‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Exclusive: Phillip Sheds Light On Tammy’s Vacation Meltdown

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Speaking to TVShowsAce exclusively, Phillip Redmond a.k.a. BBW King wants to shed some light on Tammy Slaton’s vacation meltdown during Monday night’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. The BBW King tells us he’s furious the family placed the blame on him as the reason Tammy refused to enjoy or participate in the vacation. In fact, he proceeded to tell us he had the real tea on why Tammy Slaton was having a mountain-side temper tantrum.

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1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive: Was Tammy even on the phone with Phillip?

We kicked off our interview with Phillip Redmond by asking him about the phone activity from Tammy’s hotel room. Monday’s episode of the series painted a picture of Tammy hiding in her hotel room and talking to the BBW King on the phone instead of being with her family. In fact, her sisters stormed out of the room furious Tammy Slaton was still communicating with the man she allegedly has a restraining order against. Though, as we’ve previously reported, Phillip’s baby mama tells us a restraining order never existed and police we never involved.

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Phillip tells us he was NOT on the phone with Tammy while she was in the hotel room. He claims he had zero contact with her during the entire family vacation. Phillip admits that he and Tammy got into a pretty big fight the day before she was supposed to leave for the vacation. He actually believes that is why she was in such a sour mood and didn’t want to be there. This, however, was only part of the reason.

Phillip Redmond also tells us that Tammy Slaton wanted him to come on the vacation with her. He claims she begged him to come and even offered to pay him money to be in the mountains with her. He declined. Declining Tammy Slaton what she wanted caused a huge fight. The fight became so ugly that he made the decision to block all forms of communication with her. Phillip believes she was mad he wasn’t on the trip with her and she was mad he blocked her.

He also explains her partying and drinking

1000-Lb. Sisters fans know Tammy Slaton is on a downward spiral as scenes from future episodes reveal her partying with several different men. The clips reveal her drinking, vaping, and having a good time. It also appears as if she admits to drug use while speaking with her doctor. Those who follow Tammy on TikTok will recall some small video clips of her drinking with some of these men did make it onto her profile.

Phillip believes Tammy was partying and drinking with these men before posting it on her TikTok profile just to make him jealous. He had blocked her and was refusing to speak with her. So, she put on a very public display as she got drunk and partied with random men just to get some revenge.

‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Exclusive: Ex’s Baby Mama Spills Tea — Tammy Lied?!

Now, viewers of the series know there are two sides to any story. Phillip Redmond and his baby mama reached out to us because they wanted their side of the story out there. They are both extremely upset the series continues to paint him in a bad light.

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What do you think about what Phillip had to say regarding Tammy Slaton? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest 1000-Lb. Sisters tea.

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  1. Tammy is just one big spoiled brat! She is lazy! She just wants everyone to bow down to her wishes! I can’t stand her anymore….. get rid of her on 1000 lb sisters! Enough already!!0

    1. Yes!! She’s the biggest brat and I have no idea how or why she decided this behavior was acceptable. She literally act like a toddler. I paid for my weight loss surgery out of pocket and I could have only dreamed to be given the opportunities she has!! She needs to grow up. At this point she’s a lost cause and I have a feeling we will see her death announcement within the next year.

  2. I totally believe Philip and his baby momma. Tammy is a pathological liar and annoying, mean, angry, abusive C. TLC needs to let him share his side of the story on the show and expose Tammy for her behavior. Why does the show never film her shoving food down her throat or smoking or attacking the men she stalks?

  3. Tammy is seriously getting on my nerves. I get that they continue to have on the show for the drama, but dang! I could only hope to have the opportunities she has been given. The treatment she gives to those that try to help her is ridiculous! I would have already left her to herself. Se how it feels to have no one because of your own actions.

  4. I also blame her family. They enable her too much. When she didn’t want to get out of the van they should have left her! She is 35 years old! She could have gotten the hotel reservation herself and called an Uber to pick her up. Having the family do it and then Michael driving her isn’t good.

    1. I agree with you. This big baby needs a good kick in the butt. She told the family to get away from her at the camp stop looking at her shes not an animal. She looked like a sideshow at a carnival. I’d have left her in the van all night. I wouldn’t let Michael bring her anywhere. Walk or call an uber and pay for it yourself. I wonder who paid for that room. I wouldn’t have called or text her for nothing. I’d have left her on her own. No food, nothing and ffg igure out by herself how to fet home big baby. And that guy Rob was supposed to be a family friend, he ended up partying with big baby on her money. Some family friend . Amy needs to learn to live her own life and forget about Tammy. She ruins everything. You would think the show would get rid of her. How come she wasn’t sick anymore when it was time th o shovel food in her mouth at dinner? They both seem slow. Sorry Amy but thats how you come across the way you talk wear your hair etc. Your better than this. Everything is a joke to her then she laughs after talking so ignorant. Get some family counseling without Tammy. You have some good sisters who c as re about you and a good brother and they don’t use you. Take control of your life now before yuh our second son is born and get back on your weight program. You can do this.

  5. Tammy dose not what to lose weight until she really she no to to please say anything everybody says or does everyone pounds until she is ready she’s not going to do it so you guys are doing nothing but wasting time and yes TCO weight loss program she can take her completely off the program because she is doing nothing Michelle and other people what they can do and get away with it she’s probably still on everybody else she wants to weight loss surgery

  6. She needs to wake up and smell the coffee ,It’s is about time that she learns to atop this POOR POOR PIITYFUL ME IF EVERONE STOPS CATERING TO HER MAKING HER STAND ON HER own to feet and doing for her self if she wants tro eat her self till she pukes let her maybe just maybe when she does get bed bound and awarded to a side unite than she will see somebody did care try Hipnoissie on her she is mean ,nasty,rude,and Noone wants to be around her I hope she gets the Right help (Possitave not Negative) before it’s to late has anyone ever stopped to thank she is using gaing weight is her getting attention she needs help and fast before she is gone she’s SCREAMING HELP ME BYE EATING OVER EATING AND IN THE LONG RUN GAINING GAINING AND GAINING LETS START SAYING WONDERFUL STUFF TO HER AND SEE WHERE IT TAKES HER

  7. I’m tired of Tammy. She’s a liar and a massive child. She treats her family like crap even though they do EVERYTHING for her and all she does is stuff her face, make excuses, and play the victim. She had the nerve to call Amy lazy for not wanting to cater to her. I wish her family would just stop treating her like a baby and cut ties with her. She doesn’t want to change and is comfortable being a giant fat blob. If she wants to eat herself into an early grave, let her.

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