Tammy Slaton Blames Unsupportive Fans For Her Weight Struggles

Tammy Slaton Smiling From YouTube

1000-Lb Sisters has TLC fans talking this season after watching Tammy Slaton still continue to not be able to lose weight. Three seasons in and Tammy has not made any strides towards her eating goals. However, now, Tammy is blaming unsupportive fans for her lack of weight loss.

Tammy Slaton blames fans

Tammy Slaton has had no success when it comes to her weight loss journey. Every season she becomes derailed by someone or something. However now, according to ScreenRant, she is blaming unsportive fans for her weight loss struggles.

Tammy originally took her frustrations to TikTok where she said the lack of support is what is causing her to fail so many times.

“I wish y’all would give me some credit man, I’m trying… But y’all just want to keep on holding me back. How the f*** do you expect me to win… if y’all keep holding me down?” She continues saying: “Y’all say y’all fans but… true fans would ride or die until I died.”

Tammy Slaton Youtube
Tammy Slaton | Youtube

Is Tammy placing blame?

Since posting that, she has taken the TikTok down likely for the backlash she would get in the comments. It seems everyone wants Tammy to get healthy, except for Tammy herself and she is looking to place the blame on anyone else.

That’s exactly what one person thinks in the comment section.

“If only WE supported her she’d lose the weight… Now she is blaming… fake internet people for her problems.”

Another person chimes in noting that Tammy just wants enablers. That does seem to be the case. Especially with what happened with Nurse Tisa. She wouldn’t give into Tammy Slaton all the time and it seems things went south for her. Amy is also constantly being forced to enable Tammy or else Tammy seems to throws a fit.

1000 LB Sisters Nurse TisaYoutube
Nurse Tisa | Youtube

“She wants enablers… [Tammy] can’t keep blaming other people because they aren’t giving [her] pats for ‘trying,” ScreenRant quotes.

Hopefully one day Tammy Slaton will notice that she’s putting the blame off on others and finally takes responsibility for her actions. That is likely the only way she will ever be able to get to a healthier weight. Fans will just have to keep following Tammy to see what is next for her on her journey to a better lifestyle.

Do you think it’s the fans’ fault that Tammy Slaton isn’t losing weight? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb Sisters news.

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  1. Omg,really So now it’s the fans fault, oh I’m sorry I don’t see anyone, tying u up, or sitting on you holding you back…please for the love, of your family, and all these other people who fall into your pity poo party. Suck it up buttercup! My ass is tired of seeing, it or hearing it, when it’s just a shame, that u can’t do task for yourself. But you can when it comes to things like men! Uh huh ..okay

    1. Tammy , I think you are ready to die. You are fat and not healthy. Stop putting blames on others . Keep it up your family will be going to your funeral. You’re on a banana peel ready for death. You’re lazy and ungrateful, mean, disrespectful towards your family and anyone trying to help you stay alive. You not far from death.

      1. Tammy, get real. Stop eating too much and start moving. Accept responsibility for your actions which contribute to your weight gain.

    2. This fat woman just needs to move around and stop shoveling food into her face.
      No one’s fault but her own. For crying out loud … she’s the size of 6 normal people.
      Get your face outta the trough and move that fat body

    3. I agree with you this woman salavates for food and men equally. We need to expose this person for who she really is. There ware no fans when she was younger but she still stuffed her face. I am turned against this woman and her ever ending blame game for her over eating. As a result of this last tic tok rant she should be kicked off TV for good.

    4. This oxygen thief ( Tammy Slatton) blames EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else except her own slovenly, lazy, arrogant , nasty self for the predicament she’s in.
      She has had so much support ( especially from Amy) and the rest of the family, medical professionals even her ‘fans’ have reached out to her.
      She’s just a horrid person that doesn’t deserve the help that’s been offered to her.
      She’d just rather bitch and whinge and blame EVERYONE else !
      As long as people pander to her she’ll keep playing the victim !
      Leave her to her own devices and see how how long she lasts.
      Poor Amy isn’t even able to fully enjoy the birth of her son because Tantrum Tammy is constantly demanding attention.
      She’s rude and ungrateful and honestly i don’t know how they’ve put up with her this long!

  2. I think Tammy has got to be the most self centered brat there ever was. Shes 35 and acts like a 12 year old. She does nothing but blame everbody but herself. Im almost to the point of wushing they would take her off the show. She is such a Debbie Downer! Im not real sure why they was so worried about the BB King. Shes never gonna get down to 300! She needs to grow up if shes old enough to have a sex partner she should be old enough to take responsibility for herself!

  3. Where do they get the money to buy all their food?? Tammy seems to want someone to take care of her. She acts like a spoiled child who throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way. Amy just enables her. Amy is rewarding a spoiled child. Let Tammy do without and only give her 5 SMALL meals per day.

    1. I am getting ready to stop watching the show because of Tammy. I really enjoyed watching the rest of the family have a good time. I just think without her it could be really good. She is a spoiled brat and you need to take her off the show. Tammy grow up. Alot of us see what you are doing. I would not push you for any reason. You have been given so many chances. There are alot of people who would love to have the chance to better them selves and would be thankful. You need to apologize for your behavior and smile. Do what your doctors ask you to do or go your own way.

    2. They draw disability and make money from utube videos they’ve posted over the years, And what ever TLC pays them for being the stars of 1000 pound sisters, After three seasons I would say they make pretty good money.

    I do not feel sorry for her in the least.
    Tammys problem is ALL ON HER. DISGUSTING !!
    When shes saying “weeee”” when being pushed around in her chair I could puke.
    She doesn’t care ,shes physically hurting others in order to get her LAZY ASS around.
    I understand she has a food addiction BUT that DOESNT give her the right to behave in such a disgusting manner. Enough said.

  5. Her trifling ass has to blame someone. Next week it appears she will be partying with three guys, drinking, etc. Probably pulled a train on her. She’s beyond pathetic!! Never will lose weight. Have lots of energy for the sex…so she says!! Disgusting thought!!

  6. I’m not watching this program anymore. Tired of Tammy and everyone feeling sorry for her. That’s what she wants.

  7. Tammy was fat BEFORE they went on air……why blame her fans when SHE is the one putting food in her mouth, chewing it, swallowing it…..not one fan has put food in her mouth that I have seen. No, Tammy….you need to learn self love first, then losing weight willl happen. Until then you will gain and gain until it kills you.

  8. I don’t think Tammy has much longer to live. Her weight is a huge problem, but having a nasty disposition also causes high blood pressure and heart problems. Her family needs to stop giving in to her demands. They aren’t doing her any good.

  9. Tammy needs to take responsibility for her own life. She lashes out, and in return her family lashes out. She is 35 years old, and nobody is forcing her to do anything…she puts all that unhealthy food in her mouth…she likes the company of men who like want her big…she makes herself unhappy in all her choices. If I was her sibling, I would be frustrated too. Her family only wants the best for her…but Tammy is definitely her own #1 enemy!!!

  10. Every one needs to stop playing into her. She know if she has a temper tantrum people will give in. Her family needs to start sticking to there guns when they say life goes on. Let tammy do things for her self. She had nurse to help her and she has access to services because of her weight disability. Let her use them to finally see how much her family does for her. Each on of her siblings has their own life and families to deal with and tammy needs to come to the realization that that do and that they only help her out of love not out of that they owe it to her. So Tammy grow up u got ur self into this situation now get out of it. All ur siblings are controlling thier own weight you need to except your own responsibility. Because if u don’t you will be dead before long.

  11. Tommy needs psychiatric help deep psychiatric help. I really love Amy I love Chris I love all the sisters but I’m damn sick of them putting the blame on other people just like Tommy does it’s the ex-boyfriend’s fault come on how do you have a knacks when you’ve only seen him a couple of times and you paid them to come and do tick toc . Come on everybody let’s stop pretending that she’s on a weight loss journey she’s going to eat until she dies and honestly I can’t believe she’s still alive it’s a shame to say it but she makes me sick

    1. Tammy needs her own show, it can be called The Countdown Until Tammy Eats Herself to Death. She ate herself to this weight, no one forced it down her throat. She is refusing to take responsibility for her actions, so according to her, everybody else is the reason she can’t lose weight. She is no different than every drug addict and alcoholic who can’t get clean. She doesn’t have the self-awareness and willingness to understand SHE is the reason she can’t lose weight. Weight loss surgery will not do anything for her until she admits and really understands she is the problem, no one else. How do I know this? I’ve been there. Nowhere near her weight, but a compulsive overeater is a compulsive overeater….no matter the weight

  12. It is not the fans fault that she is obese. It is her fault alone. She needs to own that it is her fault and take responsibility for her own actions. I hope she decides to turn things around. She could have a great life and be healthier. She has to face what problem that is keeping her there. I will br praying for Tammy.

  13. You can’t help those who don’t help their selves. She is more interested in what can everybody do for me. It’s always me me me in her eyes and if she doesn’t get her way then everybody else is at fault. I want to see her succeed but it’s time for her to open her eyes and do for herself. Stop being lazy.

  14. After watching this week’s episode I am so angry. The Slaton siblings are a hoot, except for Tammy. I’ve loved watching Chris and Misty and Amanda this season, along with Amy and Michael. I’m sick to death of Tammy. Not because of her failed weight loss journey but because of her horrible, abusive behavior and self-delusion. So the siblings need to walk away from her when she’s having a temper tantrum end of discussion. Let her sleep in the van! Let her get her own food! Sure, take her to the doctor’s or the counselor, but the moment she begins that obnoxious behavior just turn and walk away. Do not engage with her. Do not enable her. She is a manipulative user. I know they love her, but they are not helping her. It’s perfectly acceptable for them to set boundaries with Tammy and stick to those boundaries. Be brave Slaton siblings! It’s for the best.

  15. Honestly, I’m pretty sick of her, and this show. Initially it started out to be about weight loss. Now she, and TLC are making a mockery of this whole thing. Tammy is mean, and hateful she does not want to lose weight she just want to blame everyone else for the way she is, and Amy needs to decide enough is now enough. This show is a joke. I can’t stand Tammy why does she get to treat people the way she does because she did that to herself. Until she gets real, and this Doc really puts his foot down, and cuts her kicks her to the curb. Then reality will bite, and I’m not trying to be mean, but just like Dr. Now says she won’t have much longer to live. Now it’s the fans REALLY. Then all this mess with men, and being pansexual take some of the energy from all that, and focus on getting healthy so u can live a man should the least of your priorities. Stop being a CLOWN. Finally ask God to help you pray, and quit expecting it from everyone else. Prayer works…

  16. unfortunately Tammy is her own worst enemy and most of her family members are incredible enablers especially Amy. They bring her tons of unhealthy food and wheel her around, clean her apartment etc. She needs to do everything herself including walking. Things would have to change then. Her hateful tantrum behavior toward family or anyone is not acceptable in any way. So they rewarded her with a nice hotel room, electric wheelchair and later a big dinner WTH. They are helping to maintain or gain weight. Tammy’s “I’m tryin” whine has no merit whatsoever. She has no interest in losing weight and appears to be in it for the ride in reality land and BBW boys. Very sad. She needs to be either on her own with no enablers or in a health related facility with a strict healthy diet and physical therapy/exercise. Full stop!

  17. No it’s not the fans fault for Tammy struggling to shed the pounds. She is always blaming someone else or thing for her not accomplishing her goals.
    I love the show, but Tammy’s piss poor attitude toward everyone that cares about get and has been trying to help is so old. It’s getting harder and harder to empathize with her when it’s obvious she’s not willing to put in the work or effort. It’s a complete slap in the face to all the people around her. The biggest person she’s letting down is herself.
    Her attitude and behavior is a let down to her fans too….. so maybe when I don’t accomplish my everyday goals I’ll blame Tammy Slaton instead of myself. Do the work, get results. Sit around and wait for things to happen on their own and you end up disappointed. It’s that simple.

  18. What Tammy needs is for the family to get in touch with Dr Nowzarden in Houston, Texas! Take Tammy there and have her admitted to the hospital. Keep the family away from her and take her cell phone away for two weeks. No enablers or take out food we can only hope that would help. 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know , but is last resort , she can’t sign herself out either. Only her brother Chris after she has weight loss surgery!!!

  19. Tammy is a self centered, thinks she’s entitled rotten attitude selfish bitch. All she does is complain that nobody helps her & she’s trying. The only thing she’s trying is to get someone to feed her everything she wants & perhaps give her a little something, something. She will never be loved acting like a 5yr old throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. She’s so miserable I wish they’d take her off the show cuz the rest of the family is great, I love Chris & his laugh, he’s such a Teddy bear. The family needs to wash their hands of Tammy cuz going the way she is, she’s gonna be 800lbs, bedbound & probably on deaths door within the next year. With Amy & Michael getting their own house Tammy’s not gonna have anyone except the creeps she finds on the BBW websites. Leave her to it I say. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want help.

  20. No big surprise. She is spoiled rotten brat who blames everyone except HERSELF. She needs to step up or shut up. A swift kick in the arse is what she needs.

  21. People tried blaming TLC, but they help pay for her resources to lose weight, including surgery and she still refuses to lose weight. Amy said Tammy treats production like crap.

  22. Girl take responsibility for your own actions. Point blank period! You have a wonderful opportunity right in front of you, your entire family have tried to help at some point individually and now as a unified front. STOP YOUR BELLY ACHING SUCK IT UP DO THE WORK AND REAP THE REWARDS!!.

  23. It is nobody’s fault but her own. She is a grown up acting like a 2 year old. Just send me in there I guarantee you she lose some weight and that acting like a baby and blaming everybody that won’t work with me 2 seconds. She don’t like nobody they keep on her even though she’s custom out everybody seems to walk away from her when she starts calling him everything in the book and playing that poor me pity crap won’t work with me two seconds and they need to stop letting her get away with that crap don’t go over there don’t help her don’t take her nowhere don’t listen all her BS they’re learn how to do for yourself give her the reality of life the best yourself what I do to her

  24. It’s a shame that TLC is glorifying someone who isn’t interested in losing an ounce let alone pounds and pounds of fat..she needs to go to fat camp and far away without any phone or social media..that’s one of her major downfalls as well as the company she is hanging with or whomever wants to be on TV pretending to be her so called “friend”..she needs rid of all the ones pulling her deeper into the hole she can’t seem to dig her ass out of..she’s stuck in a rut and has such a miserable narcissistic attitude that no wonder she’s failing..her mental capacity isn’t real strong ,her self esteem is long gone and she hardly had emotions..just the angry ones that come out when she doesn’t get her way like a spoiled child..too bad she doesn’t listen to her doctors..Dr. Now wouldn’t put up with her crap…he would tell her she’s gonna die if she doesn’t make changes..like asap…straight up! Put her ass in FAT CAMP..make her accountable for her weight..no one force fed her big ass or held a gun to her head to make her eat but Tammy….they should put her on NAKED AND AFRAID AND FAT IN SOUTH AMERICA and see how good the phone service is…won’t be finding any men with fetishes in the jungle let alone something to eat…lol

  25. Tammy needs to grow up. She just wants everyone to think she’s the victim. Fact is that she is the problem. She’s responsible for what she puts into her mouth 👄 not anyone else. Maybe she needs to be left to do things for herself and make her accountable for the things she does.

  26. She is ruining the show with her tantrums and blame placing. Its never about what SHE does. Its always everyone elses fault because she is morbidly obese. No one is killing her BUT her. Sickening!

  27. Its not her fans who are giving her food. Nobody is shoving food down her throat except her. No blame on anybody except her.

  28. I am not the blame nor other fans of the fans of the show 1000 pound sisters. Tammy needs to go off the show period!! The show will do just fine with Amy, Chris, Mike, the Baby, and all the other sisters on the there. Tammy is just sickening, for she is not willing to help herself and people are not willing to watch ñot willing to help their own self get better in life and put other others down life is too short.

  29. Tammy , I think you are ready to die. You are fat and not healthy. Stop putting blames on others . Keep it up your family will be going to your funeral. You’re on a banana peel ready for death. You’re lazy and ungrateful, mean, disrespectful towards your family and anyone trying to help you stay alive. You not far from death.

  30. I’m so sick of Tammy. I can’t believe she is now blaming her ‘fans’ for her not being able to lose weight.
    Tammy you were morbidly obese when you got on this stupid reality show. You are the only one to blame for your train wreck of a life. You are the one that eats like there is no tomorrow. You are the one that can’t walk to the mailbox or anywhere else. You are the one that is responsible for you.
    There is no one to blame but yourself, dear. You love to blame everyone else for your failures but the truth is you fail because you don’t try. You are a horrible person, horrible. You use your family, you are lazy & your a bitch.
    I look forward to your death. It’s the only reason I arill watch this train wreck. To see you die, finally. What a great day that will be. Fuck you Tammy

  31. Tammy you need to grow up and act your age instead of acting like a 10 year old….take responsibility for yourself and start doing things for yourself….you are one spoiled brat and if you keep acting the way you are,your whole family will be disowning you,and if that happens you have no one to blame but yourself…Your sister Amy has her own family now and you expect to much from her….its ridiculous how you treat her and what you say to her…Grow up…take life seriously or you won’t be around much longer with you keep gaining the weight….I honestly think you feel its a big joke or you would be doing something about it….sure everyone loves food but there’s so much food out there that you can eat that will help you lose the weight….to blame it on your fans,that’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard….you know it’s totally up to you to make a change in your life….no one on this planet can do it for you….and these so called boyfriends….well I guess you don’t realize that they are only around you for one thing,which is very sad and PATHETIC…..If you put your mind to it,you know you can do it….if not my dear,you are putting yourself in a grave earlier than you want to be…

  32. Tammy….and only Tammy….needs to take responsibility for herself. I absolutely get that her siblings love her and want the best for her, but let me tell you, if any of my siblings talked to me the way she talks and screams and yells at her siblings….especially when they go out of their way to accommodate her like they do, I would NOT be doing anything more for her period, end of story. She could starve to death before I would lift one little finger to help her do anything. She is ungrateful, appears to think she is entitled for some reason, and doesn’t appreciate anything her family does for her. And the siblings need to put on their big kid panties and tell her enough is enough. You are not helping her by enabling her, giving in to her, and letting her get away with being so disrespectful to you all. She should be thanking her lucky stars she has a family that wants to support her and help her. None if you have to do that, but she EXPECTS you to all day long.
    It would be one thing if she appreciated her family and all that they for her, but that girl needs to start acting her fricking age and grow the F* up already. There is nothing worse than watching somebody play the victim…..she is a master manipulator and for the life of me I do not understand why they have as much patience with her as they do. I would have said…BYE FELICIA!!!!! MANY episodes ago. It is sad, but so obvious that this entire family need some serious counselling. Until they all can see the dysfunctional dynamic going on, they will not get better, any of them..
    Quit feeling sorry for Tammy and hold hold her accountable….excuses are easy and lame. She will always have excuses, because she has always had excuses. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. I suggest the rest of the family take care of their own lives. You only have the power to change your world. You can’t change her world, any more than anybody can change yours. Best of luck. I truly wish you all well.

  33. It’s a sad sight to watch her slowly kill herself.
    She has issues, yes, but they are not fans.
    Denial will kill her, I’m afraid soon…

  34. Tammy was fat when she started the show, no fans then sooo it’s not the fans, it’s her, her big bad attitude who thinks she’s privileged. The best thing for her, is for the family, do what she wants leave her alone.

  35. Tammy is a fat unhappy woman who is always trying to place blame on someone or something else for her issues instead of owning up for her own faults. She was doing well in rehab but left before reaching her goal. She alone is to blame for that but she won’t discuss that topic. She just throws tantrums and gets out of control angry when someone crosses a truth line on her. Sadly she will die, fat angry and probably pointing her large digits toward someone in blame.

  36. I love Amy, she has too much on her plate right now.
    Leave, get into your new house and concentrate on your own little family.
    Tammy obviously will be fine, she can fend for herself, she has help twice a week. Online groceries delivered, she’ll be fine!
    Work on yourself Amy, you have goals to meet too.
    I’m sure you will have more energy, when you reach your goal weight.
    You will be able to keep your new home clean and tidy.
    Ask for help, if you need it.

  37. Tammy is a wasteful piece of protoplasm! She forgot the blame Little Bit for her failure. Someone needs to punch this wretch in the jowls and dare her to chase after them. Just quit the victim act, jump in the plot now and save everyone the headache

  38. I LOVED this show when it first started but I have to follow suit with a lot of these comments and say I’m ready to stop watching because of her, it’s awful enough to listen to her blame all of her family for her problems every week, not to mention that somehow THEY’RE being selfish for not being able to cater to her 24/7 (apparently no one else is supposed to have a life but that’s no surprise that someone that can barely have one themselves feels that way, misery loves company as the old saying goes) but the family vacation tantrum was probably the most nauseating ridiculousness I’ve seen yet, it’s really too bad because I was really hoping she’d start to take some accountability at some point…

  39. 👀😯 if it’s the so called fans fault then log out and focus on yourself. Stop blaming everyone else. This why no one can deal with her bs smh. I ain’t fan of her but I am a fan of the other family members but shoot she can blame me idc I don’t feel bad bc she sound ridiculous you know something is wrong if you blaming a bunch of strangers for your faults that you can’t move your butt or take a better control of your food addiction. A lot of people don’t feel sorry for you and you’re mad that no one is on your side to aid and abide in your unhealthy ways grow up and take care of yourself we can’t make you we just going to talk about you bc you can’t even help yourself please get a grip.

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