‘1000-Lb. Sisters:’ Tammy Slaton Strips, Flexes She’s A ‘Baddie’

1000-Lb. Sisters Fans got an eyeful of interesting recently when they got a gander at one of Tammy’s recent videos. From her bed at an ‘inpatient facility,’ the oversized celeb jumped on one of the latest TikTok trends, which somehow included Tammy Slaton stripping off her shirt, and declaring herself a certified ‘baddie.’ What did the internet have to say about the reality star this time? Read on to get the details about Tammy’s latest attempt at TikTok fame.

Where is Tammy Slaton?

While the TLC series 1000-Lb. Sisters is still in the midst of airing its 3rd season, quite a bit of time has gone by since those episodes were filmed. Toward the end of last year, Tammy was admitted to the hospital with carbon dioxide poisoning. She was subsequently fitted for a tracheostomy to help her lungs heal – because the oxygen she was getting through the nasal cannula system just wasn’t enough to keep her 02 saturation where it needed to be.

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While the reality star recovers from her condition – she is currently at an inpatient care facility. Presumably something similar to a nursing home but for extended care patients who will eventually be going home. When asked, Tammy says that no, she wasn’t in the hospital anymore. The celeb reveals in a recent video that she’s currently in a care facility near the hospital.  She says her condition no longer requires hospitalization. Unfortunately, she will have to wait a little while longer to go home. Doctors don’t think she’s well enough just yet.

During her stay in the facility, the celeb says she likes to wear hospital gowns to bed because they are comfortable. She is also allowed to get up and move around, go outside, and apparently have food and drink brought into her – as seen recently by a large Pepsi bottle being in the background of one of her videos.

TikTok Around The Clock

While Tammy has been staying in the inpatient facility, it appears that she has had quite a lot of time on her hands. Over the last two months, Tammy has taken up her old hobby of trying to become an internet celebrity and has drastically increased her presence on the TikTok app. While fans are happy that she is spending time making fun videos and not scouring the dark web for her next chubby-chaser boyfriend; sometimes they are thoroughly confused by what Tammy creates.

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In addition to having questions about the — sometimes intriguingly odd videos that Tammy Slaton posts, some wonder how she has the energy to focus on creating so much content but cant take a few minutes out of her day to work on exercising.

Tammy has created several dozen vids over the last two months that include everything from short ‘dances’ to showing off hair and make-up looks.

Tammy Slaton Strips Shirt & Calls Herself A Baddie

One of Tammy’s recent TikToks certainly gave 1000-Lb. Sisters fans a giggle. In an attempt to jump on a recent TikTok trend, Tammy lip syncs to an audio clip of the song “Own Brand Freestyle.” A few lines in, she gestures for the audience to wait one second, holding a finger up beside her face. The video then jump cuts to Tammy after having stripped her shirt off and changed into her ‘baddie’ look as she restarts the lyrics and gives a sexy face to the camera.

Tammy Slaton was clearly creating her own version of the trending video style. Unfortunately, TikTok users didn’t find her a very convincing baddie.  In fact, fans told Tammy that she could achieve her ‘baddie’ dreams if she’d put more effort into her health.


♬ оригинальный звук – shugwla

“a baddie can walk to the mailbox,” wrote one viewer. “look at you flexing because you changed your shirt,” said another.

“Tammy hunny you’ll be a baddie when you respect yourself and others,” chimed a third fan. Some even said she’d ‘be a baddie’ the day she wants to walk all the way around her building.

In addition to advice for improving her “baddie” status, many added she should try just as hard to improve her health.

Alternatively, one user confesses he has a huge crush on Tammy. He politely asked for her to make contact with them.

Do you think Tammy Slaton nailed the “Baddie” TikTok trend? Tell us in the comments.

Catch a new episode of 1000-LB. Sisters Monday night on the TLC network.

Nikki Desrosiers


  1. Bet you that male with the crush is another loser with a fat fetish. She probably already hopped into his dms.

  2. It’s so unfortunate she has to be so mean spirited. Especially when so many have tried to help her. One of her family members needs to step up and get control of her medical decisions. Put her in a place she can’t leave until her mental and physical issues are dealt with. Too many enablers who let her get away with extreme bad behavior.

  3. Does Tammy seriously think she looks sexy in those poses? There is no way! Sorry, Tammy, but sexy doesn’t come in your size. I know that is a hurtful thing to say, but the truth, though it stings, is what may finally push her to make changes.

  4. B.Dubose
    Any person who reads Tammy’s input can see that she needs therapy. Sh is definitely bi-polary with mania and depression. She has explosive angry issues. Definitely PTSD from from at least childhood. Her dependency issues(food, family, sex) are all apart of the above. She has too much to deal with without intensive help. With this situation, she needs to be removed from every way she can hurt herself. One of the main things to go first should be internet access. This if where she goes to express/harm herself and be harmed by herself. I pray that someone will see, some of you will see you are walking her straight into the oncoming train. She does not have the ability to help herself.

    1. THANk YOU.. I agree 100.
      She’s manipulative to all of her family.
      She has never accepted her part in anything.
      She had the audacity to tell her older sister that they should be thankful she’s not bedbound, otherwise they would have to change her bed pan, bathe her, etc… Really? There’s no one left able to help an almost 700 lb baby.
      I’m amazed how they don’t see her controlling the entire family.
      I think they need to let her figure out her own life.
      Sorry, I’m not sorry.
      older sister, that she and the rest of the family should be thankful that she’s not bedbound

      1. I agree she doesn’t takes accountability for her actions. She put the blame on everybody else. Her family loves her maybe she has given up. I would like to know what is the issue behind all her anger and excuses. I’m praying that something clicks in her brain, so she can be healthy.

  5. As a 27 year Paramedic I have never seen someone so morbidly obese her nose holds up her forehead. I learned long ago as a rookie you can’t save everyone. Her family can walk away any time now, knowing they went above and beyond for her, but it’s time they lived their lives in peace.

  6. She’s a mean bully, and I can’t stand her. I just don’t get the appeal. She’s a “baddie” only because she has no respect for herself or others. Simply disgusting!!

  7. I watch the show, but Tammy needs to get off her lazy ass and at least try to shed some of them pounds. In an episode she said her sister should be grateful that she don’t have to wipe her ass, now that just a lazy ass person and trying to get a man …….really Tammy

    1. Before they wipe her ass she should be put in nursing home. She seems really sweet under the mental.issues and I would love to be friends with her to try and help her… God bless you and the entire family… you can do this when you want to..❤

  8. I have never understood how Tammy seems to continue garnering an audience – and even, at times, a sympathetic audience. She’s very much a spoiled child-like person..and not in a charming way. Personally, I find her her pretty disgusting! Not just for her weight which she’s been offered so much help to mitigate, but also for her spoiled, rude, and narcissistic personality. The family should move on, past her, and into living there life, outside the spotlight.

  9. Surely, people don’t actually believe that these men that ‘want’ to be with her in a romantic fashion? They only want to be with her because they will possibly get on TV and then hopefully get some money out of it! I don’t believe for one second that any man is attracted to her…how? I can’t handle looking at her most of the time 😩 she’s disgusting! Not only is she foul-mouthed, she’s nasty. Who bathes her and how? You know her bathroom is small AF so where and how does she bathe? My stomach is turning and the thought of her naked just to bathe is making me gag. I only watch the show for Amy and Chris…and now Amanda! I love this woman. She doesn’t take Tammy’s shit. She’s hilarious. I’m on team Chris all the way. I just know he’s going to have a whole new life. And I hope Amy gets her shit together and watches what she’s eating through this pregnancy and stops with the excuses for her poor choices, she is on her way back to pre-surgery weight. I give up on Tammy…hell, Tammy has given up on Tammy FFS! I wish the show would just drop her already. I can’t f**kin stand her. And I really wish someone would tell her to start watching some YouTube videos instead of making them and learn how to put make up on properly. She looks like a bloody clown when she does!! No amount of make up can cover her nastiness in every other way neither…just stop ✋

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