Delusional? ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Fear Tammy Is Digging Her Grave

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Over the course of the hit TLC show 1000-Lb. Sisters, Tammy Slaton has continuously failed to make any progress on her weight loss journey. At 640+ pounds at the last televised weigh-in, the celeb seems to lack the ability to hold herself accountable for her actions. There is always a reason why she hasn’t or “can’t” do what she’s supposed to do. As of late, fans are starting to point out that Tammy seems to not fully have a grasp on reality. Is Tammy Slaton delusional? Find out what fans are afraid that she might be quickly headed to an early grave.

No One Sugar Coats For Tammy Slaton

Since the beginning of the show, doctors and family members have been telling Tammy Slaton that she needs to make changes. While some are kinder than others with their wording – no one involved with her care sugarcoats the facts. One day, her weight is going to be what causes her death.

The celeb has worked with two separate doctors since she began her weight loss journey. Both Dr. Proctor and Dr. Eric eventually gave up on regular visits with Tammy because she refuses to try and implement the strategies and plans they create to help her. Both doctors on separate occasions have been blunt with Tammy – directly letting her know that she is quickly on the road to becoming bedbound – and, once that happens – there ends her change at changing her life.

Tammy Slaton, TLC
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Despite constantly being inundated with the truth about her health, Tammy Slaton somehow manages to live in an area of silver lining. It’s almost as if she believes people are lying. She knows she’s big – and yes, she’d like to change that one day — perhaps. But, the warnings from doctors and family fall on deaf ears. She believes she has time to spare.

Fans worry that Tammy’s ‘selective hearing’ and ‘selective prioritizing’ will end up doing more than annoying those who care for her.

Nothing Is Ever What it Seems

One thing that really bothers 1000-Lb. Sisters fans is that Tammy has an innate ability to defer blame off of herself and onto someone or something else. Nothing is ever her fault. Fans are starting to believe she is physically incapable of accepting responsibility for her own actions.

Any time she gains weight instead of losing pounds – she “doesn’t know what happened” or it’s “Amy’s fault for bringing her bad food.”

When asked why she refuses to even try to put in the steps requested by her doctor – “it wasn’t a priority” because she was “too stressed.”

When asked why she refuses to walk anywhere “it’s too painful.”

Tammy Slaton, TLC
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This is just a small sampling of the issue. No matter what the situation – Tammy will inevitably blame another person or some other outside force for pushing her further in the wrong direction. The sad part is – Fans think that Tammy really believes the lies she is telling everyone. She honestly thinks that she is ‘doing everything she can’ to make her life better. She somehow thinks that everyone is against her, and anyone who isn’t there to enable her or give her romantic attention – is the enemy.

Love Is Blind?

In addition to Tammy’s delusional mindset preventing others from getting through to her about the danger that she’s in, Fans worry that she is doing herself irreversible harm. Both mentally and physically, Tammy Slaton’s inability to process reason is adding to her quickly declining health.

This is easily pointed out in her dangerous attraction to kink-driven men. She seeks validation and affection from the men she meets online – but only looks for it in men who have a fetish for large women. These men tell her what she wants to hear and continuously feed her both food and lies – creating a dangerous situation. In nearly all instances that we have seen play out through the show, Tammy Slaton will believe and trust these men over anyone else in her life – truly believing they love her and have her best interest at heart. Unfortunately, that has yet to be the case.

Tammy Slaton, TLC
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Failing to acknowledge the truth about how her addiction and her size are quickly killing her – and TLC viewers say it’s like a sad trainwreck they can’t look away from. On a recent Reddit thread, one comment pointed out that Tammy Slaton is lucky that the worst hasn’t happened yet. She still has the opportunity to change her life. In regards to letting these men encourage her bad behavior, the commenter said – “Perhaps love is blind. Perhaps we are all wrong and these men really love her. Or perhaps her love of this men will make her go blind as her diabetes advances — and yet she will tell everyone it’s not her fault.”

Do you think that Tammy’s fantastical delusions are leading her to an early grave? Tell us in the comments.

You can catch the newest episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday nights on TLC.

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