Queen What? ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Give Tammy New Nickname

Tammy Slaton TLC

Whether it’s her family, an ex-boyfriend, or even a show critic, Tammy Slaton is used to being called by a number of names — both positive and negative. The female siblings of the family tend to refer to each other (lovingly) as “B*tch,” while fans on TikTok follow her under the name Queen Tammy. In the celeb’s latest social media post, however, her followers were referring to Tammy Slaton by a new nickname – and we’re not so sure she will like this one as much. Read on to find out what TikTok viewers are calling Tammy these days.

Tammy Slaton Turns To TikTok

1000-Lb. Sisters star, Tammy Slaton, has been in an extended stay health care facility since late last year. As TvShowsAce has reported in the past, the 640+ pound celeb is supposedly on the mend after a severe case of carbon dioxide poisoning. While she does have to stay in the facility in order to be close to health care providers, Tammy does have quite a lot of time on her hands. So, in need of a hobby, she has returned to her love of social media – this time expanding her TikTok following.

Tammy SLaton TLC
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Tammy Takes on Wynona

In one of Tammy Slaton’s most recent videos, she donned a new hairstyle and did her best country diva impression. Rocking out a pair of tightly wound Leia buns, the celeb lipsynced a performance of Wynona Judd’s “No One Else On Earth” as she bopped her head and made her best sexy faces for the camera.

As usual, the comment section was replete with all kinds of feedback.  Some fans left positive thoughts, wishing her a speedy recovery. Others said she should put some of the efforts she puts into her videos into working out. Some even wanted to call her out for her nasty, rude behavior in recently aired episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters. 

In addition to the normal comments that Tammy is used to seeing – there were a few comments that stuck out. Apparently, a few fans have come up with a new nickname for Tammy and it appears to be getting some traction.


♬ No One Else On Earth – Wynonna Judd

Queen Tammy? Not Anymore

While Tammy Slaton has been affectionately nicknamed “Queen Tammy” by some of her doting fans, other more cynical viewers have made their fun out of coming up with new nicknames for the reality star. In the recent Wynona video referenced above, several viewers in the comment section called Tammy by a new nickname.

“Queen Hammy is back at it again,” said one viewer.

“Oh Hammy No,” mocked another.

While “Queen Hammy” was definitely the most popular some fans even went so far as to dub her “Queef Tammy,” “Queef Latifah,” and even “Hammy Queen of Queefs.” Fans took turns trying to come up with the best nickname, while others viewers either egged them on or condemned their rude behavior.

What do you think of Tammy’s new fan-given nicknames? Tell us in the comments.

You can catch the new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday night on the TLC network.

Nikki Desrosiers


  1. I used to feel bad for her. She has made me grow to become absolutely disgusted by everything about her. As long as she gets attention she will never change and the more attention the worse she is! Her family needs to wash themselves clean of her and move on with their own lives otherwise she will continue to pull them down with her.

  2. Queen Hammy fits her great like it was meant to be her new nickname.. or even Queen Oinky two good nicknames

  3. She is with a doubt one of the nastiest people I have ever seen. It’s unbelievable how nasty and hateful she is to her family. At least twice on the show they’ve said how she has lived or completely relied on everyone and Amy is the last one. If someone treated me the way she treats Amy, I would not help her with anything else. She can order her car loads of junk food to be delivered and if she wants something cooked, she could cook it herself. It would be different if she tried to help herself and wasn’t so hateful.

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