Amanda Halterman Worries That Amy Is Making HUGE Mistake, “It’s Too Soon.”

Amanda Halterman TLC

Amy Halterman doesn’t usually get much heat from her older siblings. At least not as often as Tammy does. This time, however, big sister Amanda has some issues with Amy’s behavior – and we know she’s not going to be quiet about it. Recently, Amanda Halterman told producers that she was very worried about her sister, telling them that “it’s too soon” for Amy to be making a mistake of this magnitude. What has Amy’s big sis so worried about? Read on to get the details.

Amy Loses Weight, Gains Fans’ Support

Fans of the hit TLC show 1000-Lb. Sisters are thrilled that Amy was able to accomplish her initial weight loss goals. Back in Season 1, the celeb lost the weight required by her doctor and was able to get her bariatric surgery. In total, Amy Halterman has lost over 100 pounds.

Viewers watched her episode by episode as she did the work to lose the 20 pounds her doctor required before surgery approval. She took the task very seriously, knowing what amazing changes the bariatric procedure could bring to her life. The journey wasn’t perfect – and she did struggle from time to time with making bad food choices. Nonetheless, the celeb made it to her goal and her surgery went flawlessly.

Amy and Amanda Halterman
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Post Surgery, fans cheered Amy Halterman on as she recovered from her procedure and continued on her weight loss journey. Initially, the sleeve itself was enough to limit what Amy could eat. As she healed, however – it became her responsibility to not only adhere to the prescribed diet but keep up a certain level of physical activity.

In the beginning, fans were proud of Amy – she was doing her best to follow all the rules, unfortunately, Amy Halterman’s uterus had other plans.

Baby Gage Slows Down Progress

During the second season of the show, Amy finds out that she is pregnant with her first child. Despite her physician asking her to wait at least 2  years before getting pregnant, Amy is elated by the news. The celeb has a decently smooth pregnancy and delivers a healthy baby boy, Gage Halterman in November of 2020.

While she was pregnant with her son – Amy definitely let up on her diet. She fell back into old eating habits, citing baby cravings and needing to ‘eat for two.’ Amy’s family called her out on several occasions to tell her that she was overindulging – and that it had nothing to do with the baby.

Amy Halterman TLC
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Despite not making the best choices during pregnancy, Amy did not completely derail her progress. She did, however, slow it down considerably. All in all, after her son was born, Amy Halterman was down to 270 pounds. This is an astounding 136 pounds from where her journey started at 406 pounds.

Amanda Halterman Says Amy Is Making A Huge Mistake

Earlier this season, we found out that Amy Halterman and their sister, Tammy aren’t the only siblings who have struggled with weight. Big sister, Amanda Halterman also underwent a weight loss journey of her own several years ago. In a recent episode, Amy reveals that she goes to her sister for advice because Amanda has already been through a lot of the same things she is going through. This includes bariatric surgery.

Several years ago, Amanda had her own bariatric surgery and was successful in losing over half her body weight. Amanda continues trying to stay healthy, and is the loudest about encouraging her little sisters to do the same. She knows what it takes to make the weight loss happen and knows just how it will change their lives.

While Amy has achieved some great success, Amanda says that she is worried about her sister’s progress. Why? Because she has been watching Amy backslide into food temptation and worries that she may once again fall victim to her addiction.

Amy Halterman TLC
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In recent months, Amy has been eating excessively, indulging in high-calorie garbage foods and alcohol. While Amy justifies it by saying that she is indulging in the experiences and having fun, her sister worries that this type of behavior might be the gateway to destruction.

In last week’s episode, before the family sits down to dinner and Amy enjoys “cheese dipped in cheese” Amanda tells the cameras that she’s concerned that Amy is less than a year and a half out from surgery and is already eating the way that she is. Because Amanda has already been through the process, watching Amy consistently indulge and make excuses is worrisome.  Amy has come very far from where she started and her sister hopes that she can get back on track.

While it hasn’t come up in the show just yet, Amy Halterman has announced that she and Michael are now pregnant with their second child. Do you think baby #2 will be the end of Amy’s weight loss journey? Do you think she will be able to keep herself on track? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. It’s a shame that Amy was so close to reaching her goal and looking fit, The latest pictures I’ve seen shows that she has gained most all her weight back and looks like she did before she had the surgery. You can’t continue to eat fast food and drink sugary drinks and expect to lose or maintain your weight. I think we’ll all see a big disappointment if there’s a season four to come out.

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