Tammy Slaton Carbon Dioxide Poisoning: Did She Attempt Suicide?

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Tammy Slaton hospitalized with carbon dioxide poisoning has 1000-Lb. Sisters fans asking one simple question: did she attempt suicide? As we previously reported, it was about 24 hours ago that Tammy Slaton started posting videos of herself from a hospital bed on TikTok. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans quickly noticed she had a trach in her throat. And, they wondered what was wrong.

Turns out, Tammy Slaton was hospitalized and placed on life support. She received a tracheostomy and she was septic. She explained that it was carbon dioxide poisoning that landed her in the hospital to begin with. Now, Tammy explained that she had a mental breakdown months ago and wasn’t herself. This in combination with the carbon dioxide poisoning had some fans wondering if Tammy Slaton tried to commit suicide. Did she try to kill herself?

Tammy Slaton Tik Tok

Has Tammy Slaton tried to commit suicide before?

As we reported back in February of this year, Tammy Slaton has tried to commit suicide once before. January of 2018 was when Tammy tried to end her life. The 1000-Lb. Sisters star was overwhelmed by her health and her weight struggles. So, she tried to end it all.

Fortunately for fans of the TLC star, she was not successful. As we reported back in February, this was the one and only time she had ever reportedly tried to end her life. This was true despite the numerous rumors floating around over the years that Tammy Slaton was dead.

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Carbon dioxide poisoning: Another suicide attempt?

With Tammy Slaton being hospitalized for carbon dioxide poisoning, some 1000-Lb. Sisters fans wonder if she may have tried to commit suicide again. Was this another attempt to end her life?

Fortunately, we at TvShowsAce are relatively sure this was not another suicide attempt. As we reported earlier today regarding her hospitalization, carbon dioxide poisoning and carbon monoxide poisoning are NOT the same thing. Carbon monoxide poisoning is what a person typically suffers from when they try to end their life via car exhaust fumes.

Tammy Slaton Tik Tok
Tammy Slaton TikTok

Carbon dioxide poisoning, on the other hand, is not as common. Though it is a problem that individuals struggling with obesity can sometimes face because their lungs do not clear the carbon dioxide back out as well as someone who isn’t overweight.

1000 LB Sisters - Tammy Slaton Youtube
1000 LB Sisters – Tammy Slaton Youtube

While 1000-Lb. Sisters fans how this hospitalization was a wake-up call for Tammy Slaton, they can rest easy knowing this was not a suicide attempt. Did you think carbon dioxide poisoning meant Tammy Slaton tried to end her life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC star.

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  1. I see Tammy Slaton, and Her lack of motivation, and know that she is cliniquely depressed. she needs to be given a hand up on any part of her weight loss journey. this perhaps should be a long care facility, with NO leaving until several hundred pounds are gone. she tantrums should be ignored. she seems mentally incapable to take control of her own care. in Canada, if you are a harm to yourself, you are put on a form, until you comply to the life style which is healthy.
    for Tammy she has a long way to prove that she is not trying to prove herself

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