‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Tour Of Amy Halterman’s New Kentucky Home

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With renovations complete and the family officially moved in on the show, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans really want a tour of Amy Halterman’s new Kentucky home. Fans can only assume Amy Halterman was not allowed to show off her new home the way she couldn’t show off Gage after he was born last season because of contracts and NDAs. Now that the episode has aired, fans are hopeful this means they’ll get a better look inside of her new Kentucky home.

amy slaton youtube

For legal reasons, we can’t include the photos inside of our article. But, The Sun recently acquired exclusive photos giving a tour of Amy and Michael Halterman’s new home. What do we know about the details of Amy Halterman’s new Kentucky home? And, what does it look like? Keep reading for the details!

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What do we know about Amy Halterman’s new home?

Fans watched Amy and Michael Halterman pack and move into their new home after spending a significant amount of time renovating it. Moving to a much bigger space, the family quickly realized they don’t really have enough furniture to fit the space. Chris Combs was kind enough to donate his old kitchen table to his sister. He revealed it was the kitchen table from their childhood. And, his wife was ready for something that was a little more her style. So, he decided to save his sister some money and give her the table. Chris Combs also liked this idea because it meant the table would stay in the family.

amy slaton youtube

The kitchen of Amy Halterman’s new home has wooden upper and lower cabinets. The cabinets match most of the interior of the home which is also wooden.

This three-bedroom home offers the opportunity for Gage to have his own room. Fans assume the third room will be a nursery for the baby Amy is currently pregnant with.

During the show, Amy Halterman revealed the home has a backyard. So, Gage will have plenty of space to play. She added there was a park right down the street from her home too.

Amy and Michael Halterman’s new home is just 30 minutes away from her previous home. So, she can still visit with her sister Tammy. But, she’s not so close that she can be at her sister’s beck and call anymore.

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Interested in seeing the photos of the inside of Amy Halterman’s new home? You can click here to see a slideshow of the photos over at The Sun.

Allie Johnson


  1. After searching for 3 years I am finding no 3 bedrooms for 37,0000. Lowest no frills about 250-300,000 in Tennessee. Wonder how she did it?

  2. Hope she takes pride in her new home. As i was watching them packing for the new house i was wondering how many mice are they taking?I was very surprised on the state of her last house.I thought she was cleaner then that.Tammy’s place was in better condition. Maybe she gets help.Anyway a new start! I hope.

  3. I like Amy’s house, those houses are cheaper back there must be manufactured. Good luck Amy and Gage and Michael

    1. I’m so happy for Amy and very proud of her and happy to see that there’s no way for her to help Tammy any more because Tammy won’t help herself. Amy has done everything she can and has gone way beyond the call of duty to help Tammy but all her sister does is manipulate, take advantage, and is verbally and emotionally abusive to Amy and the rest of the family…she’s burned all the bridges behind her, so yeah it’s time to let go. Tammy has gotten herself into the situation she’s in and she’s the only one who can fix it.
      Obviously she’ll have to be a ward of the state and hopefully they can do something with her…I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Tammy and she needs to stop playing the victim. If anyone is a victim it’s Amy due to Tammy’s cruel, mean, and abusive behavior. Don’t feel guilty Amy…enjoy your new home with Gage and hubby…I’m VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      1. Does anyone ever get sick and tired of the family trying to figure out what to do about Tammy when Tammy doesn’t do fiddly squat for herself?!!

  4. Oh lordy, please buy you a new mattress. Heck just go buy the whole bed frame & all. I would never let anyone see my mattress if it looked like that!!!

    1. Amen! That was beyond filthy! Then they drug it through mud and put it right back on the bed. Do people really live like that?

  5. Congratulations 🎊. I was just wondering why even though all them sisters had weight loss surgery. Why are they all still so big. Minus tammy. Ya’ll have to let her be and realize she doesn’t want help. Let her eat herself to death if that’s what she wants. Leave her alone! Oh and I hope you keep a cleaner house than you did your apartment.

  6. You all need to let up on the cleanliness of Amy and her damn mattress! Your not sleeping on it! I’m sure if you lived the lives these kids did ( and many more in this country) your house may look worse. At least she is trying to better herself. Let her alone and quit watching if your so bothered by it!

  7. Does anyone ever get sick and tired of the family trying to figure out what to do about Tammy when Tammy doesn’t do fiddly squat for herself?!!

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