‘1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive:’ Hush Money Bombshell, Who Did TLC Silence?

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In our latest 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive, a hush money bombshell has been dropped on us. Turns out, TLC paid to silence someone. What did this person know that TLC didn’t want viewers to know? And, who was it that TLC silenced? We’ve got the inside scoop!

1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive: Hush money bombshell dropped

Shortly after Season 2 of 1000-Lb. Sisters ended, a rumor swirled that Tammy Slaton became violent with a member of the staff at the rehab center she was staying at. The rumor claimed Tammy was kicked out of the facility after striking a member of the staff. The rumor even alleged a family member of this staff member was going around Facebook fan groups for the show and confirming this actually happened.

Tammy Slaton

Now, Tammy Slaton went on social media and laughed off the rumor. She told 1000-Lb. Sisters fans not to believe everything they hear about her. And, she insisted it wasn’t true. Tammy Slaton clarified she would absolutely hit her family members. But, she would never hit someone who wasn’t related to her.

TvShowsAce has had several different sources come forward to confirm Tammy Slaton did hit a nurse while she was at the rehab center for food addiction. Our sources tell us this happened and it was a huge factor in why she was kicked out of the facility. Turns out, Tammy Slaton was aggressive and uncompliant with staff during her stay at the facility. She reportedly became violent with staff when they took her blood pressure, drew her blood, or tried to get her to do things she didn’t want to do.

The facility was not happy with how difficult of a resident Tammy was. And, they did not care for having cameras inside of their walls. So, Tammy Slaton physically hitting one of their nurses was the last straw.

Tammy Slaton From Youtube
Tammy Slaton From Youtube

Tammy Slaton booted, TLC silenced the nurse

Our source tells us the whole storyline involving Tammy Slaton calling her family to come and get her was made up by TLC. The facility kicked Tammy out. Not wanting the other side of this story to get out, our source confirms TLC paid the nurse hush money not to go public with the fact that Tammy hit them.

Several of our sources have told us that TLC urges Tammy Slaton to control herself and her temper. But, the network also does nothing about the way she treats people and is quick to reshape the story to paint her as more of the victim as opposed to the bad guy.

Tammy Slaton from TLC

Did you catch the rumor that Tammy Slaton got removed from rehab for hitting a nurse? Did you believe Tammy when she said the rumor was not true? Share your thoughts on this 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest tea on this TLC series.

Disclaimer: TvShowsAce has several different sources connected to 1000-Lb. Sisters. We’ve spoken to Phillip Redmond’s baby mama, we’ve spoke to a friend of Jerry Syke’s current girlfriend Ashley, we’ve spoken to a few people who prefer to stay anonymous, and we’ve even exchanged a couple of emails with Amy Halterman (keep in mind Amy only reaches out/answers questions in off seasons and she’s very careful NOT to violate her contract with TLC). TvShowsAce does NOT pay sources for information. They reach out/come forward/answer questions because they believe the other side of the story has a right to be made public. Anonymous sources aren’t revealed for their own safety and privacy, but they are vetted beforehand. 

Allie Johnson


  1. I don’t doubt it one bit that Tammy struck a nurse she’s just down right NASTY. She’s far from being a victim. She’s got a violent temper you can see how she balls upper fists from time to time. Amy needs to keep Gage away from her before she hurts him.

  2. I’m absolutely sure she was very disrespectful to medical staff who were trying to help her! They are only doing their job, and Tammy has no idea how hard it is to hold down a job. That’s probably why she doesn’t want to lose weight. She may actually have to support herself!!

  3. I am a CNA and HCA and have worked with peole of all types for 40 plus years! In order to work with certain populations you are require to take trainings to better work and care for these people. One of the trainings i took was Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. It was training to help you deescalate and potentially diffuse a violent situation before or during and post incident. The key point was keep your distance to a client within arms length if you are unaware of their background make sure you are not to close to that person and if they voice they would hit or touch you in any way…believe them and make note of the threat! The fact that Tammy had a past of violence that should have been made known to the staff at the Rehab in addition to TLCs crew being at risk…what about the camera crew…We all know how pissed she gets. I’ve seen her ball her fists and grit her teeth and stomp her feet! she is a danger to herself and others! She is delusional as well I saw am episode where she went outside to make a YouTube video to rant and rave about what pieces of crap Am and Michael were being lazy pieces of garbage shit and became enraged when she had to stop the rant to ask them to wait for her to finish bashing them to give them her order for food they were going to fetch for her! She is bat shit crazy!

  4. Tammy is an ungrateful bitch! She needs to be left on her own to provide for her own needs. How quickly would she lose weight if she actually had to do things on her own?! If she actually had to fix her own food, take care of her own personal hygiene, etc? She is coddled way too much and she has become entitled and for some reason thinks all of this is owed to her! These men online don’t care about her… It’s all sexual for them. She is mistaking sex for love!

    If she was left on her own for a week or 2, I think her attitude would completely change!

  5. Honestly, she needs to be institutionalized until she gets a grip on her behavior. She is a problem for all around her and bullies Any into taking care of her. Until the family backs away and she is in a place that makes her do the right thing, it will never get better.

  6. TLC should be ashamed of itself. Tammy has been getting away with her behavior since she was very young. Her brother and sisters are all fat and they are going to keep Tammy the largest so their own fatness doesn’t matter. This is the most ignorant and dysfunctional family I’ve seen. American soldiers are preparing to die for these people. GOD bless America.

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