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Amy Halterman Expresses Concerns For Gage’s Health

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While spending some time outdoors with Gage and Michael, Amy Halterman expresses concerns for her son’s health. She admits to her husband Michael there are a few things weighing on her mind. And, he discusses them with her husband to clear her head. Is something wrong with Gage? Why is Amy worried about his health? Here’s what we know.

Warning: 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 spoilers

Amy Halterman expresses concern for Gage’s health

Amy and her husband Michael were grabbing a bit of fresh air with their son Gage. He was in a stroller and they were playing with bubbles. Amy kicked off the conversation by noting Gage had a whole lot of “firsts” going down at the same time. She continued to explain Gage was currently teething. Unfortunately, the poor little guy has four teeth burst through his gums at the same time.

amy - michael haltereman

Amy Halterman continues to talk about how blessed she and Michael are. She admits her son Gage is a pretty easy-going baby. She, however, has some real concerns about him. Amy Halterman describes her son Gage as a “bottomless pit.” She worries he is headed down the same path as her sister Tammy. Amy Halterman tells her husband she would never forgive herself for raising her son to be overweight.


Speaking to the camera, Amy opens up about her health concerns for Gage further. She admits the last thing she wants is for her son to ever experience being overweight. She doesn’t want him to have to deal with bullying as he grows. Amy wants him to have a normal life as a normal-sized child.

amy haltereman

Michael reassures his concerned wife

Michael Halterman did not appear to share the concerns with Amy. In fact, he reassured her that she had nothing to worry about. He did not think Gage was at risk of turning into his aunt Tammy. Given her own struggles with being overweight as a child, it was understandable where her concerns came from.

Do you understand why Amy Halterman is worried about these health concerns with Gage? Do you think Michael was right to reassure her everything would be fine? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on 1000-Lb. Sisters and Amy Halterman’s son Gage.

1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3, Episode 6 titled “Man vs. Scale” airs tonight only on TLC. Viewers can stream the 42-minute episode early via Discovery+.

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    1. Sounds like Amy is really trying to keep her life in a much healthier zone. She should be proud of herself for losing so much weight and keeping it off. I really wish her well in her journey of motherhood and in changing the way she cares for her home.

    2. I want to say this to Amy your a wonderful person and a great mom weather you think so or not ! I don’t know why people put you down so much about being a good mom ! But what people don’t think about Amy makes sure she takes damn Great care of her son . There are women out here with kids who doesn’t even try to take care of them . And for the people who judge her need to realize we all put are pants on the same way one leg at a time. She a mother who loves her child and tries her best ! And I can honestly say Ill be her friend if she ever needs one

  1. I think that Amy should be more concerned about her husband’s weight right now…he is obese as well as the rest of her family. Tammy is not the only one. Amy has control of Gages’ weight now. She should talk to a nutritionist if she is concerned about it.

  2. She should also make sure he is active, as he gets older. No phones to occupy his time. Go to the park, go for a walk.

  3. Michael and Amy need to learn healthy eating habits. They are both obese. How do they plan to raise Gage to be average weight while they eat in an unhealthy manner? Amy is right to be concerned.

  4. Right now he is wanting to eat because of his teeth and a growth spurt. She needs to find a way to distract him (baths, walks, games) and something he can chew that is cold. They have teethers like that. Don’t let food be what comforts him! Let him play with soft cooked vegetables on his tray.

  5. I commend Amy on being vigelent regarding Gage! Now is the time to START introducing healthy foods into his diet. Too many babies are overfed, & this can lead to a life of overeating. By starting early & incorporating exercise into a daily routine will help both mom & baby live longer & better live’s. Their are many exercises mom’s can do with the little 1s. & there are ALOT of fun one’s out there! I wish Amy & her family all the best😊

  6. Yes genetics do play a part in it.But teaching him how to have a healthy relationship with food. Model good nutrition and communicating feelings so food doesn’t become his only source of comfort.

    Don’t allow family or other important people tease him about his weight. Choose looking healthy and being healthy range vs the number on the scale.

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