‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Exclusive: Tammy & Nurse Tisa Truth Revealed

1000 lb Sisters - Tammy Slaton - Nurse Tisa Youtube

After we released a story this morning regarding 1000-Lb Sisters fans wondering what happened to Nurse Tisa, one of our sources reached out to us offering the truth on the home health aide and Tammy Slaton.

TvShowsAce has spoken to multiple individuals connected to Tammy Slaton, Amy Halterman, Jerry Sykes, and Phillip Redmond. Several sources have collaborated the similar stories of Tammy stalking, harassing, and just being unkind toward people who don’t give her what she wants while playing a victim. Setting herself up to look like a victim to her fans has also resulted in people around her getting death threats. For all of these reasons, this source has asked to remain anonymous. After heavy vetting to confirm our source is who they say they are, our anonymous source proceeded to reveal the truth on Tammy Slaton and Nurse Tisa.

1000 lb Sisters - Tammy Slaton - Nurse Tisa Youtube

Fans wonder what happened to Nurse Tisa

As we previously reported, a fan on Reddit pointed out that Nurse Tisa had stopped appearing on the show. She hadn’t been in this week’s episode. And, she wasn’t in the trailer. Since she was introduced, she had some sort of scene or segment in every episode. So, fans thought it was a little odd she suddenly disappeared. What happened to her?

1000-Lb. Sisters fans questioned if Nurse Tisa would even survive Tammy. Fans quickly fell in love with the home health aide. But, they hated how Tammy treated her. They weren’t sure if the nurse would be able to continue to survive Tammy’s brutal treatment.

Tammy Slaton - Nurse Tisa

1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive: Truth revealed

Asking to speak to us anonymously, one of our sources admitted they knew the whole story regarding Tammy Slaton and Nurse Tisa. They knew the truth. They knew what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. Turns out, despite any NDAs she has signed with TLC, Tammy has a habit of sharing too much information with the men she speaks to online as well as her friends and family members.

According to our source, fans haven’t seen any more of Nurse Tisa because she quit. During the episodes, fans see Tammy having restraint as she tells the producer she was just trying not to cuss Tisa out. Our source says what is seen on TV is just a fraction of how horribly Tammy treated Tisa. Tammy Slaton’s attitude and constantly cussing the home health aide out drove her to quit.

1000 LB Sisters Nurse Tisa Youtube

It, however, wasn’t just Tammy. The family — more specifically Amy Halterman had issues with Tisa as well. Amy Halterman did not believe Tisa was doing enough to push her sister. Tisa fired back at the family arguing that she couldn’t push someone who didn’t want to lose weight.

Tisa quit because she got tired of the verbal harassment and abuse from Tammy and TLC wasn’t doing anything about it.”

Unfortunately for TLC viewers who fell in love with Nurse Tisa, we may not be seeing too much more — if any — of her. Our source did also clarify that while Tammy Slaton hitting a nurse was NOT a rumor, Tisa was not the nurse Tammy hit.

Tammy Slaton Nurse Tisa YouTube
Tammy Slaton Nurse Tisa YouTube

Are you surprised to learn the truth about Tammy Slaton and Nurse Tisa? Does it surprise you to learn that Tisa quit? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest tea on 1000-Lb. Sisters. 

Allie Johnson


  1. I like the show and I actually just started watching it.But that Tammy she is a nasty person I wish I was a nurse for her fat ass. Talking shit on her death bed I would starve her ass and take that wheel chair and make her ass walk. She doesn’t need the surgery because she won’t follow instructions.

  2. Tammy will never do for herself as long as others are there for her. She thrives on the attention, negative or positive. She hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. She is lazy, hateful, & very dependent.

    1. Tammy needs her older sister to take care of her. The one who doesnt baby or take mess off of her. Amy is scared of Tammy. There is nothing sweet or cute about Tammy’s attitude.

  3. I agree with the other comments. Tammy is a lazy fatass who won’t do anything for herself. She’s a nasty person and I wouldn’t want to clean her up. Just a hateful person who doesn’t even want to walk to her mailbox. Now if she don’t want to do then how can the nurse make her. Amy is just the same. She needs to get rid of her bugs before she gets cps involved. They both are nasty.

    1. I don’t understand how people on here can say such hateful things about these sisters which in my eyes makes you HATERS just as nasty as you say they are! Yea Tammy has a bad attitude that’s for sure but being mean to her isn’t helping anything and as for Amy she is at least trying. God bless these sisters ❤!

      1. This is exactly why the dynamic of these sisters will never change. There are always folks who slap a band-aid on bs and say ish like, “They’re still people. Be nice.”

        That only goes but so far.
        Bottom line is these sisters shouldn’t even be on TV. Sure, the drama is entertaining but no one can say anything regarding the “haters”. The sisters asked for all of it. No one made them broadcast their filth, laziness, or depravity. No sympathy should be given to Tammy bc she simply doesn’t deserve it. She never extends it to anyone else, not even those who are or have ever taken care of her. She’s rude and not the most sought-after person. Someone should’ve taken her phone and her wheelchair away. What is she gonna do?! Get up and chase somebody? Nah.
        In the words of Dr. Now: “How the hell is she gonna raise hell from the bed‽” Stop enabling that giant baby and proactively get her help. When she starts running her mouth, ignore her like she’s so quick to do other people.

        Tammy playing the victim card is just her way of averting the attention away from all her bs. She’s a child.

        And somebody send her a damn dildo. Paying black men to date her is weird af. She needs to contact Steven Assanti. They’re the same damn person. He’s repulsive too.

        I wish they would take her off the show. Eff ratings bc, at this point, it’s just bad publicity.

  4. I am sick of all of the attention and resources wasted on the fat, miserable lump of hate called Tammy Slaton! Don’t tell me that’s “harsh” either! It’s mild compared to the way Tammy treats people! I see kids who can’t qualify for health insurance, while the system lavishes care on someone who won’t so much as walk ten feet for her own life and health! Stop wasting care! Let her prove that she wants to live before you pour resources into a black hole!

    1. I couldn’t agree more!!! There are people that truly want and need medical support; yet, medical, monetary and TV entertainment us being wasted in this unworthy lost cause. Cancel this show (or at least Tammy) and concentrate on her brother.

  5. I would have quit the 1st day! She needs a mental evaluation!! I have no empathy for her lazy, needy fat ass. Bet she smells!!!

    1. I was wondering about her smell she says she can bathe herself when she can’t even try to walk but with those 3 guys she sure didn’t hesitate they should make her walk for food dangling it in front of her that should work lol

  6. I am a new watcher, i felt sorry for tammy, but i saw how she treats tisa and it was not very nice. The same nasty treatment of the therapist, tammy is very mean. I watch it and route for their brotherwho just worked hard to get the weight loss surgery.

  7. First of all cockroaches are really bad down there! I know how Amy feels they are gross as for Tammy’ think about this. If she did everything the Doctors tell her too she then would be responsible for her self and Tammy just might have to go to work! She is a hot mess!

  8. Her and her cock-eyed sister are lazy and trifling,and got the to talk nasty to everyone that’s actually trying to help her fat nasty ass, she probably smells old cheese, dumpster juice, and Amy not too much better with all them damn mice and roaches running around,and got the nerve to have that baby playing on that nasty floor

  9. It’s time to cancel these so called Reality “trash” TV shows. They’re not real/reality. I understand the need for entertainment in these “Reality” shows; however, they’re getting fame and money for being trashy, nasty, arrogant, ignorant, and I could go on… If it’s necessary to continue this show, drop Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum and tell the brother’s story. Use the other two for guests when drama is needed. Trust me, they won’t quit, they’ll be happy for a small payday and some small medical benefit. They disgust me!!!

  10. The public seems to eat up reality shows about “different” or compromised individuals. Tammy does not have the mental faculties to realize she is going to die from obesity if she doesn’t work with the people who are trying to save her life. She needs to be institutionalized for her problems..physical and mental.

  11. Tammy made the comment her family should be glad they don’t have to wipe her ass………………… It is coming. She will soon be unable to take care of the most basic care needs.

    1. No she should be glad because I would let her fat ass sit in shit before I would wipe her ass!!!
      Ignorant entitled bitch needs to get a reality check. And a psychiatrist…

  12. Of course it’s not surprising that tisa quit, tammy is nothing but a mean beligerant bitch who thought she could manipulate tisa the way she does her family and when she found out she couldn’t she turned on her like she turns on anyone she can’t control. Tisa is better off, shes too nice to have to deal with toxic tammy.

    1. I think Tammy should have been charged with abuse when she hit a nurse. It should have been taken a step further. Tammy is a bully. Her future does not look too bright.

  13. TLC knows that the whole family is ignorant, immature and gross people. That’s why they never correct them or point out their ignorance. They think we are too stupid to know what they are doing. Right now they are making millions. Season 4 was a bore and it’s about over. I would rather help someone who wants help than these “people”. Gage and Glenn are both going to be fat because eating is all this family knows. I’m ashamed of these “people”. Tisa deserves better.

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