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Fans Ponder How TLC Gets Tammy Slaton To Cooperate With Them

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If there’s one thing that 1000-Lb. Sisters fans know, it’s that Tammy Slaton will not be told what to do. But she is part of a reality TV show, which involves extensive filming days, contracts, and more. Which leads some fans to ponder the question: How exactly does TLC get Tammy Slaton to cooperate with them anyway?

Fans on Reddit discussed the question.

Fans believe that Tammy Slaton has a pretty big incentive for participating in filming

The original Reddit post came from user amiablekitty.

“Since Tammy constantly throws temper tantrums when she doesn’t want to do something, I’m now wondering how TLC gets her to do the confessionals, which filming can take time and often requires you to repeat things to get a better response,” the user asked. “I’m sure there are times when Tammy doesn’t want to talk whether cause she doesn’t want to answer hard questions, etc. Same can be said for the staged events like the tea party or the fake YouTube videos.”

The original poster went on to wonder if TLC actually enticed her with food if she agreed to do the confessional.

Tammy Slaton/Instagram

Many commenters believe that money is definitely involved. After all, Tammy Slaton and her siblings are definitely compensated for their time on the show. The family also grew up in poverty, so using money as a motivator would definitely work.

However, one Reddit user had a different take.

“Attention she’s likely to get from doing the show and whatever stipend she’s being given are her motivators I’d say,” they said. “Also, a lot of Tammy’s scenes, if you notice, revolve her around sitting in her chair, and reality TV is all about capturing the moment, no matter how long it takes to get there. So I think it’s ‘Point the camera at Tammy and wait for something to happen and if worst comes to worst, call Amy over and let’s hope a fight breaks out.'”

So how do you think TLC gets Tammy to participate in filming, even when she’s in one of her moods? Let us know in the comments.

Is the 1000-Lb. Sisters star even alive right now?

Tammy Slaton has a myriad of health concerns, which means she needs medical attention now and then. After her bout with COVID-19, Tammy’s problems only seemed to escalate. Now, some fans even speculate that the reality star is no longer living.

We recently reported that Tammy hasn’t been active on Instagram or TikTok lately, which is unusual. However, we did find that her sister Amanda Halterman did recently tag her in a post. This would suggest that Tammy is still alive and may just be staying offline for now.

This is understandable. Being a reality star comes with a lot of public pressure, so it could be possible Tammy wants to take time for herself.

Keep checking back with us for the latest on Tammy Slaton and the rest of the 1000-Lb. Sisters crew. We’ll let you know as soon as we know anything else.

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  1. It would definitely have to be food, at least if she’s shoving food in her gob she can’t spew pure hatred and venom out of it !
    She’s horrid!

  2. Only food will make her happy, and of course someone to snuggle with! Her family means nothing to her unless they’re doing something that she wants them to do for her!! The series would be better without her drama !! She wants ALL the attention! The siblings are all interesting enough for a funny, interesting show!!

    1. She has haters, not fans. Who comments on a story about a show they don’t watch? Is your life that empty? Troll on!

    2. How do you know she’s nasty if you don’t watch? And trolling about someone you believe is nasty on a show you don’t watch is… well…. sad. And weird. Definitely weird.

    3. Lord have Mercy. I totally agree with u, Tommy. I do not watch the show but every time I check news on my phone, I see that FAT UGLY PIG. TOTALLY SICKENING. I’m sorry but she should just die. Worthless excuse for a human being.

    4. I totally agree with u Tommy. I can’t check news on Google or my local info without seeing that UGLY FAT PIG. SORRY EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING. I don’t watch the show because I have a life. Just let her die. She doesn’t want to live, apparently, so let her die.

  3. I like Amanda, she seems to be the only one that doesn’t give in to her. I would to see more interaction with those two. I’m sure Amanda can piss Tammy off enough to make her get up off her fat ass.

  4. I can’t stand her and I hate to say it bc I don’t want to come off as some bully but she needs to get up off her ass and take some responsibility for her health, weight, bitchy attitude, and damn I hate watching her face when she is mad as well as when she has a guy over holy shit gullible and disgusting that a guy would be around just to slip her food. The whole thing makes me sick

    1. Agree, cant feel empathy, or sympathy for her situation. She created her reality and wants their constant attention. If she didnt want to go on vacation then why didnt she use her big fat mouth and say so. Instead she let them spend unneceessary money bc of her.

  5. Sorry but who the hell does she think she is ? I think all the shows should drop her . Tammy is nothing but a big bully ! Because she has a!most ate herself to death she thinks everyone owes her . Get a life Tammy no one owes you a damn think , you did all this to yourself no one else . I mean the only reason she had a boyfriend is because of the show and wanted his name known . Tammy is replusive drop her .I quit watching the show because of her . , now her sister is a different story. I watched the first season and said HELL no !

  6. It is just a matter of time for Tammy’s eating/ life habits to catch up to her. I am wondering what will happen to the show when she drops dead

  7. I love Amy, Chris, and Amanda. As for Tammy, she is so selfish. She expects her family to do everything for her, even calling in for her own medication. No respect for anyone. Maybe if she got off her big ass and take a walk she might loose a pound. She doesn’t appreciate anything Amy does for her. So happy Amy is moving into a forever home.

  8. I feel TLC is making a documentary of Tammy committing suicide, the program shows her drinking and vaping and I swear I see her face turn red because her blood pressure’s going up.One day we will be watching her friends and the crew giving her CPR waiting for the ambulance.

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