Can ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Secure Caitlin Clark This Season?

Caitlin Clark from Saturday Night Live, NBC, Sourced from YouTube

Dancing With The Stars always tries to secure top-tier talent that are currently making headlines. WNBA recruit Caitlin Clark is one of the most widely discussed names at the moment, making her a prime candidate for the competition.

But will they be able to secure her? She’s going to have an incredibly busy year as a first-time player for the Indianapolis Fever. Keep reading to see what TV Shows Ace discovered.

Dancing With The Stars Definitely Wants Caitlin Clark

During college basketball season, Caitlin Clark dominated headlines. Now, she’s headed to Indianapolis to join their WNBA team. But will she have time for any outside projects?

Caitlin Clark and family from her Instagram page
Caitlin Clark/Instagram

Rumor has it that Dancing With The Stars would absolutely love to have Caitlin join the show this fall. It’s just a matter of convincing her to sign up.

“Every single offer you could get has been thrown her way,” an inside source reportedly told Daily Mail. “The producers of Dancing With The Stars have asked Caitlin to take part, but she has respectfully declined.”

Although it doesn’t seem like Caitlin Clark is interested in DWTS anytime soon, she’s not opposed to other television appearances. Saturday Night Live viewers went wild when the basketball player showed up on the Weekend Update segment recently.

Time will tell which shows she gets involved with over the upcoming weeks and months.

“No” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Never”

It’s entirely possible Caitlin Clark could change her mind in the future. Plenty of celebrities and athletes have turned DWTS down in the past and given it a try later. Without a doubt, she would certainly draw in many viewers.

So far, there aren’t any confirmed celebrity contestants for Season 33 yet. Judge Derek Hough teased on Instagram that he’d love to see both David and Victoria Beckham sign up. He shared an Instagram video of the two giving ballroom dancing a try.


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Names such as Tori Spelling and David Archuletta are also being tossed around this year. Many speculated David Archuletta actually signed up for DWTS Season 32, but backed out at the last minute. This could possibly be his time to shine on the dance floor.

Even if the Dancing With The Stars producers can’t secure Caitlin Clark, there will still be plenty of reasons to tune in this fall.

What do you think about the situation? Would Caitlin Clark make a great addition to Dancing With The Stars this fall? Do you think she will change her mind anytime over the next few years? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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