Tammy Slaton Floods Instagram With Selfies: Has Anything Changed?

Tammy Slaton Instagram

After a week of silence, 1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton flooded Instagram with tons of selfies. Fans of the TLC personality, however, had one simple question: Has anything really changed?

Tammy Slaton floods Instagram, tons of selfies

Roughly six hours, Tammy Slaton took to Instagram THREE different times to post over a dozen selfies. These photos were all close shots that revealed nothing more than her face. Unfortunately for those who believed she was off the oxygen, she was rocking her oxygen.

A few of the photos featured the TLC star rocking a half-smile. But, most of the photos featured her with pretty unhappy-looking expressions on her face.

1000 Lb Sisters - Tammy Slaton - Youtube
1000 Lb Sisters – Tammy Slaton – Youtube

Now, fans will recall Tammy Slaton had some weird Instagram activity not too long ago. She changed her display name before changing it back. She also wiped her profile clean of all pictures she had posted. Fans had all sorts of theories on why this happened. Some noted she was just giving up. Others thought she was reinventing herself. There were even some who speculated she might’ve violated her NDA with TNT and just wiped all of her pictures so she didn’t call too much attention to the ones she was forced to delete.

Unfortunately, Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters hasn’t had much to say on Instagram as of late. While she’s started posting selfies once a week… Her selfies rarely come with any sort of caption. So, fans are forced to draw their own conclusions.

Both Tammy and her sister Amy have a pretty bad track record for dropping spoilers for the TLC series. There have been times where the sisters flat out told fans they couldn’t answer questions to avoid saying something they weren’t allowed to say. Tammy Slaton’s bizarre social media activity could be because Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters is coming out soon. But, that is also just speculation.

Tammy Slaton Instagram
Tammy Slaton Instagram

Has anything changed regarding her weight?

1000-Lb. Sisters fans are not too happy to see this parade of selfies from Tammy Slaton. Most agree she doesn’t appear to have lost any weight in any of these photos. It, however, is worth mentioning she is pretty wide-eyed in most of these photos. And, this was something the fat socket on her forehead prevented her from doing. So, it does appear as if she’s lost some weight in her face.

Fans, however, remain disgusted to see she’s still using oxygen. Do you think this social media activity is just to hide her weight loss progress? Or, do you think Tammy Slaton has fallen off the wagon completely? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on these TLC sisters.

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