‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Can’t Believe What Amy Halterman Asked Michael

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On last week’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Amy Halterman made fans do a doubletake, and grab for the remote to rewind. At one point, the pregnant TLC star asked her husband a question that had fans shaking their heads and questioning her IQ. What did Amy say gave fans the impression of her not being the brightest crayon in the Crayola box? Read on to find out.

Amy Halterman Checks In With Dr. Procter

In the last installment of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters,  Amy Halterman and her husband Michael are preparing to make the trip to go see Dr. Procter. It’s been just over two years since Amy had her bariatric surgery, and it’s come time for her to check in and see what kind of progress she has made since her procedure.

Fans of the show will remember that just a few months after Amy had her surgery, she found out she was pregnant with her son, Gage. The pregnancy, and then, of course, recovering from birth both slowed down her weight loss.

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While at Dr. Procter’s office, Amy Halterman weighed in at 275 pounds. Considering that the celeb started at just over 400 pounds, she has definitely made a lot of positive progress. During her visit, the doctor did, however, express some disappointment in her current weight. He cited that someone starting at Amy’s size should be down to about 250 this far along post-op. He did recognize that she has had some challenges but did express that stalled weight loss progress was one of the reasons that they discourage pregnancy in recently post-op patients.

Unfortunately, while Amy’s doctor was assessing what he could do to help push her forward on her weight loss journey, Amy revealed that she might be pregnant  (and it was later confirmed) and that might further delay her reaching her goal weight.

Michael and Amy Discuss ‘Fastest’ Travel Route

While originally the family used to make the drive to Georgia for their bariatric appointments – the addition of Gage and the subtraction of Tammy opened up a few new travel options. A few days before the trip, Amy Halterman and her husband, Michael were discussing their trip. They had decided to take the baby and schedule a flight to Georgia rather than force him on a 6-8 hour car ride.

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As they discussed their upcoming travel plans, Amy asked her husband a question that had fans shaking their heads in disbelief. “How fast are planes,” Amy asked Michael as he drove them around, “Are they faster than cars?” Hiding a slight smirk, Michael answered, “I don’t know.”

Fan Comments Reddit
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After seeing the episode, fans across social media were shocked at Amy Halterman’s lack of basic knowledge. To be blunt, many were comparing it to the whole Jessica Simpson “is this fish or is this chicken,” incident. Viewers quickly began making jokes at Amy’s expense. Some wondered if she pretends to be less intelligent on purpose for the camera. Some hypothesize that it is scripted.

Others theorized that Amy’s IQ likely capped out at a 5th or 6th-grade level, based on her inability to pronounce various common knowledge terms.

Do you think that Amy was asking the question because she didn’t know? Was the question scripted to make Amy look less intelligent for ratings? Tell us in the comments.

You can catch the next installment of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday night on TLC.




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  1. It’s obviously a “hook” to keep viewers coming back. After 3 years, those women should be MUCH farther along in their weight loss. This is obviously a moneymaker for them.

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