Chris Combs Raspy Voice Has Fans Concerned: Is He Sick?

Chris combs 1000 lb sisters

Chris Combs raspy and pitchy voice has had fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters concerned during the entire stretch of Season 3. His unusual and concerning voice has come up in fan chatter on both Reddit and Facebook fan groups.

Unsurprisingly, fans have lots of theories and opinions on what might be wrong with Amy and Tammy’s brother. Mostly, however, fans are just hopeful his raspy and scratchy-pitched voice isn’t a sign something is wrong with him.

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Does his weight make it hard to speak?

On Reddit1000-Lb. Sisters fans have called attention to Chris’ weight making it difficult for him to talk. They note that Chris Combs tends to get winded and become short of breath any time he speaks.

Fans question if all of the weight on his body makes it difficult for him to do a significant amount of talking. After all, it is no secret that weight issues can cause breathing issues. Could dropping the weight make it easier for Chris Combs to talk? Fans certainly seem to think so.

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Chris Combs raspy voice has fans concerned

Since Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters premiered, fans have wondered what was wrong with Chris Combs’ voice. Fans noted it sounded even deeper and raspier than last season. He, however, became more of a core cast member this season. So, it is possible fans are just hearing more of Chris Combs than they did last season.

One fan penned in a comment on Reddit: “Has he already shared why his voice sounds the way it does? Just wondering if it is vocal chord damage or something else. Sounds painful (to my ears, anyway).”

Another fan chimed in to point out that Chris had the voice of someone who was a heavy smoker for years. The individual added Chris’ voice reminded them of their grandfather who was a heavy smoker for a very long time. A third fan chimed in to agree his voice sounded like a form of COPD.

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In a different thread on Reddit, one fan notes that his voice sounds similar to someone who has asthma. Here’s what some other fans think about Chris’ voice:

  • “My thoughts, I’m a pharmacy student and I agree that this has to be from a multiple number of things. Prolonged acid reflux that hasn’t been treated – Smoking – Asthma – COPD. Or all of the above. Sorry for the long a** post but .. this was too good.”
  • “Its happened a few times. His voice will be high pitched hoarse for a few words than back to normal. Definitely from smoking, hopefully he quit or is trying to.”
  • “I’ve wondered why his voice is so scratchey sounding. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

Have you also thought Chris Combs’ voice has been sounding extra raspy lately? Do you think something is wrong with him? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. Chris Combs voice can be vocal cord damage. My voice was just like that and was diagnosed with a singer’s nodule and it was surgically remove last month. I now have my normal voice back.

  2. Chris stated he has asthma and was/is a smoker! Plus the weight has to contribute! Add those problems together I would be surprised if he DIDNT have an issue with shortness of breath!

  3. I am commenting on Chris’s raspy voice… many years ago Rachael Ray had a cooking show and she sounded like Chris does but her problem was nodules on her vocal chords… She had them removed when she reached the point of not hardly being able to speak and she has been fine ever since…

  4. My ex father in law has the exact same voice as Chris does. He’s never been a smoker in the 30 years I’ve known him, he’s not over weight, he has no breathing issues, no acid reflux, nothing. Sometimes people just have a different voice.

  5. In my opinion,Tammy’s hatefullness comes from being nasty ass mean, lazy, and jealous….mean because bullies come in all sizes…..lazy in the sense that she puts no effort into following the doctor’s orders or making any attempt to be greatful or thankful towards people who are trying to help her….jealous towards those that are moving forward and succeeding without her….I see Tammy’s behavior in one of my family members…..

  6. Tammy needs to get off of her ass and put herself in the home Amy Michael and Gage need to have a life God gave them that baby to take care of he didn’t give them Tammy to take care of that’s what caregivers are for.

    1. I wish they would get rid of Tammy, Amy and Michael are SuPpOse to be buying a house, they need to leave Tammy alone and move on. She treats Amy like a dog…

  7. I wish they would get rid of Tammy, Amy and Michael are SuPpOse to be buying a house, they need to leave Tammy alone and move on. She treats Amy like a dog…

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