‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Exclusive: Ex’s Baby Mama Spills Tea — Tammy Lied?!

Tammy Slaton - Phillip - 1000 lb sisters

In a 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive, Tammy Slaton’s ex-boyfriend Phillip Redmond’s baby mama reached out to TvShowsAce to spill some major juicy tea on the TLC personality. In the subject line of the email, Phillip’s baby mama refers to Tammy Slaton as a liar. She claimed that everything the TLC series depicted about Tammy’s relationship with the father of her children was a major stretch of the truth.  Phillip’s baby mama even tells us that the claims Tammy contacted the police and filed a restraining order are equally outrageous and untrue.

While speaking with Tammy Slaton’s ex-boyfriend’s baby mama, TVShowAce asked a lot of questions about their “relationship.” His baby mama was happy to share Phillip’s side of the story. Moreover, she was happy to share juicy tea on things Tammy told Phillip while they were “together” that didn’t exactly match up with the storyline of the series.

Tammy Slaton - Phillip - 1000 lb sisters

1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive: Why did she reach out to us?

In her first email, Tammy’s ex-boyfriend’s baby mama tells us that running to news outlets was never really something she wanted to do. But, she has found herself in a situation where one of her children is old enough to get online and read the headlines about their father. And, she doesn’t think it is fair for Tammy’s side of the story to be the only one that is being told. His baby mama reached out to us so HIS side of the story could be told.

Phillip Redmond has a family — it was a TikTok relationship

Phillip’s baby mama tells us that they share two children together. In fact, she was pregnant with their second child when much of this drama went down. His baby mama tells us in this 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive that Phillip and Tammy’s “relationship” was never meant to extend beyond TikTok.

Tammy, however, insisted she wanted to make a TikTok in person with him. In fact, Tammy Slaton paid Phillip to come to Kentucky to make a TikTok with her. His baby mama tells us that she and Phillip traveled to Kentucky together so he could make the TikTok with her. She reveals Tammy Slaton knew she existed. She knew Phillip was not available for a real relationship in person. Tammy Slaton even knew she traveled with Phillip to Kentucky. She tells us that Tammy was not happy with the situation, but Phillip went through with making the TikTok because Tammy paid him to do so.

Tammy - Phillip

I normally wouldn’t do this but Tammy is a lying piece of garage she is lying on Phillip which is the father of my 2 children I normally do not entertain mess like this but Tammy took it 2 far when she proceeded to go on television and say that the father of my children threaten her and stalked her that is totally not true at all Phillip broke things up with Tammy because she wanted him to leave his family for her when she knew their ‘relationship’ was strictly a TikTok relationship.”

phillip - 1000 lb sisters - girlfriend

Now, as we’ve previously reported, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans noted the photos of Tammy Slaton with Phillip were a bit strange. Some fans noted he looked “pained” in the photo. We asked his baby mama if there was a reason why people thought his face looked pained in the photo.

Tammy Slaton’s New Boyfriend Looks Pained After Kissing: See Photos

Phillip’s baby mama tells us that his face was distorted and uncomfortable because he was uncomfortable. He later tells his baby mama that Tammy Slaton smelled awful. He reveals that both she and her home smelled terrible. And, his face was pained because of the horrible smell. His baby mama tells us Phillip had no idea Tammy would be trying to kiss him. And, he had no idea she would be releasing photos of them together on social media or later on the TV series.

Tammy Slaton - Phillip

Police and restraining order never happened — she harassed them

Phillip’s baby mama tells us the whole storyline of Tammy Slaton calling the police and filing a restraining order is a lie. She claims it never happened. Furthermore, she tells us that Tammy lied about how their relationship ended. Tammy claimed on the show that she broke up with Phillip because he got mad about things all of the time. Phillip’s baby mama, however, insists that he told Tammy to stop talking to him and leave him alone.

She explained: “He never threatened her and yes she lied when she said she broke up with him when the truth was he asked her repeatedly to leave him alone because she was literally calling him back to back nonstop and he never got mad about anything she was doing because she was never his girlfriend she knew he had a family so that was definitely a lie he never was angry.”

And she goes on to say she filed a restraining order against him which she never did WE threaten Tammy as well the network with legal action because Tammy wouldn’t stop harassing us.”

Tammy Slaton - Phillip Instagram 2


1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive: Forced to move and abandon social media

Phillip Redmond’s baby mama tells us they were forced to move after Tammy leaked their address. She says they were also forced to get new phone numbers because Tammy would not stop calling and harassing them. She tells us Phillip also abandoned Instagram and TikTok because Tammy Slaton caused him to start receiving death threats because of her lies.

His baby mama even tells us that Tammy’s sisters reached out to Phillip and his family multiple times threatening to come for them.

her sister Amanda threaten to ‘BEAT MY ***’ because i went off.”

She adds that Tammy Slaton’s brother Chris Combs also threatened Phillip’s family.

Chris Combs - Amanda

The REAL Reason Tammy Slaton left rehab

Tammy Slaton’s ex-boyfriend’s baby mama sits down with us in this 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive to spill the tea on the real reason the TLC star left rehab as well. According to his mama, Phillip and Tammy had not yet met nor had they started talking when Tammy was in rehab. She points out that the series paints a picture of it being Phillip’s fault Tammy left rehab. Moreover, the family openly places the blame on him for her leaving rehab.

She, however, insists that isn’t what happened because Phillip was NOT in the picture yet. Turns out, however, Tammy Slaton did share the details of her stint at rehab with Phillip. And, these details included the real reason why she “left.”

Tammy Slaton Youtube

1000-Lb. Sisters fans will recall there were rumors Tammy Slaton hit one of the staff members at the facility she was staying at. These rumors noted this caused Tammy to get kicked out. According to his baby mama, these were not just rumors. She tells us Tammy became violent with staff when they took her blood pressure or drew blood. She adds Tammy broke a lot of the facility rules. Furthermore, the facility did NOT want TLC to film anything inside of the rehab center to protect the privacy of the other patients.

Tammy Slaton - Phillip 9

1000-Lb. Sisters: Jerry Sykes experienced the same — contacted police

As we’ve previously reported in a separate 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive, we have spoken to someone who knew Jerry Syke’s girlfriend Ashley. Phillip’s baby mama tells us she’s also spoken to Jerry about Tammy. Turns out, Tammy begged Phillip to come out and make a TikTok video with her because she was upset about Jerry getting serious with his girlfriend.

Tammy Slaton Warns Jerry Sykes’ New Girlfriend To Be Careful [Exclusive]

Phillip’s baby mama tells us Tammy Slaton has also taken to stalking and harassing Jerry as he tries to get comfortable with his new girlfriend. According to Phillip’s baby mama, Jerry Sykes and Ashley are still together. Tammy and Ashley, however, had a falling out recently on Instagram.

she is tired of her bs too Tammy was stalking her about jerry and jerry had clapped back at her and Amy for lying on him saying he was feeding Tammy when that’s just not true at the end of the Tammy has an issue and her family blames everyone except her for her lies and enough is enough you can’t continue to lie just because a man does not want you.”

She continued to reveal to us: “I just found out that jerry and Ashley filed police reports on Tammy recently out of Texas and gearing up to sue her for slander and repeated harassment.”

Phillip’s baby mama argues Jerry Sykes was never the bad guy he was made out to be in the relationship and neither was Phillip.

Jerry Sykes - Tammy Slaton 0

Where did the Tammy Slaton engagement rumor come from?

Tammy’s family briefly touched on rumors swirling on the internet that Tammy and Phillip were engaged. So, we asked Tammy’s ex-boyfriend’s baby mama about these rumors. Where did they come from? According to her, it was actually Tammy that started the rumors. She tells us Tammy asked Phillip to leave his baby mama and his two children in the dust to be with her. When he shut it down and refused, Tammy got upset. So, she started the rumor they were engaged to create more drama.

According to Phillip’s baby mama, Tammy Slaton has a nasty habit of lying when she finds herself in a situation with a man that doesn’t want her anymore. Moreover, she notes the show seems to paint Tammy as the victim of these men when in reality she’s the one making them her victims.

Tammy Slaton Phillip Instagram

1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive: Tammy Slaton tried to buy a boyfriend?

Turns out, paying Phillip to make a TikTok video with her in person was NOT the first time she offered him money. According to his baby mama, Tammy thought she could buy a relationship with Phillip. She reveals Tammy offered him money if he left his baby mama and his two children to be with her.

She explained: “Tammy offered Phillip money to leave his family in Las Vegas to move to god knows where with her and when he said no she started stalking our family just like she did jerry and his new girlfriend Tammy needs serious help.”

This 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive with Phillip Redmond’s baby mama paints a very different picture than what the show painted regarding both him and Jerry Sykes. His baby mama sent us several photos of herself with Phillip to prove she was who she said she was. She was happy to answer any of our questions. And, she was able to quickly provide lots of intricate details that contradict everything Tammy has said.

Phillip Gf 1000 lb sisters

Is Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters a liar? You have her ex-boyfriend Phillip’s side of the story now. You decide.

Let us know what you think about all of this in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on 1000-Lb. Sisters.


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  1. This ungrateful bitch is so nasty,lazy and disrespectful you actually see her jelousy and resentment just pouring out of her. If she values her little time left on this earth she should before she eats herself to death she would do a 180 on her view of

      1. I couldn’t agree with those comments more. It was so obvious that she was lying about Philip(and probably most other things too). She’s such a miserable person. And, while I feel badly for her(depression is awful) but since she does NOTHING to help herself. (Actually the opposite)it’s hard to pity her. Some people have health issues that they can’t do much about. She, however, cam do things to make her life better. She’s been offered a tremendous amount of help, more than most people. But she obviously doesn’t want to do the work. And it’s bad enough that she’s self destructive but the way she treats others is despicable. And calling Amy(and the rest of the fam) selfish pissed me off. She expects everyone to do whatver she wants. She won’t even use the wheelchair on her own. She makes others push her. She behaves like a big, fat, rude baby having a tantrum. She’s lucky that her fam still helps her. Most people would have told her to f××k off by now. Maybe if they did that, she’d be forced to get her act together. She refuses any type of therapy (mental or physical) . Most overweight people would love to get the help she’s offered but she basically spits in everyone’s face. Doesn’t she realize no doctor can do the work for her?! No one can do the exercises etc. She gives overweight people a bad name. She needs a huge wake up call, before it’s too late for her.

  2. I believe the baby mama 100%! Tammy is a self centered waste of space that needs a real swift in her big a$$! She’s so mean and rude . Gage is already more mature than she will ever be. GET OVER YOURSELF TAMMY! this world does NOT revolve around you ! If I was her family I wouldn’t put up with her shit! They still enable her as well.

  3. Oh! Hell Yeah She’s a LIAR. I’d LOVE to see TLC write her off PERMANENTLY! People are just DONE with her. She does NOTHING to help herself & personally I think she’s A BAD INFLUENCE on people who watch the show with her attitude. She has MANY issues & I don’t believe her brain has matured where she can rationalize between what’s reality & not!

  4. I called it. I always said Tammy is shady af!! I was also sus about her rehab stint. On her old tiktok she said she was never in rehab and not to believe the rumors. Lies! Then when she hooked up with Philip her behavior was crazy. I said she making shit up and creating stuff in her head. Her sister misty even stated such on the show. Tammy is a sociopathic liar. If she wasn’t so heavy she’d have her own show on Deadly women. Tammy is 100%psycho.

    1. I agree 100%! I said several times Tammy is a predator and goes online and look for her next male victims. Amy knew Tammy was lying the episode she’s on the side of the apartment putting her babe in the pool! She told Tammy if this goes bad its on you!! Misty wanted to bust his head they all should publicly apologize to the men seriously

  5. Why does the bm have to speak for a grown man? It’s hard to say , he knew a kiss or kisses were gonna happen and more. He stayed the weekend… He knew what was up. No amount of $$ would have anyone travel and not get down PERIODT

  6. There has to be some truth behind what Tammy is saying , now how much truth idk. As for Phillip well he wanted more fame ..there ya go buddy careful what you wish for

  7. ALL of these people are shady and looking for a paycheck. Tammy is filthy but then so is Ashley, she is a straight up rude bitch. The men, gimme a break, both of them and baby mama looking for a few mins of fame and a few bucks. Probably Ashley is getting her own show which will carry over to 1Ksisters and if baby mama can find someone to sign her she will get in there too. Fame Hogs!!!

  8. Tammy is verbally and emotionally abusive to all members of her Family. That is unacceptable. Tammy continues to act like a child, so treat her like one!!! It’s time that Tammy Slaton be made a ward of the State & the other Family members to go on with their lives. I’ve never been more disgusted than I have when watching Tammy ‘s behavior!

  9. Let’s not forget how Phillip said she was Funky as hell as well as that Nasty ass duplex?? I knew it was funky in there her and Amy is always Farting on that Sofa that shit needs to thrown out and BURNED to the ground 🙄And I knew she was paying these Men’s to come see her desperately Self?? I believe everything Phillip baby mama is saying 💯💯💯 Tammy should just keep a PENIS in her mouth at all times and I GURANTEE YOU that will keep her Happy 😊😁😂

  10. She is never gonna lose weight she is a party girl now LoL 🤣
    If she is doing dope drinking smoking I’m surprised TLC don’t drop her ass she ain’t nothing anymore no fun to watch I would rather watch her family an I think the family pic is gorgeous 🥰
    She thinks everyone owes her a living it’s pathetic . I’m gonna keep my comment clean cuz she urks me .
    Ps thanks to the journalist who writes this every week thanks , Kellylove 🤗

    1. Her family need to give her some real tough love!!! She really need to be off the show. She’s just spoiled need her butt whipped

  11. Yes Tammy Slaton is a liar. This woman needs to be held accountable for what she does and says. Does TLC pay her legal fees when she is sued. Tammy has a mental condition and TLC is making money off her. She should be removed from the show. She is a vulgar liar with the intelligent of a child. Call on TLC to stop putting this out there for the mighty buck. She needs to be hospitalized for her food addiction and phychotherapy for her mental issues.

  12. Believable Question is, why is TLC network putting this type of family/lifestyle on view for all to see. The gluttony, vulgarity and senseless disrespect to the family structure is condoned by TLC. Why is TLC network continuing on with tasteless series. We as viewers should speak up and let our voices be heard concerning such shows. What are we teaching our children? It is sad to think that a national television network is convincing so many others that “this” is the state of our existence. Is this the norm where it relates to our family home life.
    Mental illness, lack of self respect, and greed for money. Please share your thoughts.

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