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Tammy Slaton’s Siblings Give Up, Are They Done With The Bad Attitude?

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All 1000-Lb. Sisters fans know that Tammy Slaton can be hard to deal with from time to time. Her sister, Amy Halterman, has been her caregiver for years. But Amy has a growing family and less time for Tammy now.

Amy hired a nurse to help Tammy this season, but it seems like Nurse Tisa’s patience is running thin. An anonymous source told TV Shows Ace that Nurse Tisa gave up on her and quit — that’s why we haven’t seen much of her in the new episodes.

In the most recent episode, we saw Tammy throw yet another temper tantrum while on vacation with her siblings in Tennessee. Will this finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Will her siblings finally give up on her this time?

No one appreciates the bad attitude Tammy Slaton brings with each episode

As we reported in the past, Tammy Slaton has no problem labeling herself as a “baddie.” However, fans find this incredibly frustrating more than anything.

Tammy Slaton/TLC

Since 1000-Lb. Sisters debuted, we’ve seen Tammy and Amy try to lose weight. Their brother Chris even became part of the journey. While Amy and Chris worked hard enough to get their weight loss surgeries, Tammy barely lost any weight. She made significant progress while in rehab, but gained all her weight back once she left the facility. Fans widely believe she has no one to blame but herself for her lack of progress.

Adding to fans’ frustrations is the vacation situation. In the newest 1000-Lb. Sisters episode, we’ll get to see the Slaton family explore Tennessee and have some family fun. However, when we left them, they just arrived at their cabin after a long drive and Tammy wasn’t willing to get out of the van.

Tammy Slaton/TLC

Chris says he knew Tammy was going to be difficult during the trip and she immediately snapped at him.

“Y’all need to leave me alone. I don’t care what I f—ing do tonight. I don’t give a f—. I really don’t feel good and I didn’t want to come,” the 35-year-old shouted at her family as they tried to get her to join them in the cabin. “It’s not gonna change anything.”

Tammy proceeded to complain that she wanted to go home as the episode wrapped up. It seems as if Chris, Amy, and the rest of the family will simply leave her in the van for the night, but we’ll just have to see when the new episode airs tomorrow.

Fans are fed up with the TLC star’s negative attitude

It’s really hard to cheer for someone who has no interest in helping themself. And that’s why the show’s fans are burning out on Tammy Slaton. Many fans said in comment threads that they wouldn’t have put up with Tammy’s tantrum in the van. If her siblings are still willing to stick by her after all that, they have the patience of saints.

Keep following us online for more 1000-Lb. Sisters content and catch the new episode tomorrow night on TLC.

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  1. Tammy should be more appreciate she’s the one who’s need the help from everybody and she’s alway complaining Im tied of her being the way she’s She think every body owes her somethingshe need to lose weight and smile more her family have they own life no one owes her anything lose weight and get a life

    1. I am sick and tired of Tammy…if she doesn’t want to cooperate for the show…kick her to the curve…all she is doing is collecting and for what…noone put her in situation she is in..SHE DID..she refuses help all the time…she can get over it or move on..she is lazy

  2. Amy And Tammy Are COMPLETE OPPOSITES. Amy Is Cool, Funny, Caring, And Mellow. Tammy Is Lazy, Ungrateful, Mean, And Arrogant. Chris And His Family, Along With Sister Misty Are Doing THE VERY BEST THAT THEY CAN! You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Can’t Make Him Drink.

  3. Time for TLC to dump Tammy and put on someone who will inspire and achieve, not die on camera. Tammy Time is over! Amy, and the rest of the family, deserve a life without a spoiled, entitled brat. Good thing Tammy thinks she is such a “Baddie” because baddies can care for themselves without help.

  4. I think TLC should cut her out and focus on Amy and Chris with their journey of losing the weight. Maybe if she is put in tough love and have to help herself get her food and doing everything on her own. She might see she has the choice to live or die. She has the idea this show is her show. I dont want to watch her that much cause she is rude and disrespectful of her family.

  5. TLC, I don’t want to watch Tammy Die on TV! Enough already, take her off the show. TLC is enabling her to kill herself, it’s to much.

  6. Amy and Chris, I’m so happy for the two of you. And the progress you two made. As far as Tammy , she is just is a burden to all around her. She thinks everyone involved with her, owe her, she treats all., Like shit. She is a piece of shit and looks like shit. Amy you and Chris need to just go on with your lives. There is no hope for Tammy. She won’t even try. She has to figure out her own crap.

  7. Fire Tammy off the show. She is a mean verbally abusive young woman. It’s time for her to go. She has no intentions of loosing weight.

  8. Tammy doesn’t want to loose the weight like Amy and Chris does tammy just wants to be waited on hand and foot then she doesnt get her way she cussed out them I would just leave her at the van and walk away from her she isnt really crying it’s all fake take her off the show please my heart goes out for Amy Chris and that sweet baby gage my prayers are with those 3 not tammy not any more

  9. I’ve watched from the beginning. But, as hard as this sounds I cant watch much more of Tammy’s constant attention seeking. I realize she needs help. I wish her every sucess. But I’m in agreement with Dr. Smith. She has to want it both mentally and physically to make this happen.

  10. I’ve watched from the beginning. But, as hard as this sounds I cant watch much more of Tammy’s constant attention seeking. I realize she needs help. I wish her every sucess. But I’m in agreement with Dr. Smith. She has to want it both mentally and physically to make this happen.

  11. Tammy is not trying to lose weight, she is so fat, I think she will not make it too long, her face does not look real, she needs real help.

  12. Yes imma fan of the show.ro Chris and Amy cudos to you guys for being her strong arm. Now is the time she has to be brought down a notch or two. Let her find a way to get her food. Let her show that she’s the baddie that she says she is and get on with her life. All you guys pitching in to care for her and she so not graceful of nothing and no one else. Guys live your life and be there when you see her trying . If she wants to live she’ll get it done if not let her be. Also I personally wanna thank the rest of the family. Mom the other sisters niece producers the everyone else. Just pray and leave it at the alter. You only change when you are ready Tammy you should be ashamed of yourself for acting like a child. Tisa you go girl you tried. When she realized that she is alone she will fold. Tammy it’s time for you to get up and stop being rude and lazy and take control of your life. You got this you want to blame Amy let’s start by acting like you want it. I’m sicka you blaming others when there only trying to reach you. I love you but imma keep it real you need to jump on the good foot and take action for yourself and show your fans what you have accomplished. You’re very smart you got this just make that move. I’m for team Tammy just make that move. Last but not least I’m not here to bash you are down grade you I just want the best. So stop putting yourself last and do the right thing. Let’s get sexy and show the new you. Okay. Much love my friend.beblessed.

  13. I am offended by Tammy’s constant vulgar language. I agree what others have said. Take her off the show. She does not deserve to be there. She is truly a spoiled brat.

  14. Why do they keep hervon the show. She’s arrogant lazy attention seeking. Her language is disgusting. Cut her out of the show and focus on the ones working hard on loosing weight. She’s so tough let her take care of herself.

  15. So tired of Tammy 😩 every WK it’s something with her she can’t walk cuz her knees no cartridge has she even had a Dr l. tell her this or it’s a reason to not walk 75 steps wow .
    The guys so not like her they like the money she’s putting out for the food an booze Cruise so pathetic .
    And watch her talk like she all that she needs to watch herself on tv and see how Rediculuis she is . Like everyone says keep her family on and take her off the show there’s not a one comment that isn’t a rank 9f her there all sick and tired of Tammy an her fowl mouth….

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