Tammy Slaton Says Her ‘Other Lips’ Are Beautiful & Worth Seeing

1000-Lb Sisters StarTammy Slaton is the Queen of shocking fans with her strange,  sometimes defiant behavior. Last week, the celeb shared a short TikTok telling followers that her ‘other lips’ are beautiful and worth seeing. Find out what her shocked followers had to say by Tammy’s carnally forward display.

Tammy Invites Fans To Check Out Her ‘Other Lips’

On Wednesday, Queen Tammy Slaton took to TikTok sharing a fun and quirky video of herself lip-syncing the words to a trending audio clip. In the video, Tammy is wearing a black hoodie with a skeleton on the front, her trach is clearly visible under her chin. With her face close to the screen, the audio begins to play. “Damn Girl, you got some beautiful lips,” the audio says. Tammy gives her best sexy pucker and with the audio mouths the words “you should see the other ones.” In the audio, the first voice reacts with an audibly stunned, “HUH?”

While the clip is super short, the rolling comment section certainly is not. Over the last few days, the video has received nearly 1200 comments from viewers on Tik Tok. While many of Tammy’s supporters piped in for support, the majority of the comments were from people wishing they hadn’t seen it.

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“This is The Video God Chose”

Shortly after going live, the comment section exploded.  Fans and critics alike all had something to say about the video, though it is clear that the majority of the comments were expressed shock, disgust, and disbelief that Tammy can even “find her other lips.”

“When was the last time you seen the other ones,” one viewer questioned.

Gurl I’m early for the first time in my life and this was the one god chose,” wrote another. 

Another quipped that she’d likely only be able to see them with the assistance of  “10lbs of flour and a bumper jack or two.”

Several inquired whether she had even seen them in the last 20 years. Others claimed the thought of Tammy Slaton’s “Flaps” repulsed them to no end.

One commented simply shook their head, commenting “No Tammy, No.”

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What Has Tammy Slaton Been Up To?

Besides making suggestive TikTok videos about her lady lips, Tammy Slaton is still receiving treatment at an in-patient facility. Due to her being in a “hospital bed” over the last month or so, fans have wonder whether she is in rehab or back in the hospital. Just a few weeks ago, Tammy told fans that she is not in the hospital. According to her, however, she has also not been discharged.

When speaking about her location, the celeb used air quotes in regards to the word “hospital” which gave fans a lot of pause to wonder if it was instead a rehab facility. Others believe that it is more like an extended care facility.  This type of facility is similar to a nursing home but not meant to be permanent.


♬ Lips – 😵‍💫Dizzie Locz👑

In her videos, Tammy is typically wearing her everyday clothes. She also has the ability to get up and move around, which can be seen in several of her videos where she is standing and mimicking low movement dances.

While the timelines surrounding Tammy’s medical issues are confusing, it seems she is still recovering from carbon dioxide poisoning. The care facility may be serving as an interim option. This would allow her to have access to professional care while her lungs strengthen back up.

Despite not being back to 100 percent, Tammy Slaton still seems to be as spunky as ever and is regularly posting her humorous, sass-filled videos on TikTok – which seems to be keeping her spirits lifted and her time occupied. Unfortunately, all this extra free time might mean she lands in a BBW chat room soon and finds herself a new man.
You can catch the next new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday night on TLC.

Nikki Desrosiers


    1. Come on people please be kind and stop bullying this poor woman, what are you 5yo? That’s not very adult like, grow up the world isn’t always fair or just. What if you were in her situation?

    1. Lol! Right????!!!! I don’t even think she could get a mirror to see. Must be them BBW boys takin pics! Gag!

    2. Oh dear Lord! I just threw up in my throat!!! What In the world is wrong with this woman!? That is so disgusting to even imagine that! She sure wasn’t raised to be a lady. I think her boyfriends in BBW chats is boosting her ego. I just can’t stand even looking at her!!

    1. Agree, this is too far even for Tammy! BUT I’m more afraid of the smell! I doubt a shower is part of her daily routine, and I’m not even trying to be rude. I’m barely over the fact that she brushes her teeth once every couple of weeks…and now this! She refuses to stand up so I can’t imagine personal hygiene is a priority. That comment should have never come out of her “lips”! 🤐 How can I un-read this?

  1. Oh my!! Can you imagine getting downwind of that!! If folks would just ignore her completely, perhaps she’d stop the attention getting shenanigans.Just the thought makes me physically ill.

  2. Oh dear Lord! I just threw up in my throat!!! What In the world is wrong with this woman!? That is so disgusting to even imagine that! She sure wasn’t raised to be a lady. I think her boyfriends in BBW chats is boosting her ego. I just can’t stand even looking at her!!

  3. & I’d venture to say she’s never seen a gynecologist! Because if she only “tries brushing her teeth,” twice a week, I can’t imagine what the snatch looks or smells like…hahahahaha

    1. Can you imagine that?Tammy’s legs don’t separate until the ankles. There is no fresh air getting to her private parts. Areas like this develop sores, rashes which cause severe odor.

    2. That is heinously repulsive and a pretty vulgar thing to say. It is very much too much information that I don’t think anyone wants to know just to be honest. Keep it to yourself. We want to keep our food down and not lose our lunch. Nasty!

  4. This is so sad,I give Tammy’s sister and brother so much credit for themselves, and especially with dealing Tammy who is mentally challenged, this would be horrible for anyone to deal with, god help them😔

  5. You people are so ignorant and mean ! Obviously if she was level headed, this wouldn’t be happening! She’s mentally challenged! she needs to be put in a hospital! She needs a medical staff to take of her!

  6. Tammy is so vulgar.Her and her family calling each other b****** is too much. She has no respect for herself or others around her. This is getting to be to ronchy for family tv. God needs to take control of her before the devil destroys her

    1. She is DISGUSTING!! Sure she can’t get past all the fat to see anything and probably can’t wash or wipe herself. Who does? And, these guys!! Perverted!!

  7. Tammy really needs help! There’s nothing funny about this. She really needs to be put in a home where she is cared for and made to eat right. I truly hope this happens for her sake!

  8. The sisters are both disgusting. Amy has a girding problem and you can see a cockroach running up her wall. Tammy is so gross and self destructive. She has no intention of stopping her eating. At least Amy has worked on her weight. The whole family should step away from Tammy so maybe she will do something for herself and burn some calories. Yuck to the show.

  9. Tammy Slatons vulgrarity is gross I admit. If I had to place my bets I would say she is suffering of some sexual injustice done to her as a child. Children who suffered sexual abuse or adults act out sexually. She seems to be stunted mentally to that of a 12 year old girl. She needs to see a phychiatrust ASAP.

  10. I loved this show at first. Now I’m not sure why I’m still watching. It’s hard for me to even look at Tammy. I’m not a Doctor, but I don’t even see how she is still alive. Amy looks like she is heavier now than before she had the surgery. I feel sorry for the beautiful baby boy.

    1. Why feel sorry for the baby? I’ve seen any be a good mother and trying to change her ways for her son like get help with cleaning moving to a new home you can see how much love she had for him and is trying her best to change for her son these girls I think had a very terrible childhood I don’t feel there’s much hope for Tammy but Amy really does try

  11. Tammy needs to stay in a facility to take care of her. She’s oxygen dependent with a trach no less! God knows what skin issues she has!! She’s got more health issues than we can imagine. I hope she stays there so she’s not a burden to Amy anymore! Amy needs to focus on her own life with her loving husband and adorable baby.

  12. Tammy has now gone too far. How disgusting. Amy and Chris are at least trying to lose weight. And are both sweet people. No they shouldn’t call each other b______s but that seems to be the worst of it. And Tammy yelling and pouting. And Tammy giving up. But she hasn’t given up on “love”. And love is NOT sex. I had been rooting for Tammy but if she stays vulgar and mean too, may have to quit watching.

  13. Tammy’s just a “DISGUSTING PIG 🐖.” Even PORKY PIG 🐖 would never say anything so perverted. I wouldn’t trust her with Amy’s dog.

  14. Her Mother is to BLAME for how these women turned out! Tammy is uneducated, morbidly, morbidly obese. She has the mentality of a 10 year-old! I agree with the fact that she was SEXUALLY ABUSED as a child, NO DOUBT ABUSED in other ways, but it’s NO EXCUSE for the way she TREATS the people that are TRYING TO HELP her! She’s DISGUSTING & the reason she does what she does is for ATTENTION! She thinks that doing what she does is FUNNY! Amy & Chris NEED to move on with their lives. The only thing that can help Tammy is Tammy herself & she has ZERO interest in doing so! This NASTY BITCH NEEDS to be put in her PLACE once & for all! I’d LOVE to see her pull that SHIT on me! I can ASSURE you it would be the 1st & LAST time she’d EVER DO IT AGAIN TO ANYBODY! TAKE HER CELL PHONE AWAY, TAKE ALL THE JUNK FOOD AWAY FROM HER, & what does she have left! HERSELF. Trust me you take away that cell phone, she’ll HAVE to get up & take care of herself because there’d be NO ONE she can call to come over & wipe her FAT ASS & GET FAST FOOD! I’d MAKE sure her refrigerator would be STOCKED with HEALTHY food choices 1st. Then off I’d go! Oh I would get a hold of ALL the local food places in the area & tell them NOT to deliver ANY food to her address. There contributing to her killing herself with food! A restaurant can REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE! If by some chance she got a hold of another cell phone or laptop & contacted them all they”d have to say is that they CAN’T DELIVER TO THAT ADDRESS & give the reason they DON’T WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO HER EATING HERSELF TO DEATH! & then HANG UP the phone! Let her get as PISSED OFF AS SHE WANTS then maybe just maybe she’ll get off her WHALE ASS & DO SOMETHING FOR HERSELF for the 1st time in her life!!!!!……Just Saying

    1. Leave this poor woman alone, what if you were in her situation? As long as she’s happy who she is that’s all that matters. We don’t know what’s going on in her life so grow up and act like an adult not a bully.

  15. Honestly I can’t believe these comments… y’all should be ashamed of yourselves!! Y’all talking about god and then say that stuff about this woman. Yeah maybe she shouldn’t of said that but that doesn’t gives people an excuse to say such horrible things. If this is how people that follow “god(s)” act than I’m glad my husband and I choose not to let our kids participate in religion.

  16. I wish you people could understand
    you are dealing with a demon pissed woman. She needs Jesus and Jesus only. Help her in the right way pray for her deliverance, it has become very important to her very existence and to remain mentally stable- remember WWJD?

  17. Possibly get her jaw wired shut. She would only be able to suck liquids through a straw. Get her a big dog to walk with. The dog would kinda pull her into a walk. Give her a job she can do from home. Anything positive will help. She needs positive reinforcement. You all are far from perfect. Maybe her lips do look pretty.

    1. When your mouth is wired shut somebody must be with you 24/7 in case choking to unwired it in event of choking etc.

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