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Tammy Slaton’s New Boyfriend Phillip Was Featured On ‘Dr. Phil’

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1000-Lb. Sisters isn’t Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend Phillip Redmond’s first time on television. Turns out, he’s been in front of the cameras before. Tammy’s new man was featured on an episode of Dr. Phil back in 2007. Why was Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend featured on Dr. Phil? What do we know about Phillip Redmond? Keep reading and we’ll spill all the juicy details.

Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend Phillip appeared on Dr. Phil 

Phillip Redmon, a.k.a. Tammy’s new man, appeared on Season 5, Episode 87 of Dr. Phil titled “Big Love” back in January of 2007. The episode focused on men who loved big, beautiful women. Phillip and his twin brother Paul were featured on a segment of the episode called “Bickering Brothers.”

According to the synopsis of the episode, Paul brought his twin brother Phillip on the show because his interest in plus-size women had created a rift between them. Paul insisted he couldn’t have a relationship with his twin brother so long as he continued to date plus-size women.

“I like bigger women. I like bellies, big breasts, thighs, big butts. Stretch marks are very sexy to me. My brother doesn’t like big women at all.” Phillip reveals.

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His brother Paul says: “I think that they stink. They look nasty to me. They have a lot of flabby stuff on their arms. They more like wobble than walk. Him dating fat girls embarrasses me, my family, my family name.”

Phillip explained that he doesn’t like to bring his girlfriends home to meet his family because of his brother Paul. He explained that Paul would poke fun at his girlfriends and make snarky comments. He added that if Paul had friends over they would join in the mockery.

The brothers explained that as Phillip got older the women he became interested in seemed to get bigger and bigger as well. Paul argued that he doesn’t know how Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend could be happy dating bigger women. He explained that a man wants to be able to hold his woman close. Watching his brother, he argues his brother can’t do that because of the “fat rolls” on his girlfriends.

1000 LB Sisters - Tammy Slaton Youtube
1000 LB Sisters – Tammy Slaton Youtube


Phillip’s brother won’t support him marrying a big woman

Turns out, if Tammy Slaton and her new boyfriend are engaged… His twin brother Paul will never support the marriage. In fact, Paul argues he really can’t have a relationship with his brother so long as he continues to date large women.

My brother would actually have to stop dating big women for us to have a normal relationship. I don’t want other people to say, ‘Hey, look at his fat sister-in-law.’ I am worried that his kids will come out fat. I need my brother to accept that I like what I like. I’m not going to change. If not, we’re going to have to go our separate ways.”

Tammy Slaton Instagram
Tammy Slaton Instagram

Dr. Phil puts Tammy’s new boyfriend and his twin brother in their place

Dr. Phil notes that in the grand scheme of things both Paul and Phillip have issues. He notes that it is just wrong for Paul to pass judgment on a woman simply because she’s overweight. He, however, argues that Phillip’s unwillingness to give a smaller woman the time of day is arguably just as judgmental. As far as the issue that brought them on the show is concerned. Dr. Phil notes that it is Phillip’s choice, right, and preference to date a larger woman. And, Paul can’t control or dictate that. He hopes the “lightbulb” will come on in the twin brother’s head to correct the situation and repair their relationship one day.

“The light bulb is hopefully going to come over your head at some point,” Dr. Phil says to Paul. Then, he turns his attention to Phillip to continue to speak.

You need to erect a boundary here. He does not have the right to judge you. He doesn’t have the right to judge your choices, and he doesn’t have the right to judge the women that you choose to be with. And if he violates that boundary, then you’re just simply going to have to take him out of that part of your life. Let me just go on record here saying in all candor, you’re just wrong. I would hope that you would at least try to be kind about it, and keep your thoughts to yourself. They’re entitled to at least treatment with dignity and respect and not being called names.”

Tammy Slaton - BB King Instagram

Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend will appear on Season 3

1000-Lb. Sisters fans are eager to meet Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend after she started speaking about him during last week’s episode of Season 3. The preview reasons that next week’s episode will finally introduce her new boyfriend Phillip to fans.

According to the preview, the introduction of Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend is NOT well-received by her family. Her family grows concerned Phillip Redmond is just another Jerry Sykes. And, they are quick to accuse him of being a feeder and an enabler.

1000 LB Sisters Tammy Slaton Youtube

1000-Lb. Sisters fans seem to agree dating isn’t in Tammy’s best interest right now. Fans argue that she needs to focus on her health and then find someone who wants to be with her for more than just a fetish.

Are you surprised to learn Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend Phillip already has TV experience? Do you agree that his twin brother Paul likely wouldn’t be very supportive of his decision to date Tammy Slaton? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on 1000-Lb. Sisters



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  1. It does not surprise me at all that Tammy’s new drug had been on T.V. Needing to add to his 15 minutes of fame! I think their relationship has gone bad perhaps, all of the comments from family,viewers.fans etc…has gotten to Tammy and put a strain in the two of them.Which I agree with everyone on Philip being a terrible influence! He wants T.V. time without a doubt..and who knows? The Slaton sisters have had their time of less than above board decisions using their “fame” and circumstances as a means to solicit money from their fans by lying about health issues! Sp, do you think Philip was trying to get Tammy to defraud fans/ folks out of their money or was/is he angry about them splitting up…not because me misses Tammy but, he won’t have any T.V.time! Class A loser! Now she has dumped him perhaps, she could be a “loser” too!

  2. Even Tammy’s head is twice as big as sleazy Phil’s, despite them having equally tiny brains. He is a nasty excuse for a human being with no qualms about helping a woman addicted to food kill herself. They both make me despair.

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