‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Exclusive: Jerry Sykes’ Truth, What Really Happened

Jerry Sykes - Tammy slaton

For this 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive, we sat down with someone who is connected to Jerry Sykes, his girlfriend, and Tammy Slaton. This individual reached out to us after we sat down with the mother of Phillip Redmond’s children. Our source appreciated Phillip Redmond’s side of the story getting told, but they thought Jerry Sykes deserved to have his side of the story told as well. Turns out, his story isn’t THAT different from Phillip Redmond’s.

jerry sykes - tammy slaton
jerry sykes – tammy slaton


Jerry Sykes is NOT a feeder

Our source tells us that Jerry Sykes — like Phillip — has an interest in BBW women. But, he is NOT a feeder despite the show portraying him as such. Jerry Sykes did bring Tammy Slaton food that she was not supposed to have per her diet. He, however, was not feeding or enabling her. We have multiple sources that have told us Tammy Slaton becomes aggressive and violent when she does not get her way.

This source tells us that Jerry only brought Tammy food she wasn’t allowed to have after she pressured him into doing so. Tammy’s sister Amy Halterman has admitted to doing the same during this season of the series. Speaking on the phone to Chris Combs, Amy Halterman explains it is just easier to give Tammy the food she wants than to deal with the fit she throws when she doesn’t get her way.

jerry sykes - chris combs - tammy slaton


1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive: He regrets going on this show

Tammy Slaton allegedly tricks men into going on the show with her and being her boyfriend because she’s lonely. Our source claims she’s extremely jealous of Amy Halterman’s marriage to Michael. Her jealously only grew more intense when Amy had her son Gage. Gage divided Amy’s attention and made it to where she couldn’t care for her and be there for her as much. Tammy Slaton wasn’t happy about that.

Tammy is a liar she lied on Phillip repeatedly the same way she lied on Jerry she wanted Jerry to leave his family for her because she knows her family is tired of taking care of her NOW fast forward to the day Tammy is still on a wrath of destruction Jerry is embarrassed and totally regrets knowing this woman and doing that damn show that she tricked him into doing she gets these men on this show just to bash them without thinking of the aftermath that will be for them like threats and non stop harassment and her family is sad because before all this sh*t happen they were nice to Jerry now he this monster for ratings on that trashy ass show.”

1000 lb sisters jerry Sykes

Tammy Slaton continues to harass Jerry

We asked our source if Tammy Slaton still has contact with Jerry. More specifically, we wanted to know if the harassment continued after Tammy “got with” Phillip.

Yes she 100% was still harassing Jerry when she moved on to Phillip she would call him and hang up and Jerry knew it was her he even would answer and say ‘Tammy I know this is you’ he had to get his number changed.”

Jerry Sykes did file a police report against Tammy Slaton after she set his things on fire on television. Our source notes Tammy only agreed to set his things on fire after he refused to return for Season 3.

Our source continued: “it was determined that Philip did not agree do the show because Tammy knew he was engaged when she find out she started begging Jerry to come back on the show because really Tammy pays these men to do the show because she is jealous of Amy and her marriage begin shown on the show and how it portrays her as this lonely overweight woman this is why Tammy seeks men and women online.”

Jerry Sykes - Tammy Slaton 0

1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive: Both TLC and Tammy pay these men

1000-Lb. Sisters viewers always assumed the boyfriends of Tammy got paid by the network to be on the show. Our source confirmed not only does TLC pay them to be on the show, but Tammy pays them to be her boyfriend.

“TLC does pay the men $1500 and Tammy also pays them $1000,” the source clarified.

Tammy definitely paid Philip almost all her damn season 3 check but Jerry never took no money from Tammy the network paid him for begin there.”

Jerry Sykes - Phillip Redmond

Jerry Sykes loved Tammy and her family

We recalled when Jerry Sykes met Amy Halterman’s son Gage for the first time. 1000-Lb. Sisters viewers noticed Jerry seemed more excited to meet the baby. Fans actually thought Tammy Slaton was acting jealous of the baby. Our source shed some light on this as well.

yes Jerry loved the baby and Tammy family until they recently started turning on him in the new season because despite how the break up happen Jerry still had major love and some what respect for Tammy and her family and he wanted the best for her and Tammy admitted that she did not like her nephew because he took Amy away from her and her needs.”

1000-LB Sisters Tammy on Jerry Sykes
Jerry Sykes | Instagram

Our source continued: “Tammy family has constantly attacked Jerry especially now calling him a feeder when they know how Tammy is when stuff isn’t her way she literally calls the local cops on them which she admitted on the show she calls the cops on them if they don’t get her what she wants when she wants and yeah the sisters definitely threaten to attack Philip and his family which the idiots admitted it on tv smh.”

Tammy Slaton - Jerry Sykes

As we’ve previously reported, viewers really HATED Jerry Sykes. The series painted him in a terrible light. Our source tells us that is very unfortunate because he is a sweet guy that cared very deeply for Tammy and her family.

Are you shocked by the details of Jerry Sykes’ truth? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on this 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive. And, keep coming back for the latest tea on this TLC series.

Disclaimer: TvShowsAce has several different sources connected to 1000-Lb. Sisters. We’ve spoken to Phillip Redmond’s baby mama, we’ve spoken to a friend of Jerry Syke’s current girlfriend, we’ve spoken to a few people who prefer to stay anonymous, and we’ve even exchanged a couple of emails with Amy Halterman (keep in mind Amy only reaches out/answers questions in off seasons and she’s very careful NOT to violate her contract with TLC). TvShowsAce does NOT pay sources for information. They reach out/come forward/answer questions because they believe the other side of the story has a right to be made public. Anonymous sources aren’t revealed for their own safety and privacy, but they are vetted beforehand. 

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  1. More and more TLC channel really sound like it has gone roge. Rating is what it going for.All the wrong reason,They new about the Duggers and what was going on but they still gave them a sho, how could u?these were baby he did this to. Now u want to make Jerry on 1000 pounds sis look bad was it because he was BLACK! Something u lack on this channel shame, shame ,

    1. You have ZERO reason to say they wanted to make him look bad because he was black. Quit with the race card, it’s been DECLINED because it’s long since expired.

      He made himself look bad by slurping all over that disgusting blob of fat.

  2. I think Tammy is a big liar I think she lies about the boyfriends and the girlfriends she says she’s had I think she just wants to make herself look like somebody wants her and there is somebody out here for everybody don’t get me wrong but Tammy is rude and unappreciative to anybody that’s trying to help her everything Tammy is doing is for the ratings for the show I don’t believe any of it anymore…Army need to move away for Tammy and she needs to be put in a assistant living.

  3. These is sad Jerry is a Good man raise by a godly mom n dad God bless you n family kiss pops for me pops serve in military can we please get him some assistance from the people for his dad that served this country he deserves a metal Mr Baxter my hightes honor to your family nothing but love for you n yours thank you for your service sincerely Theresa Ler

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