‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Update: Is Tammy Slaton Bedbound?

Tammy Slaton Tik Tok

Rumors Tammy Slaton is bedbound have been swirling across social media and Reddit for a few weeks now and 1000-Lb. Sisters fans are looking for an update. As everyone knows, there is a gap between reality and when the series wrapped up filming. On November 24th, we reported Tammy Slaton had been hospitalized. She was on life support, she was septic, and they performed a tracheotomy.

1000-Lb. Sisters Update: Is Tammy Slaton still in the hospital?

Fast forward a few months later to January of 2022 for an update on Tammy Slaton… Those who follow her TikTok know she was discharged from the hospital. She, however, was discharged to some sort of nursing or rehab center. Tammy Slaton posts videos on her TikTok almost daily.

Her videos confirm she is still sleeping in a hospital bed and in some sort of care facility. While fans badger her for more specific information, she is pretty cryptic and mysterious with her responses. She, however, does argue that she is not in a hospital.

Tammy Slaton TikTok
Photo Credit: TikTok

Wait, is she actually bedbound?

A screenshot of a post making rounds on Reddit and Facebook announces that Tammy Slaton is now bedbound. The post says it was her brother Chris Combs that broke the news on Instagram Live.

Ballooned so big that she has to wear a catheter and large diaper. Her siblings alternate changing her and dumping her waste.”

The post also claims that Tammy ordered and consumed 18 cheeseburgers within 48 hours of returning home from rehab. The post claims she gained nearly 50 pounds. So, her family put her back in rehab because they believed she was trying to kill herself with food.

The post goes on to claim that chunks of serious lymphedema has formed on various parts of her body.

Tammy Slaton
Photo Credit: TLC | ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’

In the comments of this Reddit thread, fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters admit this update on Tammy is a bit ironic as she had previously told her family they were “lucky” she could take care of herself.

Now, Tammy Slaton’s TikTok is a great resource to get most current updates on her situation. She posts videos of herself dancing and wiggling around. She sits in different places throughout her room. The amount of moving around Tammy does in her videos suggests she is NOT bedbound just yet. Tammy Slaton, however, is currently living in some sort of rehab or nursing facility.

Do you think Tammy Slaton is on her way to being bedbound? Share your thoughts on this 1000-Lb. Sisters update with us in the comments down below.

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  1. On tlc 1000 sister s Tammy is going to be bed all The Time she needs to go and get help I don’t think she cares want her family says too her and she’s not listening to them at all where is her nurse she needs to do her exercises every day or she will die

    1. What they are describing is co2 poisoning. Which means she in inhailing oxygen and it turns into carbon monoxide and we e-mail that and repeat. Looks like she was able in in jail the oxygen but could not exhail the carbon monoxide. So it is posing her. You just go to sleep and due. My friend had 3 bouts of it she too was super large. The third time she wasn’t found in time and died. Tammy will be gone very soon unless put into ICU in a good hospital. She did this to herself.

      1. I love tammy and her family so p lease get well real soon. I miss all of you and I know you can do it.

  2. She is such a self-centered person. I hope she is in a rehab and that her family leaves her there until she loses the weight she needs to lose. She is such a burden to them and she doesn’t care.

  3. She’s so big that her forehead is over weight! She’s not going to change she likes being fat why not leave her be and let her eat herself to death, all the attention on “helping” her is ridiculous, her sister is pregnant with baby #2 and she should be concentrating on herself and her son and husband!

    1. I agree she wants to die. What she doesn’t understand death is forever no coming back from. It’s the attention she gets it’s never enough

    2. 🤣 you said her forehead is over weight. I’m so dead. Il be poking at it. I mean she know what she is doing, she dont brush her teeth, she probably don’t bathe, she losing hair on her head, her forehead has a pocket of fat, she on oxygen, she near dead. I wouldnt be fighting for someone who ain’t fighting for themselves. She has to want this more than anything. Obviously she loves the way she looks and feel, and loves the men by the way the wrong kind of men. It’s sad.

      1. I will be praying for her and the family. I think she has a difficult time with comunicating her real feelings and needs. Once they get her through her depression, she will shine. I prefer compassion over criticism. God bless…

    3. This is food addiction. Just like an alcoholic that drinks himself to death, she is eating herself to death. She need Overeaters Anonymous and rigorous recovery. Without that she will die if her disease.

    4. I agree with you Debbie. She just wants to party and not do what the doctor ask her to do. Her family has bend over backwards to help her and she continues to do what she like to do. Which is eat and party. They need too start letting her feel the pain in doing things for herself and I guarantee, she will get off of her fat behind and start moving more around. Just let her go. It’s up too her. The brother is the only person who is straight up with her and don’t bite his tongue. They try to sweet talk her instead of telling her, you big, you killing yourself, and wash your hands with her if she don’t get off of big butt and do something. Straight Talk 👄 💯

  4. She doesn’t want help. It’s sad (and almost to the point of abusive) to continue filming her eating herself to death. I think it’s too late for Tammy.

    1. I agree completely. They should stop the show. We’re watching a person slowly committing suicide. I also think Tammy is a special needs person. A family member needs to have conservatorship over her. She should not be able to access bad food. I’m not trying to be disrespectful.

      1. They talk about their fans and they love their meet and greets but they don’t understand that it’s people coming to a side show to look at the freaks and they don’t seem to get it Amy not so much but Tammy definitely says:

        They talk TThey talk about their fans and they love their meet and greets but they don’t understand that it’s people coming to a side show to look at the freaks and they don’t seem to get it Amy not so much but Tammy definitely

      2. I agree with your comment ( I used to work myself in adult community mental health support…have suffered anxiety & depression personally too ) ..I agree she is on a one way mission of some sort of slow public suicide..One thing that’s always seemed fairly apparent to me is that she ‘ may’ have some sort of learning disability or Prada Wili syndrome and that would radically alter her perception of feeling hungry

  5. All I can say it’s sad she doesn’t want help unless Tammy is put back in rehab she is going to die soon. I love watching the show. But Amy Chris and the family has done all they can it’s time her doctor sits the hard fact. Rehab or nursing home. She is in no condition to be alone. Donteatyourselftodeath!!!!

    1. I feel more sorry for Tammy’s family that her at this point……. She is Very Jealous. of. her family So she continues to do things that make everyone feel more sorry for her and CATER to all HER WANTS.. HER FAMILY. has Family of their Own, Her Family have worked to get the surgery…… so Tammy. does. the woe is me so Everyone will run to do her daily Bidding.. pouts, complains. and acts like. none of them care…. So i feel sorry for everyone but Tammy.. she is mentally SICK. AND I AM SORRY….. but she knows everyone will. run. to do what she wants…. so she has decided the longer she stays this way the longer SHE IS THE ONE WHO GETS ALL THE ATTENTION…… HOPE SHE STOPS DOING ALLSHE KNOWS IS WRONG AND GETS BACK TO WHERE SHE CAN ENJOY. HER LIFE. THE NORMAL WAY….

  6. Don’t nobody want to hear anything about “Tammy” big fat funky ASS sour buttermilk spelling, Hog head looking disgusting GREEDY Pitiful slob of a person who refused to get help to save her own life!! I’m just waiting to hear that Tammy Slaton has DIED of being MORBIB OBESITY period??

  7. Tammy should grow up and stop lying about being in relationships with men that she simply talks to online. These men have fetishes. They do not care about her. Weight and unattractiveness put aside let’s be honest she is nasty, nasty, nasty. She is ugly inside and out. She needs to stop being a burden to her family and start moving in a more positive direction. For someone who depends on their siblings she should be nicer and more thankful that they are there for her.

  8. I’ve been Tammy’s friend for a very long time and I know exactly what she’s doing and where she is, I speak to her almost daily (yes, I have WhatsApp convos and videos as proof) and so far absolutely no one writing about Tammy has actually worked out what’s going on with her. I was going to head over and visit her before covid took over in spring 2020 and I’m sick to death of trying to get a hold of anyone from Crazy Legs (the production company of the show) because I need permission to visit my friend in case it conflicts with the filming schedule!! Tammy needs a true friend with her now, not all these people who are treating her like a sideshow

    1. She IS a side show for Gods sake..no normal WHITE man would even want her, so she sticks with black freaks thinking they love her…come on here. Enough is enough

        1. My eyes all but popped out of my head at that “black freaks” comment. Tammy may have a food addiction but at least she’s not casually racist like this Debbie creature.

      1. You’re just as disgusting as she is. Tammy needs to work on herself and clearly, so do you. Black freaks? Like a “white man” is the gold standard? Do better. Seriously.

    2. Hey Dia,

      I wish there was a way we could try to send a message to Tammy, she needs a good counsellor/therapist and everyone in her network to encourage and support her through it, if she doesn’t work on developing insight into her behaviour she will keep deluding herself and not survive 😢💔

  9. I say Tammy has given up as she sees no way that she can stay on this weight loss journey. Yeah if by chance she got the surgery she’ll still have to work that weight off. She doesn’t like to walk and that’s her downfall. I also say since the sisters like dressing up for Halloween I have the perfect costume for Tammy, She would make a perfect Ursula the Sea Witch (from the little mermaid) all she would have to do is get a white wig and a black blanket to wrap around herself and also paint herself purple.

  10. Well, if 1000 pound sisters don’t work out she can be on my 600 pound life! she is a piece of work and needs to be in a hospital situation so she doesn’t over eat and get psychiatric help in the least. TLC is using this woman like a Freakshow at a carnival. It’s sad, degrading and not right!

  11. I am David with a major in Psychology and minor in Addiction Counseling. Amy needs long term Residential
    Treatment, group Therapy and a formal introduction into the 12 steps of Overeaters Anonymous.Tammy is dying and unfortunately does not have long for this world. Food is not her problem, it his her solution. It is iobvious that Tammy is suffering with extreme emotional pain. It breaks my heart to see those deep frown lines going down the sides of her mouth to her chin. Tammy does not need haters! She is surrounded by haters! She is literally drowning in negativity! I want to throw her a lifeline! I want to be her Counselor! I have been doing this type of 12 step Counseling including the morbidly obese for over 35 years. If anybody knows how I can get in contact with Tammy I will do it for free! I am retired and have tons of free time! Tammy has stolen a piece of my heart and is worth saving!

    1. Oh David, you are amazing! Yes, this is what she needs so desperately, I really hope you can get some movement on this, I want her to survive and recover, her family loves her 😢

    2. God Bless you David. I have only been watching 1000 lb Sisters a short while and found myself interested so much I went back and watched every previous episode. This entire family had to have grown up in a very dysfunctional household. They have come through what seems to be pure hell as children and all love each other so much. Even though their mother seems to speak her mind in an abrasive way toward them they all seem to look over things she has said, they all are close to her and each other, just a forgiving type family. I would love to talk to Tammy and Amy too. You see, I had the Ruen-Y gastric bypass 22 years ago and lost 200+ lbs. That surgery changes your life, but it is the hardest thing in the world to live with because you change everything, your eating, your size, your personality, almost as if you are being reborn not only around the time of the surgery but even these 22 years later for me. Amy has to stop being the doormat for her sister though. She has to let go of Tammy, they all have to let go. Tammy seems to need professional psychiatric care and not everyone here calling her all these names. I wonder if you all here realize how much your words hurt her. How would it make you feel if we were here calling you these names and saying all these hurtful comments about you? Thank you David for the things you are saying and offerig to help her.

  12. It is so hard to watch Tammy being so abusive to her family. They only want the best for her. I feel that if her family would just let her( TAMMY) go for a day or so without any help from them, I think Tammy would appreciate her family more. She might respect their help more and try to better herself. The rest of the family is killing their backs pushing and hauling her and her wheelchair around while Tammy just sits there and does nothing to help herself. She is so selfish and disrespectful to all around her. Her temper tantrums are so pathetic, even Gage behaves better than she does. As a former overweight person, I hope Tammy does something to help herself and her family before it is too late.

  13. Tammy is so abusive and disgusting they should stop giving her so much attention with this show! She doesn’t want help she doesn’t want to change. Damn that forehead tho….

  14. While I wish Tammy the best, it seems like she doesn’t want to get better or the help she is getting isn’t working for her. Unfortunately, I think her family should let go her until Tammy can get things figured out and turned around. Tammy’s family need to take care of themselves and have done what they can for Tammy.

  15. Delusional. She needs professional help. She lies and believes her lies. Her family needs their heads examined for putting up with her. They continue to blame Phil her supposed new boyfriend, are they nuts too. Tammy is the blame for all her problems not a made up online relationship. The family vacation is another story altogether. If it were me I would have let Tammy sit in the van all week. Her little temper tantrums wouldn’t have effected me or my vacation at all. Let her figure out how to go to the bathroom or eat by herself. I definitely would not have taken her to a hotel and I’m certain I wouldn’t have made arrangements for her lard ass to be picked up and taken back home. Cmon guys, stop enabling her nasty behavior. She is one of the ugliest, nastiest, fowl, ungrateful people I’ve ever seen in my life.

  16. The only hope is long-term, residential treatment with intensive therapy. Tammy’s manipulative behavior, her tendency to continually involve herself in harmful activities (drinking, casual sex, overeating, etc), and her general abusive attitude towards others could be indicate borderline personality disorder. Difficult to treat and impossible to live with, it is often linked to a history of abuse and neglect in childhood. So I feel bad that she has to deal with that, but I agree that people should stop caving into her every whim and giving her so much attention. The whole family needs help to deal with responding to Tammy and not letting her manipulate them with anger or guilt. I hope Amy moves to her house and moves on with her life. I hope the other siblings DON’T step in to cater to Tammy. At her weight, she doesn’t have much longer. I agree that the network should stop filming Tammy and airing shows.

  17. The tv show needs to cancel Tammy and Amy. This show is killing her. Tammy is a baby and likes to be treated like one, instead of a stroller, she has a wheelchair. She is very pathetic and sounds like everybody is trying their best to help her, but she has baby tantrums. I say let her live by herself, cancel the tv show, let her find a way to support herself, and start exercising and quit eating. Tammy feels like she is some kind of star, she is not, she is like the old days, where fat people were in the circus, i mean really obese people, like Tammy.. I believe the show is part of the reason she is eating so much, she thinks she is a star, she is not, kinda an oddity to see somebody that big, thus why people watch the show.Tammy you have only one life, get with the program, and quit eating, get up and start walking, everyday, do it now or it will be too late for you.

  18. Tammy doesn’t care if she lives or dies. She’s had plenty of direction and encouragement. She refuses to get off her lazy butt and take the weight loss journey serious. You can’t make her care about herself. She will be dead soon.

  19. Filming is a good thing, my roommate got help by watching her. My roommate went from 250 lbs to 180 and still losing weight. Tammy does not have any hope but my roommate and friend does. So maybe they film her until her death, others see this and wake up and get help.

  20. I think Chris is the only person that’s trying to lose weight. Amy, YOU as well as the other family members who had GB need to start losing weight. Talking about Tammy makes y’all forget the rest of you, including Michael and Brittney STILL NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT! This show was to be about losing weight with the help of GB, it’s far from that, it’s turning into a sad joke about the sisters and their family!

  21. I agree, thr network needs to stop filming her. They are enabling her behavior. She is a selfiah, self centered person, and the attention only worsens it. She will be dead soon enough unless she drastically changes her attitude about everything. And i honestly belueve the network is liable for enabling her behavior.

  22. As we all know, Tammy has to be the one to pull herself up. Negativity only makes it worse and what gives those of you haters the right to crush her with your hurtful comments? Does that make you feel better about yourself? Im going to keep on being on Team Tammy because she needs support not nasty comments that you send her way. Would you treat ANYONE like that face to face? Sad if you would. This world has enough nasty stuff going on so why jump on that bandwagon? Hang in there Tammy and Amy and the rest of you. Also hugs to anyone else out there who just needs a little support and love…..as we are all human beings. Love y’all❣️❣️❣️

  23. I hope she get help because if she don’t she will die . She has lot haters because what she doing to herself “” it’s time for wake up call. Tammy I love Chris and Amy and her sisters 💕 they do care about her. Her mother I’m very angry at her she don’t care about her at all shame on her..

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