‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Is Glamourizing Her Morbidity & Fans Are P*ssed

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Over the first two seasons of 1000-Lb Sistersviewers have watched Tammy Slaton fall further and further into denial. The 640+ pound celeb has made very little progress when it comes to her weight loss journey, and she slips further down the rabbit hole with each new ailment. Despite being on life support on several occasions and being on life support more than once, Tammy refuses to concede that her addiction is literally killing her. Now, after another medical intervention has been used to save her life, Tammy is still acting oblivious, and her latest set of posts on social media have her followers engaged. What’s going on? Read on to get the details.

Tammy Slaton Gets Yet Another Chance At Life

During the second season of the show, we found out that Tammy had contracted Covid – at it nearly killed her. The breathing restrictions and chronic cough caused by the virus paired with her already impaired lungs created a situation that Tammy barely survived. She survived the virus but was placed on oxygen.

During the second and beginning of the third season, viewers saw Tammy going through life with her oxygen tank. They watched her struggle to get from room to room, noticing how more than before the slightest bit of walking would wind her and force her to need rest.

Unfortunately, while her lungs were slowly recovering from Covid, Tammy then came down with carbon dioxide poisoning which further restricted her ability to get oxygen to her lungs. So, while initially the oxygen tube had been helping her body bridge the gap and get the oxygen her lungs weren’t getting on their own – now even the oxygen tubes weren’t enough to supply her failing respiratory system.

In order to ply her failing body with the clean oxygen it needed, the doctors made the call to replace her nasal cannula oxygen with a tracheostomy. This surgical opening bypasses the swollen passageways in the sinuses and upper airway allowing a tube to be inserted. The tube pumps air directly into the windpipe.

Tammy Slaton Infuriates Her Fans

Earlier this month, Tammy made a critical judgment error when she shared several sets of photos on social media. The celeb posed for several “glamourized” selfies, complete with beauty filters and makeup – all featuring her newest accessory — a trach tube.

Tammy Slaton’s followers were appalled that she appears proud of the trach. Many have commented that she shows it off like a new scarf. The TLC celeb posed in front of a Christmas tree in one photo seemingly to tell fans she was getting in the holiday spirit. Sadly for Tammy, her followers took the opportunity to remind her that if she didn’t take action, this might be her last Christmas.

The comment section quickly flooded anger, frustration, and disgust. This is literally the fourth time Tammy Slaton has been on some form of life support. And, while a trach is a reversible procedure, fans worry that this might be the last stop for her. In order to come off of a tracheostomy, Tammy’s lungs would need to heal up enough that she could breathe efficiently on her own. It seems that her fans don’t believe that Tammy has the willpower to start fighting her addiction and making a change.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Has She learned Her Lesson?

While in the hospital, Tammy did update fans about what was going on. She informed her followers that she had carbon dioxide poisoning and that she did have a tracheostomy. According to Tammy, she will be able to make a full recovery and eventually come off of the trach tube. Tammy’s followers, however, worry that Tammy might not come back from this.

Unfortunately, while followers once had sympathy for her situation – it seems she has burned that bridge with her lack of self-care. Despite having the resources to lose weight right at her fingertips, Tammy has yet to make a solid commitment to saving her own life. For this reason, fans have become frustrated with her, and many are indifferent to her struggles.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Initially, fans were hopeful that needing to breathe through a hole in her throat would give her a new outlook on life. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

“She still doesn’t get it or doesn’t care. It’s just become very frustrating to watch,” wrote one concerned follower. “On life support 3 times… if that’s not a wake-up call idk what is,” said another.

Tammy Slaton likes interacting with her fans on social media. She frequently posts selfies and pretends that everything is fine and normal. Unfortunately, viewers are no longer willing to play the pretend game with her. Most are more interested in trying to knock her into reality, reminding her that she is not OK. There’s nothing fun and glamorous about a Trach. One blunt user spoke the opinions of many when they said, “WAKE UP TAMMY, You’re Literally Dying.”

Do you think Tammy tends to play down how serious her condition is? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Being famous FOR her obesity – and the constant need to feed that fame will be her downfall. Unfortunately, this illness WILL kill Tammy – likely sooner rather than later. Right now she seems to have more lives than a cat, but her luck will run out. Likely soon.

    1. Yes and sadly she’s had family trying so hard to help, her home care worker has tried to help but she expects people to just push her around like it’s nothing. Imagine her plus that wheelchair must be very close to 700 pounds! She doesn’t care at all about their health, the stress her demands and temper tantrums has on those who still help. She can’t walk (barely) and definitely can barely carry her own

      It won’t be long at the rate she’s going, guaranteed. Sorry to say.

  2. Sorry, Tammy, but those shades don’t make you look sexy, and the ridiculous filters are a waste of time too. I don’t believe in demonising obesity, but nor do I think it should be glamourised. If you want to be sexy and pretty, lose the darned weight and you’ll be just that.

  3. I 1st started watching because I wanted to see them succeed. Now, I’m just sad& disgusted. Tammy is evil, ignorant & mean. Her Neanderthal forehead, angry face, & disgusting breathless waddle after THREE FEET of walking is unbearable to see. She doesn’t deserve her Amy. Amy-stay focused on Gage & hubby! You have a life! Live YOUR life-let her go.

  4. Before it gets worse for her they should do the surgery one way or the other she’s high risk.But she now has a tracheotomy and is going to a rehab again. Her family has to say your staying I don’t want to bury you.

    1. She likely wouldn’t get through it. And more to the point, if she did, she’d never stick to post op diet restrictions. She’s very close to being “fired” by another bariatric surgeon, she would be lucky to even be in place where they would consider This woman has alienated her family to some extent and she’s a cheeseburger away from being bed bound. What absolutely shocks the hell out of me is she survived COVID!

      Sad situation.

  5. When I first started watching I had sympathy for the sisters and hoped they’d be successful in their weight loss journey. Amy needs to stop enabling Tammy. Amy should buy Tammy healthy foods and stop letting Tammy bully her. If everyone stopped giving into Tammy and her pouting, childish behavior she’d starve. Then she has a trach and posts herself vaping??

    1. If you can turn a blind eye to a Homeless hungry person…why can’t you turn a blind eye to this crap….
      Oh wait that’s right…
      Feeding the hungry isnt as entertaining as watching someone feed themselves to death.

      And people question WTF is wrong with Society???

      Yea… O.K

  6. Amy needs to move into bigger house , with some land that she can build her sister a little house on. Where they live does look very inviting to anyone . They make enough money .Amy learned how to clean and be organized but a house with at least 3 bedrooms 2 in half baths one story with a pool and a guest house for Tammy . The whole family can be in the pool and play and exercise .Cage will have a backyard to play in with swingset. The dog would have a blast. Why live where you all do when you all are making money.

    1. Tammy is living off of disability and Amy’s husband works. Amy is forced to stay home to take care of Tammy. Clearly, you never understood that TLC pays people on their shows PENNIES. They aren’t making tens of thousands of dollars per show. It’s PENNIES.

      1. You call 3000$ to 5000$ an episode is pennies shit they can pay me to sit around and bullshit all day an my little pug LoL 🤣
        Tammy will never get it she’s to far in denial drinking smoking all with oxygen and a Trac wow 😯 😳 and that’s a lot of food to buy. you know she gets food stamps and disability and the show income shit that’s pretty good I heard she even got money from of her fans for items she sold and never sent to the fan she’s a TRAIN WRECK ABSOLUTELY DELUSIONAL NARSSASIST . I USE TO LIKE THE SHOW NOW ITS A BIG FAT JOKE 👀🙄

    2. This sounds exactly like something Tammy would say. Amy shouldn’t have to give up her life for Tammy because Tammy chooses to be this way. Amy has done beyond enough. Tammy isn’t even grateful for anything except for food delivery people. Tammy needs to be put into an assisted living place for real. She literally can not live by herself. She can not live alone period. She can not survive without someone to help her. What kind of lala land are you living in? They’re not even rich dude.

    3. No,Amy doesn’t need to buy a bigger house with enough land to build Tammy a house. Amy has wasted enough of her life taking care of Tammy already. What Amy needs to do is go ahead with her plans to move to Georgia with her husband and son and start living her life. Tammy is a grown woman whose bad habits have left her with some difficult consequences. Now it’s time for her to quit being an albatross to her loved ones and start dealing with the mess she’s made for herself. If she continues spiraling out of control and dies,it will be nobody’s fault but her own!

  7. Who is this person and why do we even care? We put so much energy into these broken people when there are real heroes out there everyday that we should be celebrating and devoting our attention to. Just sick.

  8. Tammy quite obviously does not want to live! She is playing Russian roulette with her health and life! I no longer have any sympathy for this woman..

  9. I started watching when the show started. Hopefully they would loose the weight. Tammy bullied people to get her way. She doesn’t want to change. She needs a huge wake up. Personally, I think everyone should stop ” helping ” her. Leave her to live, on her own. Shop, cook, dress. Clean. Dont visit her, answer phone…. ….. I think that’s only way she will wake up or she will die. I know its harsh, but she has had help, yet refused to do her part of loose weight. Now has trach tube.

  10. This is what I have been saying Amy need to get on with her life and family. I don’t like the way she is nasty to everyone.Amy I’m proud of you for trying but you need to stop.Tammy is only thinking of her self. Who did she think was gonna push her around Vegus it 115” degree some days there.Make Tammy take care of Tammy for once

  11. Love Tammy. Its hilarious watching all her haters pretending they are morally better while telling her she’s a fat ugly pig. The hypocrisy of our world. The writer of this article gets a bit emotional here. Must not be a fan of tammy lol.

  12. What a reason to be famous, because your morbidly obese. This silly woman needs to be left to get on with her own weight lose journey but sadly she loves the attention and thrives on it. You can only give someone so many chance before you have to draw the line. Here disgusting and childish behaviour and treatment of her family and health professionals is vile. Wake up bitch (as she’d say) and get your life back but you have to do it on your own a d stop blaming everyone for your greed. Also your glam photo is just another insult to the health services trying to help you. Oxygen tubes and a vape pen???? REALLY 😡

  13. AA uses the serenity prayer at their meetings. Doesn’t Overeaters Anonymous use the same prayer? Tammy needs to learn that only she is responsible for her choices. Obviously she does not feel she is worth working on her issues. She is her own worst enemy.
    God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change.
    The courage to change the things I can.
    And the wisdom to know the difference.

    It works if you work it, so work it cause your worth it!

  14. No one seems to be giving praise to Michael and Chris for having to push over a 1/4 ton around because Tammy claims she can’t walk. Kudos to Michael and Chris and shame on Tammy for ignoring the fact that they may suffer an injury resulting from continually pushing her around, to say nothing of Tammy not being thankful for their assistance and patience when she displays her erratic temper and demanding demeanor. What about THEIR health as well as Amy’s? Maybe if someone held a box of donuts just out of Tammy’s reach, she’d get off her butt and follow the donuts wherever they may lead her, like greyhounds chasing a mechanical rabbit. And Kudos to Amy for being so faithful, but it’s time to cut the cord. Tough love may be the only answer !

  15. One final comment…..if the original show was to showcase a whole family that suffers from obesity, and their struggles to get healthy, then the producers had good intentions and it may have been helpful to many others with similar challenges. However, this season has lost its direction (I think), and, I hate to say it, but Tammy has only become a sideshow fat lady that people pay to see and laugh at…..the only difference is that the show is televised to people’s homes and not in a circus tent. The best thing the producers could do, if they TRULY want to be helpful to other obese people in their audience, is to work Tammy out of the scripts, stop playing into her perverse ego and self-image, make her anecdotal, and focus on Chris and Amy’s journey, and whoever else may be in the wings i.e. other siblings or children within the family.

  16. Tammy, every time I see you I get grossed out and feel disgusted! Why can’t you get off that ass of yours and start making good choices? Yeah I’m 65 yo and my joints hurt .too..I have a titanium shoulder and knee from being a farm girl . Im 5′ 10 and 149 lbs. . No matter how tired and sick I was with covid; I got off my ass and went out at 6: 00 am to bust open hay bales and feed the livestock in 12 degree weather! Again at night! What’s your excuse? Your in your 30″s and you can’t get out of that wheel chair? Your poor family all they do is worry about you…your lucky you have a family ! PLEASE GET SOME HELP!

  17. An absolutely disgusting pig who seems to hunger for attention almost as much as she does for food. Almost.

    Why does anyone waste time watching this woman or paying her to be on TV??!? Go give that $ to our police officers instead, to our teachers, to an under-appreciated group deserving of such adulation.

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