Savage ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Unearth Old Tammy Slaton Singing Video

Earlier this week, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans were definitely getting an earful of interesting when an old video of Tammy Slaton singing made its way into a Reddit thread. Many fans flocked to the feed, hoping Tammy would have an angelic singing voice that might redeem her negative personality. Despite being only five minutes, fans were absolutely stunned, and they certainly did not hold back when it came to their opinions. Was Tammy’s voice a sweet gift from the heavens? Read on to find out what fans are saying about the elusive pre-fame clip.

Fans Find A Hidden Gem Online

Over the weekend, a fan of the hit TLC show  1000-Lb. Sisters found a rare video of Tammy Slaton that has yet to be seen by the public. Viewers flocked to the Reddit thread, eager to catch a glipse of the reality star long before she was famous. The clip pre-dates the start of the show, and features a younger Tammy Slaton singing an excerpt from Christina Aguilera’s 1998 hit, “Reflection.”

1000 LB Sisters Tammy Slaton Instagram
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The video is only 8 seconds, during which Tammy begins by looking into the camera singing and turning away from the camera “dramatically” as the song moves forward. Because of where the clip begins, it’s hard to tell if Tammy herself trimmed the clip before posting it or if the Reddit OP clipped it themselves.

“I had to hear it, so you do too. Tammy pre-‘fame’ singing antics,” wrote the contributor on the post.

Fans React To Tammy Slaton’s Vocal Performance

Since the video has been posted, hundreds of fans have commented on the video. Unfortunately for Tammy Slaton, her harsh critics didn’t feel that she did the Christina Aguilera version any justice. In fact, several commenters took to comparing her voice to things like angry cats and barnyard animals.

Others were just confused as to why she would post it, adding that even if she had a better voice, she’d never be able to walk up the stairs to get to the stage much less make it through a whole song without passing out.

“She sounds like a cat in heat moaning because there’s a wet mattress on top of it,” wrote one user.

“I refuse to put the volume on, not something I need in my life right now,” said another

One woman even commented that the noises were scaring her cat, who was normally oblivious to everything, including the sound of other cats.

I had to hear it, so you do too. Tammy pre-“fame” singing antics
by u/Mountain-Bug-4865 in 1000lbsisters

The Reviews Weren’t All Bad  – Only Mostly

While the majority of commenters on the Reddit post were people stating that Tammy’s singing voice was “as garish as her forhead lump,” not everyone who found the video thought she was terrible. In fact, there were a lot of viewers, who were mostly in the middle. Many felt that Tammy Slaton’s singing wasn’t great – but it wasn’t terrible either. Some fans were encouraging and told her to keep working at it. Others said she looked like she was enjoying herself. Some even said that they had heard worse.

Many Tammy supporters encouraged her to keep singing, calling it a great exercise to help get her lung strength back up.

Unfortunately, while there were a few people out there who loved and supported Tammy’s effort the consensus was, “It’s a no for me, Dawg.”

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Nikki Desrosiers


  1. She has a great voice! She definitely has potential, she just has to believe in herself. People should stop being haters and trying to tear her down.

  2. She can sing the way she wants. It’s good . everyone Singing is different.she trying let’s support her . and not judge.we all are different and special.lets be kind to one another.there is enough hate in the world.stay bless everyone good luck Tammy.

  3. I’m surprised her family did support her in everyway but it’s hard on my side to do so the way she is been rude if they try to help her

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