‘1000-LB Sisters’: Doctor Procter Slams Tammy

1000-LB Sisters Doctor Procter gives up on Tammy

1000-LB Sisters Doctor Procter seemed unhappy with Tammy, and not overjoyed about Amy either. In fact, he pretty much gave up on Tammy. And later, talking to her brother, Tammy blamed Amy for her weight gain. But luckily, Chris seems to know something about accountability.

1000-LB Sisters – Doctor Procter gives Tammy some straight talk

As fans already know, Tammy blames everything or everyone else she can think of for her weight gain. Never taking accountability for her own massive weight issues, even her doctor ran out of hope for her. In a way, he dumped her as she needs more help than he can give her. And let’s face it, he’s not messing about. On the TLC show, he told her straight she faces an 80 percent chance of dying within five years. He told Tammy a lot of things she didn’t want to hear. But, she needed to hear it, fans agree.

Of course, the 1000-LB Sisters star came up with loads of excuses for the weight gain. Like the coronavirus quarantine. But she could hardly go anywhere before that. In fact, she hardly managed to walk to the mail box. She could have easily carried on with exercise in her home. Plus, fans think she talks nonsense with her explanation about not eating healthy food. After all, healthy food never went into short supply. Toilet rolls: yes, salads:no. And the next day she seemed upset with Doctor Procter.

Blaming Amy at breakfast with Chris

The next morning, Chris, Tammy’s brother spoke with her at breakfast. She seemed upset so Chris assured her he would diet alongside her. That way, they could help each other stay on course. But Tammy once again blamed something other than her own lack of self-discipline. She told Chris all about how Amy goes shopping. And sometimes, she tells Tammy to try and eat unhealthy food. So Chris talked to her about not worrying about what Amy does, and focus on making her own decisions for her health.

TLC fans went onto Twitter and discussed it. And they hope Chris helps Tammy. After all, they don’t want to see her die from her obesity. They also feel that Doctor Procter, who treats the 1000-LB Sisters stars, is way too soft on them. Many of them think TLC should bring in Dr. Now from My 600-LB Life as he gives it straight all the time. Other fans noticed that Chris sounds very helpful. But they wonder if he also finds the strength to stick with the diet.

1000-LB Sisters Doctor Procter tells off Tammy
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Possibly, he realizes that unless he works with Tammy, his sister could probably die. Maybe that keeps him motivated. However some 1000-LB Sisters fans believe that Tammy needs a lot of psychotherapy before she effectively deals with her food addiction.

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