Tammy Slaton Gives ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Exactly What They Want

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Over the last few months, 1000-Lb Sisters fans have been following Tammy Slaton’s social media closely – attempting to keep tabs on her health. Obviously, the episodes that we are seeing now are several months prior to where the celebs are currently. We know through Tammy’s updates on social media that she was hospitalized at the end of last year and has since been recovering in a ‘hospital-like’ facility. Ever since viewers have been trying to figure out whether Tammy has lost any weight. Her glamorous selfies have been confusing her fans. Her constant use of filters leaves fans unable to tell if she is covering up more weight gain or if she has been making progress. Now, Tammy Slaton has decided to give fans what they are asking for. Read on to find out what she’s done to meet their demands.

What Has Tammy Slaton Been Up To?

Like Tv Shows Ace has previously reported, Tammy Slaton has been receiving in-patient care from what she calls a “hospital-like facility.” After being hospitalized at the end of last year for severe carbon dioxide poisoning, the TLC star was moved to a nearby facility where she has since been “recovering.” According to Tammy’s social media live streams, the reality personality told fans that her doctors didn’t feel that she was well enough to go home just yet. So, she is currently residing in a facility where she is close enough to receive emergent care if something were to happen.


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Over the last few months, Tammy Slaton’s presence on social media has certainly been on the rise. She regularly posts new photos on Instagram and a wide array of short videos on TikTok.

While her avid fans are always there to provide encouragement and support, many are frustrated with Tammy’s presence online. Fans are aggravated by the sheer amount of effort and time she seems to have to make her posts — when they feel that she should be putting that effort into improving her health.

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Tammy’s Filter Fetish

One thing that Tammy Slaton knows how to do is confuse an audience. Millions of people use filters on social media every day – and no one really says a whole lot about it. Why? Well frankly – the average influencer’s fans don’t know what they really look like off-camera. Unfortunately for Tammy – that is surely not the case. Being in the limelight and filmed by TLC… often in very unflattering ways, has shown people exactly what she looks like from all angles. So, when Tammy uses a new filter – she will often get flak from show viewers for being ‘fake’ online.

Any time Tammy attempts to ‘glam up’ and try a new makeup/hairstyle – the internet trolls come out in droves to insult her. Many comments on how won’t help change her personality. Others will comment on how her family ought to abandon her because her priorities are clearly defunct. Many will just critique just to critique.


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As of late, the main debate on Tammy Slaton’s posts appears to be – is she actually in a nursing home? Or, is she a ward of the state who’s been shunned to a rehab facility?

While we here at Tv Shows Ace will not make conjectures about information that has not been verified, the commenters on these posts can’t seem to come to a consensus. Why? Well, because Tammy Slaton is good at confusing people. Her strategic use of filters in some photos makes her appear lively and healthy. In many videos/snaps, she even appears a lot smaller in the face, hinting that perhaps she’s dropped some weight. In other live videos, people often think that maybe she’s gained some weight.

This controversy has led to fans demanding that Tammy post some photos or videos without her signature filters. It seems they hope the ‘real’ photos will help them end the argument about where Tammy Slaton is and what she’s been doing.

Tammy Slaton Gives Fans Exactly What They Asked For

In Tammy’s latest Instagram and TikTok videos, the TLC star has been giving her fans exactly what they have asked for – unfiltered photos. Over the last few days, Tammy Slaton has posted numerous videos before and after an applied filter. In one collection of vids, Tammy has on a full face of makeup and does a close-up vid before the filter and then subsequently after applying one.

The transition from no-filter to filter is noticeable – but not in the way fans expected. Many viewers expected Tammy to look completely upscaled and glamorous post filter. In reality, the only thing the filter did was smooth her pores and give her more of a tanned glow. It did not change the shape of her face, give her a facelift or make her appear newly sized in any way.

In true Tammy fashion, she did not leave a comment, caption or blub on these posts – just dropped the video like a bomb on all of her criticizers. Unfortunately, this seems to have left those initial commenters even more confused by the situation at hand. Which may or may not have been Tammy’s intention. She is, after all, not supposed to reveal to much information as this could jeopardize the future of the show.

So, what do you think about Tammy Slaton’s latest social media statement? Tell us in the comments.

You can catch the newest installment of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday nights at 10 PM Eastern time.






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