‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Season 3 Finale Preview: ‘She Quit Breathing’


TLC just dropped the 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 Finale preview and it is a real nail-biter. In fact, the preview reveals Season 3 may come to an end that is very similar to how Season 2 ended. Tammy Slaton getting rushed to the hospital before getting transferred to a rehab center. Thanks to the time gap in reality versus when this series was filmed, we do have some of the details on what happened to Tammy Slaton following this scary finale episode.

What does the preview tell us about the 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 Finale? What do we know about how the family is doing AFTER they finished filming? Keep reading for all the details.

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TLC drops intense 1000-Lb. Sisters Finale preview

Less than an hour ago, TLC dropped an intense preview for this week’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. Unfortunately, this week is the Season Finale. The preview reveals a pretty intense finale for fans to enjoy as they say goodbye to the family and hope they return for a fourth season.

The preview kicks off with Amy Halterman admitting to the camera she just isn’t sure how much longer her sister Tammy is going to live. She doesn’t know how much more of a beating Tammy’s body can really take. This is when she reveals that Dr. Smith has decided to go out of his way to come to Tammy. He enters her home and asks her what she thinks about returning to rehab. The preview suggests that Tammy Slaton agrees to return to rehab after speaking with Dr. Smith.

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It even appears as if Chris Combs is driving his sister to rehab when something starts to go terribly wrong. Tammy says she isn’t sure why but she feels really sleepy. She begins to fall back and looks like she’s going to sleep. In a preview shown at the end of last week’s episode, both Chris and his wife asked about her oxygen.

In the preview, it appears as if Chris makes an emergency stop and discovers his sister Tammy is not breathing. The preview clip of the 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 Finale comes to an end with Chris Combs sitting on the couch and telling the cameras his sister Tammy did stop breathing at that moment.

Is Tammy Slaton still alive?

Now, those who follow Tammy Slaton on social media know she is still very much alive. In fact, we also know she was hospitalized toward the end of last year. Pulling through, Tammy Slaton ended up in a medical facility on a trach. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans agree this facility may be the best place for Tammy as she actually lost weight during her stay at rehab.

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Her recent social media activity confirms she is still in a facility and still on a trach. Because of how heavily she uses filters, different angles, and make-up, fans have no idea how much weight she’s lost since filming concluded.

Are you looking forward to the 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 Finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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  1. I hope Tammy gets help and yes she is in denial never giving anyone a straight answer on what she is thinking and feeling. Her family loves her so much otherwise they would of wrote her off and let the state take over. Not only is partying very bad but of her drinking what would happen if she were to fall because of being drunk!!!! I also think her so called “FRIENDS” are taking advantage of her and making an ass out of her. She needs to wake up and look forward to her being not only a sister but now an AUNT.
    Kudos to her dr. that did not give up on her!!
    I hope there’s a season 4 because everyone is concerned how the family is doing . Very loving family
    Bless your Family 🙏

      1. You’re sooooo right on this! They’re making all the $$$ they can on watching this family eat themselves to death… Not to mention my 600 pound life.

      2. You don’t believe there are people like her? She is fortunate TLC is involved. They may be profiting off her but she is also getting the opportunity to fix herself with great professional experts and the resources most could only wish for .

        1. The biggest problem is SHE WILL NEVER TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY SERIOUSLY! It also bothers how everyone bends over backwards to help her and she lashes back with the most mean spirited temper I’ve ever seen! She doesn’t even understand how fortunate her is to have the family she has. I think it’s terrible how she treats people… They should treat her the same way back so she can see how it feels! She should feel ashamed of herself!!

          1. There’s always a chance for change in everyone. She can be mean as we can see but there could be deep seated issues that’s none of our business.

            Tammy knows she’s fortunate in the family respect but revenge only works to bring more problems. Revenge isn’t the solution. My belif is more understanding may help! Why do I say these things…cuz it works. I just don’t think giving up on anyone ever makes things different. You can’t know the inside of a person. Pain is pain!

          2. I agree with you 100%. But I think the results of that will be her death. If she kills herself ordering food that’s on her. I think it’s crazy that they bring bad food to her. If she asked for something bad I’d bring only healthy foods. I think if she gets through rehab then surgery it won’t make a difference. Her mental health needs constant watch or she will fail. I hope for a miracle for her.

      3. Total BS. Tammy own worst enemy…let her go. I cannot understand why all the attention paid to her…a total slob who disrespects everyone especially her own self…

      4. You nailed it! TLC will make serious bank for her funeral episode. They can bleed that story line a long time.

        1. TLC would be just as happy if not more so to capitalize on her successful weightloss journey, if she were to have one. Longer life…. longer series. I don’t blame TLC… They’re just doing T.V. Tammy needs to use the opportunities and resources they have offered and provided for her. This could go either way… and both ways will make for “good t.v.”. It still is and always was up to Tammy.

      5. this family is being so exploited for ratings and drama and MONEY people can’t see it? It’s all scripted and family is following the script. It’s like a soap opera

      1. Tammy please take the doctors advice about getting better. Because your family loves you very much. They have been through a lot. Take care of yourself

    1. I would love to see a season 4 of 1000 lb sisters but I would love me to see Tammy on the sidelines of the show and Amy’s other siblings brought in more to the show. I enjoyed seeing the elder sister join the show. Tammy does not want to help herself so why would we want to see her slowly eat herself to death along with the drinking and the vaping.

    2. She treats her family like crap, like their dogs, and they go out of their way when they clearly have lives of their own. Tell ya what, if she treated me like that I’d push her out of her chair smhhh c if she gets up. Poor micheal having to push. Her around. Dirt gravel i feel for him. That’s love amy and micheal.

    3. I agree with you 💯 % she needs her family more than her so called friends, because family comes first then your friends if they are like that and her Dr is so awesome to put up with her.

    4. Exactly you took the words right from me, and I also hope there’s a season 4 I want to know what’s going on with her and the family.

    5. I have watched them from season 1 to now. And I think that Tammy has given up on herself. She has given in to the fact that she IS going to die and she is doing what makes her happy in the moment. She(both of them) have been picked on and bullied all of their lives and that really leaves a mark on a person’s soul. They only had each other growing up, so the developed a codependent relationship. And Amy spoiled her. She watched Amy go through with her weight loss journey and watched as Amy got the one thing she’s always wanted, to be a mother. For Tammy she only wanted to be loved and happy. Tammy feels that she has lost her best friend and sister and is alone. Even when surrounded by her family that truly love her. So she is looking for anyone to fill that open space that Amy left. Tammy lashes out as a way of protection. “Get them before they get me” attitude. If you push people away, you don’t get hurt when they leave. And the only person that really ever mattered to Tammy was/is Amy. And she has gone on with her life. We only see what TLC hasn’t cut from the filming. We see what keeps their ratings up and they make money from it. Amy and Tammy, and Chris also have/are being paid money by TLC by letting them video their lives. They didn’t have much money from the start. So TLC is a blessing to them. It’s truly a 2 edge sword. They are exploited because of their lives but now can do/have things that they normally wouldn’t be able to access. I’m really praying for Tammy that she starts to love herself enough to want to live. That she realizes that she can do the same thing Amy and a lot of other people who chose weight loss surgery have done, lost weight and started a happy, new, fulfilled lived life.

    6. The more I watch Tammy, the less I am able to root for her. Those mousy-voiced replies.. Bitch please! Spit it out (LOL – no pun intended) and speak the f**k up. Do you think you’re the only one who had a rough childhood? Get over yourself! Ugh, it’s SO frustrating! She should never have left rehab. I’m obese and I can tell you if I had those resources offered to me on a silver platter, like she does, I would be a skinny bitch right now!

    7. What about Amy’s new post where she confirms that she’s pregnant again and expecting a new baby around the end of July?

      1. They are A bunch of sick people
        The fat slob Tammy is doing this for negative attention.
        If she wants to eat herself to death
        Have at it!!!!
        Good riddance!

    1. We just love Tammy. Don t forget she is just in need of love and effection. Respect for her family and friends. Tammy fight for it !!!!

      1. Good God woman please stop. This fat morbidly obese Jabba the Hut is a loser. You can’t help someone if they don’t help themselves. Stop giving this gargantuan slob money. Let her die.

        1. Talking that kinda shit doesn’t help makes her feel worse about herself obviously youyou’never been overweight? Do you think your funny calling her that? Does that make you feel good ..if she repulses you so bad why do you watch?

  2. I’m not here to judge her. We only have one judge and we will see him at the pearly gates. She is from the same town where I grew up Morganfield ky . In fact I still have family there. Tammy please listen to your doctors and your body. Please get the help you need . You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. She needs to stay AWAY from her so called boyfriends! They are so nasty! And she looks And sounds like a fool when she’s with them! Doesn’t she realize that they are using her? As for her attitude, I would park her under a shady tree and IGNORE HER!

  3. She needs to be a ward of the state or have her phone cut off so she cannot go on fetish sites for men, food, vape and booze delivery. She really is delusional and thinks she’s some sort of internet and TV star. Her family could lose weight without the stress and added exposure to her extra groceries as well.
    Not talking forever but unless something drastic happens she’ll require a triple wide casket and plot as crematoriums have capacity limits.

    1. Please don’t drop the show..I am so proud of Chris I think he will do so much better then the 2 sisters..Tammy needs to stay right where she is at now..and Amy need to get back lossing weight or she is going to gain a her weight. I love the show Tammy need to grow up and leave Amy alone now that Amy as a baby..why isn’t Tammy mom stepping and get on them girls.Amy needs to stop acting like she bring used

      1. Like you I love the show but get frustrated at Tammy who is extremely spoiled. If people don’t like what’s happening, why are they watching it? Just so they can bi***about it? I love Chris and am proud of his progress. I just wish I could find their blog!

      2. Amy is being used! Anyone can see that! And there’s no please or thank yous ever! Tammy is so rude to Amy! Amy has pushed her own needs and her families needs to a halt to run and help Tammy! I am so glad she moved into her own house! And put some distance between herself and Tammy! Now Tammy will see how good Amy was to her! Now Amy has to get herself motivated and get back on her weight-loss journey with Chris and not worry about trying to get pregnant! Amy and Chris need to team up and work out together and incourage each other and I know they will do great! I am proud how fast Chris has jumped into the program and took it serious! Meanwhile Tammy needs to be shown some tough love and whether that is going back into rehab or a nursing home! But she definitely needs to get in a controlled environment with her high protein low carb diet and the weight will melt off and of course exercise! And if she tries to call home to boo hoo and try to get someone to come pick her up, they must stay strong and say no, this is the best thing for you!! After a cpl months she will have lost enough to get approved for surgery which will be the tool that’s really gonna change her life, in addition to mandatory counseling and physical therapy and exercise! She’s been going in circles for years now, enough is enough! I pray for each of them a d may God Bless them! I love the show, just aggravated as u can see lol

    2. She is a grown woman. She can own a phone if she can pay for it. No one has the right to “cut it off.” At this point she doesn’t meet all of the requirements to be a ward of the state. She has the mental understanding to handle her personal and financial affairs. She chooses not to care for her health.

    3. I dont think Amy will be doing any major weight loss the next 9 months. She’s pregnant with baby number 2 now.

  4. TLC should cancel anything involving Tammy, as she is an insult to people who are actually serious about obesity and who’ve given all they have to conquer they fight. Tammy thinks this is all a big joke, she is just a slob with a horrible attitude.

    1. This is so true about Tammy and shame on her friends for doing what they are doing with her instead of helping her the friends should be band from the show and shame on TLC for filming those episodes!!😡😡😡

    2. Agree 100% Tammy loves the social media attention she gets for being an obese obnoxios bitch. She doesn’t want help to lose weight because it will change her sick obese popularity – her sick following think she is funny. There is nothing funny about watching public suicide – she is killing herself and TLC is filming it. It becomes increasingly difficult to look at her – at some point she will simply “explode” all over the camera lens – great tv – right? Producers are as sick as she is.

  5. I don’t know how anyone can watch that show. I feel repulsed just looking at her pics, because she’s done it to herself. The best thing for her is to cancel the show and let her fend for herself. That’s the only way she’ll finally help herself.

  6. She’s a spoiled attention getting person , she’s not a happy person and taking it out on everyone around her . She needs to go and crawl in a hole and not come out until she smartens up and takes control of her pathetic selfishness .

    1. Aman to that!! Tammy is very disrespectful and cries wolf when she’s w her family claiming she’s hurting or not feeling good BUT…she’s OK and being happy when she gets drunk and vaping?? Hmmm??

  7. I hope that there is a 4th session. And I hope and pray to God that Tammy makes it and pulls though and loses her weight. Amy is outstanding for all the work she has done for her sister. I prayed for a recovery for Tammy… and prayers for all Tammy’s sisters and brother who haven’t gave up on there sister either..

  8. I am proud of Amy we’re not going out and getting herself in debt buying a high end house. She stayed at a small town she grew up in most likely pay cash for the house that way she’ll have money in the bank for many years to come and she knows that show last forever.

  9. I hope Tammy gets the help she needs so that she can live a long healthy life. Her so called friends are just using her. It’s obvious Tammy’s family cares about her and loves her. But she must love herself also.

  10. It very much seems like Tammy is making up for all the fun she missed during her teen years. Personally, I understand that. But those guys aren’t really her friends. If they were, they would engage in activities that weren’t harmful to Tammy.
    She really needs a therapist, but the 2 that she went to sucked. Also, it shouldn’t be televised. Somethings need to be private.

  11. We all know Tammy needs a diet but so does Amy she’s a big big girl to and for Tammy she just wants the attention but I can’t stand her if she was my sister and she talked to me like she does with her sister she would get punched right in the mouth and her doctor should not take her back she don’t want the help.

  12. Sometimes I feel she is slowly commiting suicide in her own way, in her own time. Has any family member mentioned that to her? Maybe she has just given up. I don’t know if I would want to live if I had to lose 500#. Whatever she decides…

  13. I feel like I’m watching Tammy die. I’ve had weight problems myself, but never like that. It takes a lot of effort to lose just 20 lbs, and she has so far to go! Seems like she’s so discouraged and miserable that she’s just given up.

  14. Tammy need to admit the TRUTH to herself and seek help. Something happened in her younger years that she hasn’t dealt with & until she does & get it off of her chest she is going to continue to slowly kill herself. Yes I agree her SO CALLED FRIENDS ARE NOT helping her and are HURTING her more. Her family has done ALL THEY CAN DO. She has to WANT HELP they can’t want it more then she does. Let her do whatever it is she wants to do, the family needs to move on without her & stop letting Tammy verbal and mental abuse them.

  15. Yo… Does she just have a big forehead, or is that a fat deposit? I just think she is so gross. I’m not fat shaming, there is literally nothing satisfying about watching a land whale eat itself to death.

  16. Yes, the show must go on, but Tammy does have a nasty attitude while everyone in her family tries to help her.
    Kudos to Chris and Amy!
    I wish the best for the whole family. Get it together, Tammy. Respect yourself and others, please. She needs therapy for self esteem, at the very least.
    Best wishes

  17. I have some extra weight to lose so when I watch it reminds me to cut portion size. I think the show helps many viewers from the severely obese to people with a little weight to lose see what is possible.
    I also have fallen in love with this family. They truly love each other and want the best for each other.
    Tammy on the other side has learned how to get attention and is obviously dealing with some intense anger issues, and I just want to point out that every time she eats or drinks something she shouldn’t she is having “fun” . So Tammy stop your whining, and treating your family so badly. You have what most people would love to have.

  18. I’ve been watching the show every chance I get I got one saying for Tammy when you disrespect yourself you disrespect those who care for you an when you disrespect those who care for you you disrespect yourself you an your health is more important than anything else

  19. I would love to see a season 4. I love watching the show. I to am over weight and watching both sides if not losing and losing helps me. I just Tammy gets the help she needs. Please bring a season 4.

  20. I have struggled with weight, and there is not a day going by that I don’t think about my weight at least 50 – 100X in various ways. I believe most ppl would not believe me, but trust me, it IS my own prison inside me.Tammy’s mom, so I heard her say, wasn’t there for her. She IS avoiding & hiding true, damaging feelings. She needs definite help. Trashing her, even though, even I see her obstinance, will NEVER help her. She is in a prison of total morbid obesity and needs healthy support & guidance. Let us ALL PRAY for Tammy.THAT is what WE CAN DO, being at a distance. Trust me, she has demons and they ARE for her, on the INSIDE, but, ON THE OUTSIDE TOO.
    GOD BLESS TAMMY and Her Family, who, obliviously are at a loss as to how to best help her, SO, they DO NEED PRAYERS AS WELL! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  21. Tammy needs to want the help; otherwise, no one else can force her to lose weight, stop drinking and smoking. It has to be Tammy’s realization that she is in danger of dying if she doesn’t do what is best for her.

  22. I hope this show returns for another season. I enjoy following this down to earth, sometimes silly but very loving family. Prayers going up for Tammy. Amy is a good sister to take care of Tammy. But now she must focus on Gabe and her hubby. Truly enjoy watching this show so please bring it back for another season.

    P. S, Amy cracks me up when she does silly things and cracks herself up. LOL

  23. Waiting and hoping for season 4. Praying the family along with Tammy are doing well. This is real life! Once Tammy loses some weight hoping she will realize how much better she feels. 🙏🙏

  24. The show needs to go off the air. There are much better things we could be watching on TV than a morbidly obese woman killing herself. She is obviously mentally ill and doesn’t want to change.All the resources that have gone into helping her could be better spent helping someone who wants to change.

  25. Agree 100% Tammy loves the social media attention she gets for being an obese obnoxios bitch. She doesn’t want help to lose weight because it will change her sick obese popularity – her sick following think she is funny. There is nothing funny about watching public suicide – she is killing herself and TLC is filming it. It becomes increasingly difficult to look at her – at some point she will simply “explode” all over the camera lens – great tv – right? Producers are as sick as she is.

  26. I noticed that one of her so called friends was the one that they called to come get her when the
    Come get her to take her home when she acted up they should have a talk with him

  27. I am honestly so tired of watching all the money and effort being wasted on these two trash piles. Absolutely classless and disgusting human beings. I feel sorry for those babies being brought into that family, and TLC really needs to stop scraping the barrel for stories. Best wishes to Amanda and Chris though. Run while you can.

  28. If she would stop eating so much she would find out that she could go and doing things with her family. Poor girl has a lot of blubber. She definitely struggles to try and move.

  29. They are A bunch of sick people
    The fat slob Tammy is doing this for negative attention.
    If she wants to eat herself to death
    Have at it!!!!
    Good riddance!

  30. This is just entertainment. Don’t take it so seriously. Watch it if you want to…don’t if you don’t want to watch it. It is fascinating escape from our humdrum.

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