Tammy Slaton 2022: Has She Lost Any Weight?

Over the last three years, 1000-Lb Sisters fans have watched Tammy Slaton struggle to make progress on her weight loss journey. She has had some small triumphs though she never seems to follow through with commitments to her health. After seeing multiple bariatric doctors, a stint in rehab, and several hospitalizations — has Tammy Slaton actually lost any weight? Read on to find out if the TLC star has managed to make any headway towards her health goals.

Tammy Slaton Battles Her Bulge

When Tammy Slaton started her weight loss journey way back in season one of 1000-Lb. Sistersshe clocked in at a staggering 608-lbs. Her sister, Amy, came in at 400-lbs. After an upsetting weigh-in on a junkyard scale, Amy vowed to turn her life around because she wanted to be able to have kids one day – something she was unable to do at that size. Tammy also made a commitment to put her health first, unfortunately, that commitment wouldn’t be one she would prioritize.

Despite watching both her sister and her brother, Chris Combs, lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery, Tammy put in minimal effort and blamed her lack of progress on anyone she could find a grievance with. Even after seeing her siblings get control over their health, the TLC star refused to abide by the doctor’s orders. Her continued binge eating and refusal to make physical activity changes in her lifestyle contributed to Tammy falling further in the wrong direction. Each visit to her doctor revealed more weight gain and more resistance to the changes her providers were trying to help her make.

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Tam-Tam Makes Some Positive Progress

At the beginning of season 2, we find out that Tammy has been in Rehab for several weeks. During her time in the facility, she was working on losing the 100 pounds required by her doctor to approve her for bariatric surgery.

With the help of nurses, nutrition experts, and staff, Tammy was able to make some tangible progress toward her goal. Her diet was controlled and physical activity was required and encouraged. Her family praised her success as she hit the 60-pound marker. At this point, she was only 40 pounds from her goal. A few more weeks and she would have been able to get her surgery. But, in an act of self-sabotage, Tammy guilts her family into bringing her home early.

As she left, she promised that she would continue to make good choices in regards to her diet and exercise. Tammy said that she would follow the diet and continue to make headway on meeting her goal to get approved for surgery. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Soon after returning from the rehab facility, Tammy began to backslide into old habits. The reality star resumed binge eating and stopped participating in any form of exercise.

Tammy Slaton’s Big Blow Up

In the months since she’s been home, Tammy’s lifestyle choices have created the perfect storm for deteriorating health. Binging eating, limited mobility, vaping and excessive drinking led to substantial weight gain. Her last visit to Dr. Eric proved just how far in the wrong direction she’d been moving. Tammy Slaton stepped on the scale and weighed in at her heaviest yet – just over 640 pounds.

Tammy Slaton TLC
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Her doctor of course was not amused by her lack of progress nor the multitude of excuses she had for her inability to prioritize her health. She was asked not to return until she was ready to make the changes needed to save her own life.

Has Tammy Slaton Lost Any Weight

As we’ve just crossed the threshold into 2022, fans want to know. Has Tammy Slaton actually managed to lose any weight?

Currently, the TLC star is residing as an in-patient at a “hospital-like facility.” Tammy was hospitalized late last year after a nasty bout of carbon dioxide poisoning. According to what Tammy has told fans, she is in a facility near the hospital. This allows her doctors to keep tabs on her while she recovers. While she is feeling better – Tammy says the doctors don’t think she is ready to return home just yet.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes what Tammy is saying. Those who avidly watch her live streams and TikTok videos think Tammy may very well be in a rehab facility or a nursing home. Many feel that it is more likely a nursing home because she has a lot more freedom than she appeared to in the previous rehab facility. Fatty foods and candy are in the background of several of Tammy’s videos which led fans to think that Tammy is in a nursing home.

Tammy Slaton TLC
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Numerous fans have been trying to use her social media photos and videos to gauge if she has lost any weight since she’s been away from home. While in some videos Tammy’s seems to be slimmer, other videos give her a larger appearance. The constant changes to the editing make it very hard to tell if the celeb has dropped any of the weight – especially when she tends to favor various filters when making her content.

So, in regards to the question of whether Tammy Slaton has lost any weight – our answer is — maybe. While Tammy continued to update fans, she has not given any further information about her weight loss progress. It is entirely possible that Tammy is in a rehab facility getting the help she needs. As of now, however, she tells fans that she is just in a care facility recovering her lung strength so she can return home. We will continue to monitor the situation and report on the 1000-Lb. Sisters star’s progress as more information becomes available.

You can catch new episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday nights on TLC.

Nikki Desrosiers


  1. She won’t lose weight, she makes too much money being morbidly obese. When she dead in a year or two she’ll lose weight

    1. Totally agree. She’s not even pretending to try and flaunting the poor me card. This show is supposed to motivate others. Cut her tv contract and focus on people who really want to work on themselves. She’s a loser in only one sense of the word.

    2. Why are the producers of this show allowing those idiots to hang around Tammy. They are only there to use her and get their 15 minutes of fame. Pull the plug on this show. It is killing her!

  2. The show is about weight loss and encouraging others. Tammy doesn’t want to change. Take her off the show. No fun watching Amy try to help her. She doesn’t want help. And Chris is doing well. He doesn’t have to herniate himself trying to push and drive Tammy around. Her weight isn’t doing any good for his car or Amy’s husband. I’d rather see them get on doing new things in their lives with losing more weight. Tammy needs to go.

    1. I’m not sure how Tammy has gotten as far as she has with her attitude and her ungrateful deminer. She made the statement that her sisters should be grateful she’s not bed ridden. And be glad they don’t have to clean her and change her diaper. Well with that being said she would most definitely be glad she can do for herself because I would have her in a home before she said one more thing. I feel so bad for both her brother and brother in law. That’s alot of ass to haul. I could only imagine how their backs hurt. She needs to really take an inventory of herself. They all should walk away and love her at a distance. I bet she would then take this more serious and stop putting demands on others.

    2. I don’t think it’s a case of Tammy not wanting to try – I don’t think she knows how. Food has been her constant throughout her sad life and she simply cannot envision a world without it. The concept of normal eating is unfathomable to her and probably frightens her. What would she do when she needed it as her crutch? She has no significant coping strategies/tools to replace the eating anc I suspect she finds this overwhelming. The anger she levies upon her family is really anger towards herself, and her frustration, again, is really about herself and her inability to change. Deep down, I think she is terrified but doesn’t know a healthy way to express it. Goodness knows how this is going to play put if Tammy doesn’t figure out how to help herself.

      1. That’s crap! “She doesn’t know how “??? She’s been given EVERY F***** Tool possible. From rehab, to meal plans, hired help, counseling, etc AND, ALL PAID FOR by TLC AND collecting a decent salary while many other people have no help, no insurance etc. She’s just bitter, angry ungrateful and a sloth. I am so disgusted with her that I completely changed channel every time she is on. TLC needs to drop her and spin off the rest of the family members and their journeys.

      2. Tammy has a very narcissistic attitude. And has no idea of how she is hurting her family and doesn’t care. But when the time comes her family will know they did their best. Her family has created a frankenstein and will have to live with that grief. Amy is moving on with her life so what does Tammy do? Begins giving her family more and more concern over her life style so now the attention is back on her. Wake up Tammy your end is right around the corner.

  3. It’s so sad because she doesn’t want to try. She has had multiple opportunities to lose her weight and have a life changing metamorphosis; but, Tammy Refuses to do Anything about her size. She’d rather make multiple Excuses about why she can’t do anything and wait on her family to Spoil and Cater to her. She’s nasty to the Counselor/Therapist, she Refuses to get to the Root of her Food Addiction. Tammy doesn’t Really want help. It’s Obvious that she has no interest or intentions to follow the Doctors or her Family’s advice.

  4. I do really feel sorry for Tammy as wondering why she doesn’t want to lose weight ???
    Hopefully when the Dr visits her she will turn around and listen !
    I am so happy for Amy as she is happily married and now has little Gage and for Chris is doing great too !!
    Tammy needs to stop smoking & drinking and perhaps stop seeing her friends as they are pushing her in the wrong direction !!!
    I really hope that 1,000 LBS Sisters comes back on for a 4th season as l love this show !!!

    1. Why feel sorry for her, everyone has catered to her and all she ever does is bitch and complain when she doesn’t get her own way. I feel sorry for her family that want the best for her and Amy who has done everything for her. She ruined family vacation because she was too lazy and Fat to climb a 2 ft ramp. Sorry she deserves nothing unless she changes her attitude and ways

  5. Tammy needs to be off the show. There are many people who wish they were in her position to get help. It does not look good for the show or TLC. Get her off the show she is no inspiration to people who are looking for inspiration no. She is mean and nasty to people who are only there to help.

    1. that’s my exact feelings…TLC shows no purpose in having her on the show..really, the whole theme of the show is not helping anyone learn anything…amy is gaining her weight back…seems like a morbid soap opera with no intrinsic value.

    2. Get Tammy off. I’d rather see more of Chris, Amanda and Misty. All the best to Amy and her little family. Amy’s husband needs help too

  6. As a woman who has battled her weight my entire life, I can to some degree understand the feeling of helplessness that comes with this fight. I have recently lost 65 pounds and want to lose another 40. Unlike people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, those of us who suffer with the battle of fighting the scale can’t stop eating. Alcoholics can stay out of bar’s and liquor stores, change friend’s and remove those people and places from their lives. We cannot!!! Our society places food as a “great” reason to get together and socialize. Let’s get together and BBQ on Saturday or Let’s go out for Brunch on Sunday. Eating = socializing. Thank God I was never even close to Amy or Tammy’s size, but it is still very difficult. You can’t just stop eating. You can stop drinking or drugging. Please don’t judge other’s until you have walked their path. Blessings to everyone because we all have our own demon’s. Some are inside of us, other’s are outside. A kind smile costs nothing and you never know how much it might help the person who you showed kindness to. Blessings to all and let us stop judging and be kinder even to ourselves.

    1. Amy needs to leave the show too all she does is having babies and more babies even though Her dr tells her to wait she won’t listen anymore either and amy talking to her family with her smarty attitude saying its none of there business.

  7. that’s my exact feelings…TLC shows no purpose in having her on the show..really, the whole theme of the show is not helping anyone learn anything…amy is gaining her weight back…seems like a morbid soap opera with no intrinsic value.

  8. I think after 3 years and Tammy isn’t trying to lose weight , her journey should be canceled. In the beginning I was hoping she would help herself .. Wasting Dr. Nows time when he could be helping someone that is willing to do the work! That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it !

    1. Well you’d be sticking to a wrong opinion Lol considering she’s never seen Dr. Now :/ LOL hard to waste a man’s time if you’ve never met him… just saying.

      1. Nikki Dr Now would never be bothered with Tammy because she is non compliance he would have been dumped her mean and nasty ass

  9. Iam so tired of shows that portray Southern women as fat and dumb. It is very insulting to women in the South to be stereo typed in this manner. Nobody wants to watch crude uneducated rednecks who are dumb as a brick and I do apologize to the bricks act like this. This is not cool, its wrong. PULL THIS TRASH and give us something entertaining TLC is racist toward Southern people and I’m sick of it.

    1. What do you mean TLC is racist to Southern Women? TLC also shows Southern Woman as stuck up, snotty, snooty Bitches who think their shit don’t stink, perhaps your not familiar with Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta!

    2. look who is being the racist! Sounds more like you have a identity problem yourself. The show started off with the sisters, and now has expanded to the rest of the family because of curiosity…They say they grew up poor and parents weren’t around much…how would you have made out if that was your situation? Nobody has forced you to watch the show….your sounding just like a “tammy” smh

  10. Everyone is saying why is she on the show. I think because losing weight is a battle and sometimes you are at war with yourself. It actually shows how deep the problem can be. Tammy may or may not be a list cause—but there are lots of Tammy’s out there. Will they see themselves. Maybe. Maybe not. But if just one or two recognizes this path of self destructive behavior and turns their life around may be it will serve a purpose.
    I wish the best for the whole family. No body is perfect. Love Chris, Amy, Amanda and all. I pray Amy gets back on board after this second baby. Those kids need a healthy, energetic mama. Good luck you all.

  11. It seems Tammy is quite spoiled..she gets upset at the world if she doesn’t lose wt. Amy is also backsliding..l wish both of them nothing but the VERY best of luck..l WOULD LOVE to see Tammy loose wt and be able to go places and live her life without pain and embracement… I love to see her able to sit in a car seat instead of laying in the back of a Van.. Only Tammy can do this, l really don’t understand why she just don’t care when so many people care for her!! Tammy l don’t know you but ld LOVE to, you have such a kind ,loving heart..but you cover it with anger and you talk to people esp. your family so hateful and nasty..l just don’t belive that’s REALLY you. Even though you may not agree, you DO have something to prove to the world and your family..I’m saying l really don’t think you could find ONE person EXCEPT YOU that wishes you harm or bad luck..Grow up Tammy pull up your big girl panties and do this..if you put all the engery and anger into getting better and loosing wait!! You’d be amazed what you can do when you want it ONLY for Yourself! I have a suggestion and it’s ONLY A suggestion..why not get in the mind set that YES you are going to do this STAY in the rehap, nursing home or hospital that you’re in refuse to see any family OR friends..and work as hard as you can THEN when you’ve lost the wt. And you’re all better and off that AWFUL O/2..DRESS UP REAL PRETTY AND THEN invite your family and friends…they will be AMAZED!!! That way you will have a wonderful goal to look forward to “The day YOU walk to the door with NO WALKER and open it for you Family!! That would be wonderful..Good Luck, l Wish you Love, Hope And Healing..and l AM praying for you.

  12. You people voicing your options are talking just to say something . Leave Tammy alone if you can’t say anything uplifting then keep your lips closed. Keep her in your prayers.

  13. I enjoyed this show when it first went out but cannot watch it any more tammy I a lost cause I am a firm believer that you have to help yourself first then others will help you I think tammy and Amy have ran there course dump them and stick with the remains 👪

  14. To the Author Nikki, I really enjoy reading your posts about several TLC shows…but in this post, I have two corrections for you. When Amy was weighed in at the Junk yard she was actually 406lbs & Tammys highest weight to date was 669lbs, it was the 2nd time she weighed in with Chris. 640lbs is her 2nd highest though. Keep up with the great gossip & great posts looking forward to your next one.

  15. The show needs to dump Tammy. She doesn’t want to even try to lose weight. All she does is blame everyone else for what she does. The family tries to help but they also enable her. Any is staying to fall down that rabbit hole also, of not listening to the Dr. This was a good show to start, and gave a lot of people hope, but now all it is, is watching two sisters not listening to their Dr’s and doing whatever they want. I think Chris is the only one that’s doing a fantastic job. The family needs to stop enabling Tammy and start showing tough love.
    Tammy’s body won’t hold out much longer at the rate she’s going, and I for one don’t care to watch it happen. TLC I’m sure could find two other people that would appreciate everything.
    As for Amy and Tammy? I think it’s time to move on.

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