Gage Halterman Proves Amy & Michael Are Great Parents, Here’s Why

Gage Halterman from TLC

Amy Halterman wasn’t supposed to get pregnant for at least two years after her weight loss surgery. But she always wanted to be a mom and couldn’t be happier that Gage Halterman came into her life.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans noticed that Amy seems to be on a more positive path now that she’s a mother. And some Reddit users noticed that she and her husband Michael seem to be great parents to their baby son. Keep reading to find out why.

Fans believe Gage Halterman comes from a happy and loving environment

Reddit users generally don’t have many positive things to say about the family featured on 1000-Lb. Sisters. Tammy Slaton’s negative attitude tends to get under fans’ skin, but one thread had plenty of great things to say. They love how happy Gage Halterman seems and believe it’s due to his parents’ choices.

“I just have to say that watching Gage while they are on vacation has made me realize what an awesome baby he is! He rarely, if ever, seems to cry and is always laughing and smiling,” the original Reddit user pointed out. “He also seems to love all of his aunts and his uncle (even Tammy!). It’s possible that we’re just catching him at the right time when TLC is filming, but he obviously isn’t a fussy baby at all. I have raised four children and have nine grandchildren. From my experience, Gage seems to be a well-loved and well cared for little boy. And adorable too. I think Amy and Michael are doing an excellent job as parents so far.”

Amy Halterman/Instagram

The comments were full of other Reddit users that readily agreed. Many even quickly pointed out how much Gage Halterman looks like his father, Michael.

“100% carbon copy of Michael. Especially in their matching cowboy getups!!” one user said. Amy recently posted a photo dump of the family trip to Tennessee. You can look at those here on Amy’s Instagram page if you haven’t had a chance to look at those yet.

Amy and Michael Halterman are expecting another bundle of joy this year

In case you haven’t heard, Michael and Amy Halterman are going to have another baby this year. Gage is going to be a big brother and fans hope the new little one will be just as loved and cared for.

Amy Halterman/Instagram

Since Amy gave birth to Gage, he’s clearly been her top priority in life — even if that upsets Tammy. With another little one on the way, the Halterman family likely won’t have much time to cater to Tammy’s needs. If 1000-Lb. Sisters gets another season, fans may see this play out on screen.

But for now, you can keep following us online for the latest news on baby Gage Halterman and the rest of the family. We’ll be here to keep you filled in.

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  1. What’s meant to be is meant to be …….Obviously this was the case for Amy and Michael.
    Gage was born happy and healthy and he’s an absolutely adorable little boy, so congratulations to them both.
    Here’s hoping that miserable sow of a sister of hers ( Yes you Tammy) pull your selfish ,obnoxious, self righteous, arrogant , demanding head in and let Amy and Michael enjoy their miracle bub .

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