands took to Twitter after the latest episode to call out the celeb on her fibs. Many were not mincing words over their disdain for Tammy Slaton’s lack of effort to save her own life.

“Tammy with the mental gymnastics,” wrote one watcher, “justifying that the family should be thankful that she wipes her own ass.”

“Tammy needs to decide if losing weight is a priority,” quipped another, “.. she’s rolling out of time.”

Do you think that Tammy Slaton is as independent as she says she is? Do you believe she will put the work in to finally catch up to her siblings? Tell us in the comments.

You can catch a new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday night on the TLC network.

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  1. I think she is getting heavier on purpose! Ratings! I find her to be disgusting! Amy is getting too heavy also! Very sad!

    1. Amy is heavy but not compared to where she was before. She’s still lighter than the chunk she was before! I think having that adorable child of hers has set the record straight for her. She has said she wants to “stay healthy” for him.

  2. Tammy is a foul mouth repulsive nonstop eating porker.
    Her filthy language and overall attitude is definitely enough to never watch this show again.

  3. She’s a beached whale. A
    attention seeking slob. She has nothing else in her miserable life going for her. Personally if I was part of the plot, I’d tell her, you’re on your own whale. Illiterate and nasty. Good qualities to have beached whale.

    1. Tammy is losing her Mobility along with her mind as she thinks she is independent. She needs to get a grip and start doing what she needs to do before she loses her life.

      1. It does look hopeless for this disguising looking person. She must have a degusting smell. It would be a blessing for her to have a fatal heart attack. My God have mercy on me, but she is such a burden

        1. Even if Tammy could take care of her personal hygiene she’s too damn lazy to do it I know she smells there’s no way that she can’t smell and I can’t believe that Amy lets that baby go into that house and I can’t believe that Amy that’s that smelly pig hold that baby

        2. Okay, that’s just really nasty. Maybe she’s delusional. Maybe she’s uneducated. Maybe she looks like a mattress. But you know what? She’s still a person. She still has feelings. Wishing a fatal heart attack on someone? What is wrong with you?

  4. Sadly a network is able to make money off someone who is imprisoned by their own doing. It is a disgusting situation all around. For both network and person.

  5. What I don’t get is how these men want to be with her sexually. She has to be absolutely disgusting in that area! (As well as many others). I do not understand

      1. Thank you Roxy! People are entitled to their opinions, of course, but these commenters only reveal how nasty and vulgar
        they are themselves.
        God, its like they never left the gradeschool playground with their nasty namecalling and verbal abuses. Whale? Porker? I find it hard to believe that there really are actual people out there who are capable of loving THEM when they name call like this?

    1. A little under 17 yrs ago I had the Gastric Bypass because of a back injury I had sustained in 1980. I was in severe pain and also had Type 2 Diabetes. My ex-husband had the same surgery prior to me and I had met 2 women through Church that also had it done. They were much heavier than me at the time of my surgery and sadly all 3 regained their weight. In 2013 I fell and shattered my left femur in 5 places and it took 6 months to learn to walk again. I did all I could not to gain anything back but I ended up gaining 20 back. I am happy to say that I have now lost that and a little more. It’s been a challenge because of the multiple health issues I deal with daily including 6 back surgeries but I make sure I take all of my vitamins and supplements and continue eating my small portions. If you can’t/won’t commit to the strict regime and have a thorough psychological analysis then this surgery WILL NEVER WORK. And Tammy can’t or won’t make that commitment so she will more than likely die at an early age.

  6. Don’t give me that line of BULLSHIT! Look @ how short her arms are! The only thing that could reach down around all that FAT is a FIREHOSE! If that sounds mean, it’s meant to be! I have NO SYMPATHY for someone who does NOTHING to HELP themselves & treat others that try to HELP her like shit!

  7. And TLC is *banking* on the fans of The 1000 – Lb. Sisters to continue to watch Tammy treat her siblings like *crap* —- & yet they are still trying to help her because they love her — Enough is Enough.🤢☹️

  8. I think she is very lacy. She can do more for herself. She likes to manipulte everybody around her. Get off your ass and do something

  9. I myself had a sister over weight it was sad .we lost our sister 6 years ago .heavy people get pushed to the side they are people too .i understand they should want to be healthy .but things happen .but i hope the best for tammy to pull herself out of this before its to late

  10. Tammy doesn’t care about a damn thing but food. She’s fun, intelligent, great sense of humor but the attitude towards everyone is going nowhere. She’s gained so much weight since this started, she’s looking for attention, not sure what kind, but I surmise that she is looking for someone who validates her excuses and tells her it’s ok to eat. This is why she introduces these delusions of independence to convince herself, all is fine.

    I understand that her family loves her to the moon and back, but it may be time to step away. It’ll take her a day or 2 to realize she can’t browbeat anyone anymore into catering to her every need. She will no longer use guilt, demanding and anger toget what she wants. It’s time for them to come together and just not let her keep destroying everyone and everything in sight.

    They are loving her to death, and if they don’t want to live with regret they didn’t do more, they’ll realize they shouldn’t have done anything more either. They are good loving people, they all deserve to live their lives without having Tammy constantly shitting on them to just be lazy, not because she’s trying hard to “be I dependent”

    After a few days, they’ll understand better that they can live and care about her, but stop killing her by jumping every time she barks.

    It would be different if she was grateful, kind, and thankful. But she’s mean, feels entitled and knows that she can be a huge nasty human and get everything.

    It would be amazing to follow the rest of the family (excluding Tammy) and enjoy them, their personalities and watch them grow as adults. Little Gage is a lucky boy, his mommy and daddy live him, they have learned what they do and don’t want for him to learn, see etc.

    Bring them back without Tammy.

  11. Yes Tammy is rude and diffently time to grow up but to call a person a while pig etc is also very sad 😥makes you look just as pathetic I pity Tammy because obviously she is hurting emotionally 😢

  12. Tammy doesn’t care…period. Tammy’s food addiction is her priority bcuz it gives her the spotlight of attention, even if it’s negative attention. Her family could be a little more disciplined so that Tammy would be forced to discipline herself and navigate her dietary decisions better. Otherwise she’s going to remain where she is, get worse, or loose her life. Period.
    It’s clear, Tammy doesnt care and possibly never did!
    It’s easier to give into her food temptations than to work hard towards a goal.

  13. When I worked at a nursing home, my floor had a woman similar to Tammy. She couldn’t/wouldn’t do a single thing to help herself. There is no way that Tammy can wash or wipe herself properly. Her family isn’t doing her a single favor by being so complicit in her care.

  14. I am interested in watching Amy and Chris attempting to become better people. However, I will not watch another season if Tammy remains on the show. Tammy is a hedonistic, lecherous, disturbing 🐖

  15. I’m sorry but I do not want Tammy’s face invading my Lounge. I watched tne show once, was utterly revolted, so never again. Please take her off the air and let her have some dignity in her life.

  16. If the family really wants to help her they need to stop waiting on her. If she wants something make her get it herself. She needs her mail make her get it. If they want her to live they need to stop enabling her that’s the only way she will get up and walk. Make her do things for herself.

    1. Someone has to be bringing her food! She can’t shop! I would only bring her healthy foods! Too bad if she throws a fit!

  17. There is no way Tammy can wash her self. Her arms are way to short and her belly hangs down to her knees. And who wipes her nasty butt after she 💩? We all know she can’t do that. She told Dr. Smith that keeping a food diary and doing steps wasn’t her priority. I would of said ok I’m done. She needs to stop blaming everyone for her problems and take accountability for her own problems.

  18. As a nurse, I see a person that is totally dependent. Her at home aide shouldn’t ask her if she wants to do things, she needs to suggest it. Example: It’s time to get washed up so you can… We are going to walk to the mailbox. Etc. Let her sit where shes at if she doesn’t. If you give her an option she won’t be receptive. Everyone needs to stop doing things for her for a couple of days. Nothing. See how she reacts then. They just need to let her live in her own mess. No she doesn’t bathe herself and sores will be next. She is probably already excoriated. She’s a mess.

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