Tammy Slaton Channels Sexy Princess Leia Vibes: ’I’m Out Of Control’

Tammy Slaton

How is Queen Tammy riding out the winter storm this week? Well, she’s on TikTok, of course. In her latest video, Tammy summons her best sexy Leia vibes and serenades her fans telling them she’s lost control. Who or what is Tammy Slaton singing about this time? Read on to get the details about the celebs latest social media antics.

Tammy Slaton Still In Assisted Care Facility

While no one knows all the details behind her lengthy stay, Tammy still holds that she is recovering from a severe case of carbon dioxide poisoning. In the celeb’s recent social media videos, she has told fans on multiple occasions that she is not in the hospital but rather in a long-term care facility. She says that she is close enough to receive emergency care if needed but has a bit more privacy and freedom than she would as an admitted hospital patient.

While Tammy is on the mend, she obviously has a lot of free time on her hands. Fortunately for her fans, Tammy Slaton has leaned hard into her hobby of growing her social media presence. The celeb is very active on the short content site, TikTok, where she regularly makes and shares videos with her fans.

Tammy Slaton TLC
Photo Credit: TLC

Tammy Summons Sexy Princess Leia

In her most recent vid, Tammy Slaton is sitting near a window with bright sunshine streaming in. The surroundings are much different than fans normally see, and it appears to be more of a common area or activity room. With her walker in the background, Tammy focuses the camera above her at a downward angle, showing off her latest hair experiment. Today the 640+ pound celeb is rocking her best Princess Leia buns. With the addition of a bright blue shirt and a fun bubble heart filter constantly moving around her face, Tammy launches into an off-beat lipsync performance of Wynona Judd’s, “No One Else On Earth,” a hit from 1992.

Tammy Slaton mouths the words to the country diva’s hit song, using her face to emphasize the song’s exuberance. Fans giggled in the comment section, as Tammy rocked her head back and forth, and as the song reached the chorus energetically mouths the words “I’m out of control!” She closed out the clip by striking some of her best ‘sexy faces,’ and looking up at the camera hungrily.


♬ No One Else On Earth – Wynonna Judd

Fans React to Tammy Slaton’s Latest Video

As usual, viewers in the comment section had a lot to say about “Queen Tammy” and her latest video snippet. Fans of the TLC star had their usual questions about her health and when she would be coming home.

Other fans were concerned that Tammy had time to make ridiculous videos when she should be exercising. One even requested that she have the nurses film her workouts so that fans can see her progress. In response, another fan replied, “She would have to do them in order to film them.” A third jumped into the conversation asking which imaginary progress they were referring to.

Tammy Slaton TLC
Photo Credit: TLC

“Which progress,” the viewer asked, “with gaining more weight and getting a nastier attitude toward ppl who tries to help her?”

The video was posted early Saturday. Currently, the clip has more than 8k likes and 1752 comments.

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You can watch the new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday night on TLC.

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