‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Praise Chris Combs On ‘Keeping It Real’

Chris Combs 1000-LB Sisters from Youtube

Season 3 of 1000-LB sisters has a new episode tonight and fans seem to already be getting excited for what is going on. One of those things of course is Chris Combs keeping it really with Tammy Slaton as she goes on about her boyfriend troubles. Keep reading to find out what fans are saying about Chris.

1000-LB Sisters Chris gets praise

As previously reported by TVShowsAce.com, Chris Combs is not listening to any more of Tammy Slaton’s excuses on 1000-LB Sisters. He went off on Tammy in the new episode telling her that she needs to move on from her alleged ex-boyfriend, Philip.

Tammy claims Philip is threatening her to which Chris responds saying:

“Change your number and move,” he  starts. “I understand big girls need love, too, but get it from somebody that truly loves you. Don’t get it from somebody that’s got a fetish.”

It honestly seems like Chris is just over listening to Tammy’s excuses – just like everyone else. Tammy has only continued to gain weight while her family works to make her healthy again. It seems Chris has likely reached his breaking point. Because of his sterness with her, he is getting some praise from fans on Instagram.

Chris Combs 1000-LB Sisters from Youtube
Chris Combs | Youtube

“Man one I love the brother he keeps it real,” the user starts including a clapping emoji. “Second Tammy seems like she’s using that as a excuse to eat whatever, but I think she’s lying about the situation…Post the receipts ma’am.”

Someone else responds in agreement. “Me too honestly.”

Not everyone is impressed

While some fans are excited with how Chris is finally trying to put Tammy into her place, other fans don’t seem to like Chris too much because of his treatment of Amy.

“I think Tammy will use any excuse especially using covid as an excuse for gaining 50 lbs. She said she couldn’t leave the house…however she didn’t leave the house for 6 years. I don’t like Chris. I don’t like how he treats Amy and the things he says about her. Maybe he should take Tammy in for a while and see how that goes for him.”

Sometimes it does seem Chris can be a bit tough on Amy for how she enables Tammy Slaton. However, Amy has explained herself many times. Taking care of such a demanding person all the time while also being a mom to a baby has to be difficult.

Are you watching 1000-LB Sisters this season? What do you think of Chris and Tammy right now? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on your favorite TLC stars.

Haley Cook


  1. I just have one thing to say I like Amy and tammy.But How can you help someone who doesn’t even want to try? She needs to help herself before anyone can help Tammy.

  2. I think Chris needs to keep it real with Tammy. It’s got be embarrassing for him when they go to the Dr together and Tammy always has a poor excuse for not losing the weight. I think Tammy has no intentions of losing weight. She’s just in this for the money they make from the show and the noteriety(so called fame). And as for Amy, she needs to be a good sister but let Tammy take care of herself. Amy is damned if you do and damned if you don’t with her family. She needs to take herself out of Tammy’s care and take care of her own family. Tammy knows what she has to do. The Dr spelled it all out for her. You can lead a horse to water BUT………

  3. All tammy does is make excuses about how she can’t diet and exercise. Doesn’t matter what you say, tammy will find a way not to do it. She thinks she’s sexy and cute when in reality she’s just an obese miserable bitch who will go with anyone that looks at her twice. How many excuses can you come up with?? She can’t diet because of Philip, because of covid, because she’s in pain, because it’s not a priority, because Amy won’t take her to the park, she won’t do the exercises in the pool because she’s just lazy. She won’t do anything to help herself and I don’t want to watch her anymore. Get her off the show!!!!

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