YIKES! Tammy Slaton’s New Selfie Has Fans Freaking Out

Yikes — Tammy Slaton’s new selfie on Instagram has fans seriously freaking out. What exactly did the TLC personality post on Instagram? Why does it have her fans and followers freaking out? Keep reading for all the details and to see this latest selfie of how Tammy is looking right now.

YIKES! Tammy Slaton’s new selfie has fans freaking out — why?

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star took to Instagram a few hours ago to share a selfie. The photo gave fans an update of what Tammy was looking like right now. Unfortunately, she was still rocking a trach. Fans weren’t exactly pleased by these trach selfies as they feel like she isn’t taking her situation seriously. Many fans have dragged her for treating her trach as nothing more than a cute accessory at this point.

This photo featured Tammy Slaton rocking a hair of tight Mickey Mouse style buns in her hair. Despite having a fresh coat of makeup on her face and being dressed to embrace the day, she had a cold stare and a frown on her face. She was wearing a black shirt with a skeleton torso design on it.

Her selfie did not come with a caption or any details explaining the purpose of posting it. Those who follow Tammy on Instagram know she’s been the queen of posting photos and videos without captions for a while now.

Despite her lack of a caption, her followers had a lot to say about the selfie and her actions on the latest episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a lot of love for Tammy on Instagram.

Tammy Slaton Instagram

What did her fans have to say?

Tammy Slaton’s fans and followers are all over the place in the comment section. One comment that soared to the top was reminding her how much her family cared about her. The comment urged her to consider treating her family a little better. Here’s what some of her other fans had to say about the selfie:

  • “Loving the hair do, queen tammy!”
  • “Your life has a purpose so please work harder to get that weight off. You deserve a Happy normal life and I want you to Live.”
  • “This madness needs to stop.”
  • “Ward of the state.”
  • “Tammy you look better. You look like you’ve lost some weight and I hope you are feeling well.”
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Many of her followers admit it appears as though she’s lost some weight in this photo. They, however, wish she would be kinder to her family and take her situation more seriously. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans added they are on her family’s side and don’t want to see her pass away.

What do you think of Tammy Slaton’s latest selfie on Instagram? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. Just another sad bid for attention, I can’t stand watching her anymore.
    The denial that she lives in and constant requirement of a man is just pathetic. How old is she again??

    1. I totally agree!! very imature acting. She doesn’t care about herself. She is disgusting, She wants everyone at her beck and call

  2. Tammy Slaton uses glamour filters on her face so she can carve a few lbs off her face when she wants.
    She is under contract with TLC so she can’t show all her body while in the facility..

  3. Oh! For the love of god, quit exploiting yourself Tammy. Soooo sick of her already. IF & I use the word loosely, she’s supposedly treating her family better, it’s ONLY because EVERYBODY is living THEIR OWN LIFE’S & NOBODY is @ her becken call anymore & GOOD for them! Also the term Queen Tammy is ridiculous. She is just obese Slaton, PERIOD! It’s ridiculous she gets money from the government. Why should US taxpayers foot the bill for people who eat themselves to death. I for 1 am tired of a portion of my hard earned money going to people on disability due to their addictions. In a sence, aren’t we helping to support their addictions? DISGUSTING & RIDICULOUS….

      1. I had thought I can’t watch this anymore just heartbreaking but just then she decided to go back to rehab and I support that 100% so what she’s taking selfies with her trech what can she do except it for now . wake up each day put that make up on and own that day she’s on the right path to get better and she why bash on someone bettering themselves Tammy if you see this you rock Queen keep strutting your shit.

        1. I agree, a least she is trying now, which is what I wanted to see, keep at it Tammy, and soon you will be on your way to Weight loss surgery, and at that point you can show you fans after the surgery, some major weight loss and be able to live life again, and hold down a job. Which is your goal. All of us can’t wait for you to succeed, all the way to the end of your journey. I know I can’t hardly wait for u to succeed, that is why I watch this show. I also watch it to inspire me,because some of the things you are going through that are related to food addicted some things like I ate food to comfort me, I couldn’t believe it that is exactly what I said about me. And I thought I was the only one that said or did that. So I know you can relate to many people who are going through the same thing. I want to see u lose this weight so I know there is hope for others. I like to see someone this show take this weight loss all the way to the end and not just half way to inspire other people that there is hope if u don’t give up. Tammy we need to see u win this fight. It’s what we all been waiting for Good Luck and Don’t stop, don’t give up, and don’t quit. As In the words of Extreme Phil the exercise instructor say!

    1. If only being ignorant was an excuse for being rude and malicious. This woman, and many,many people like her, have had horrible childhoods, or childhoods with damaging outcomes at least. You obviously have led a charmed life.

      Tammy Slaton is one of the bravest women I have ever heard of. Her family is the most patient and loving people I have ever witnessed. The entire family facing up to their ghosts and pasts to reach their goals is not only inspiring, but groundbreaking. Having the bravery and guts to share a painful story takes character and pride.

      Knowing that their stories may inspire others and keeping on keeping on is a miracle to me in itself. You go Tammy! You got this! In fact, I bet she reaches her goal weight before Amy does! #readyforSeason4!

    2. You really need to experience some VERY hard life lessons to help you understand why people become addicts. Oh and “becken” call – really? Do you make all your words up? Lives, not life’s. Jesus!

    3. Absolutely perfect response!!! Thank you!!! I also think QUEEN TAMMY is fricken hilarious and ridiculous!!!
      You said EXACTLY what I wanted to say!!! She’s disgusting.
      Thank you for being honest.

  4. Tammy is so fake. I hate the way she treats her family. Families are a blessing. Tammy is selfish and loves attention. Let Tammy do her thing. She doesn’t care about life. Maybe one day she will see what she is missing out on. Life is gift and her family are beautiful people for trying to help her. I am truly sick of her hurtful ways. The show now to me is one I hope to continue to watch or not. Tammy has taken all the joy of the show away.

  5. Tammy and Amy are both disgusting slobs. The fact Tammy is still alive is crazy.. I think if she passed away it would be a relief for that whole family.. she’s nothing but a burden on them.

    1. That is do MEAN! Haven’t you ever heard that if you can’t say something nice just don’t say anything at all?!?!?! They are still people with feelings and people like YOU are nothing but MEAN AND EVIL! If you don’t like them just go away and leave them alone!

    2. You think that’s crazy? Know what I think is crazy? Someone like you who actually chooses a user name of Tammy plus an insult? Crazy and sad!

      1. That is a horrible thing to say. She has never done anything to hurt anyone. They are human beings with feelings and Tammy needs people to support her.

    1. this woman is human, i feel for her, is sadness, is everything, i feel compassion
      for her, she just can’t help her self, don’t stop helping her, she really needs help!
      poor woman…. 🥺🙏😞🌷

  6. I think they should take her off TLC we don’t want to see her vaping drinking partying. She should respect her family more that’s been helping her. And treating her sister Amy like s***. Doing your hair and putting all this makeup on is supposed to make you look beautiful then concentrate on the rest of your body not just your face and your hair.

  7. Tammy has a deathwish. As if her weight wasn’t killing her fast enough-that party style is doing dbl damage! She is so mean to the ppl that truly care about her. How she yells at them & makes it that it’s their responsibility to do everything for her. They don’t owe her anything! She needs to wake up! Before she dies alone & quickly.

  8. Cancel this show the 2 girls are nasty as well as Mike. They are given money for show what about getting new bras etc. Mike aswell Tammy is just a slob. PS clean your feet

  9. Gosh nothing like bullying make yourself feel better right? That’s what most of you are doing, bullying someone with mental health issues. If you were doing this face to face with her I believe she could file charges, then again most of you are cowards. You couldn’t face to face you have to hide behind your screen and drag her thru shit. Hope you feel great about yourselves. Don’t bother defending your actions here. I know your pathetic and wouldn’t dare day anything to my face either.

    1. You must be big, fat, and nasty too..in order to defend stank fat ass Tammy. She is mean and she is jealous of the rest of her family… she have had the same opportunity that they have had.. she act like it’s their fault that she is big… calling Amy lazy just because she is tired of waiting on her big ass hand and foot.

  10. Tammy, love your hair! You are looking great! You keep up the good work and keep doing this for yourself. I’m very proud of you. God bless Tammy 🙏❤️

  11. Some of you are bullies. You pick on people before you understand their situation. Tammy needs help but she has to realize that herself all her family can do is try and help and support her. She made bad choses but hopefully with this last one she has learned a real life lesson. No one can loose the weight but her. She has alot of bottled up and needs help to deal with it.

    1. It’s been years for both Amy and Tammy when they embarked on this TLC journey. Amy has made the changes she needs. Tammy has only gotten worse. She’s been hospitalised multiple times, on life support even. I hope she learns but I fear it may be too late.
      Btw, “a lot” is always two words!! Never one word. Just saying….😊

  12. Amy has made some questionable decisions but she is losing weight and fulfilling her dreams of a family!!
    Tammy on the other hand is – I believe, jealousy of her siblings weight losses and successes, so she’s digging in her heels. What she doesn’t realize is she’s only hurting herself and her family!!
    For that I believe it’s quite sad. She’s ~35 years old and throwing her life away.

  13. I think this woke her up and she is trying now. They need to have a season four so we know what is happening with the family.If she doesn’t keep losing weight she knows she will die.

  14. I don’t care how a childhood is there’s no reason to get in that shape. She can walk, it isn’t that far to the mailbox. If you can have sex with a guy, party and get drunk, then all I see is someone who’s LAZY. RUDE TO THE FAMILY.. I FEEL FOR THEM.. THEY HAVE DONE EVERYTHING TO HELP HER. SHE SHOULD BE ASHAME OF HERSELF. I AM GLAD AMI AND FAMILY MOVED AWAY. SHE’S DISCUSSING. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE AND HELP YOURSELF NO ONE ELSE WILL. GET YOUR ASS UP AND START TAKING OF YOURSELF AND STOP BLEAMING EVERYONE ELSE.

  15. Tammy, it’s a photo of you on Instagram was not altered I see a pretty face!!! You’re prettier than you think now just continue losing your weight and you’re also fine a much better outlook of yourself and your life!!! Continue with your weight loss you’re more than pretty you’re beautiful this will give you more confidence in truth for yourself!!! Now don’t let it go to your head but that’s what I see and it’s my opinion!!!

  16. Hi there, it’s hard to lose weight and the gastric bypass does help. I know I had it done too. But I have started to gain my weight back again I’m not sure why? It makes me sad. I’m trying all kinds of diets. I hope I lose the weight too. Good luck don’t stop trying. I won’t either. D. Watts.

  17. This is a woman with an addiction like smoking, drugs, drinking. But, hers happens to be food. I quit smoking 3 years ago and never looked back. It was one of the hardest things I every had to. Tammy has to get to the point where she is dedicated to do this. Until she gets to that point it’s not going to happen. I hope she’s not to late in making that decision. Good Luck Tammy.❤️🤗🌹

  18. I absolutely hate how Tammy treats her family. She really does think they they are obligated to wait on her and take care of her…like with the wheel chair when they rented an electric wheel chair for her so she can wheel herself around but of course she had a problem with that. She was not appreciative at all. She said “is it for her or really for them”..so that they don’t have to push her around!! She does NOT appreciate anything and couldn’t care less that others may hurt their backs by pushing her around….she just expects it no matter what it does to anyone. She is so incredibly ungrateful…it is sickening to watch. Its like she is a spoiled 4 year old brat that does not appreciate anything. She like to manipulate and pull the pity party card too. Her family sees it which is good. I think she would not mind being bed bound because she expects that her family will wipe her tail and bathe her!! She belongs in a permanent care facility where they will help her only if she cannot. She needs to grow up and take her health seriously. Her family really does care about her and wants her to live. Calling her ” Queen Tammy” needs to stop…it only allows her to be self absorbed and that its ok to be. Wake up Tammy, you need to “adult” now. Lots of people love you and want you to live….we ALL want you to live. Gage wants you to be there for him as he grows up. You can do this… Its up to you now.

  19. Photo is most certainly altered! Don’t be fooled! There’s not a photo that she has posted that Isn’t! Tell me…why is her forehead fat is not as pronouned & her eyes So wide open in her photos/posts and yet all other posts from other sources clearly show a diff in editing &/or filtering of her appearance. Don’t be nice, as we should all know by now, Tammy is not an honest or trustworthy person who takes zer accountability for her actions.

  20. That is a horrible thing to say. She has never done anything to hurt anyone. They are human beings with feelings and Tammy needs people to support her.

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