How Does Tammy Slaton Commute To Hook Up With Parade Of Men?

tammy slaton - 1000 lb sisters

For many 1000-Lb. Sisters fans,  Tammy Slaton’s name has become a synonym for laziness. Yet, despite “not being able” to exercise, or even walk a few steps to the mailbox, somehow, Tammy has the energy to meet and have relations with the men she meets online. Has Tammy found a mystery treatment to help resolve her pain and give her energy? Find out what fans are saying about her mysterious “bursts of energy,” and why they are only frustrating viewers more.

Fans Point Out The Obvious On Reddit

1000-Lb. Sisters fans regularly congregate on Twitter to discuss their thoughts on the show. Shortly after last week’s episode, a post popped up that quickly gathered a lot of attention. In the thread, the OP makes a point about Tammy Slaton’s activity level that had other fans on the site nodding their head in agreement.

“I find it crazy how no one has confronted Tammy on being lazy,” the poster wrote, “BUT when a man comes she has the energy to go to the hotel and travel to meet them. She is not going to lose anything because she like the attention she gets from feeders men.”

1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube
1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube

The thread quickly became impregnated with comments from other viewers who had noticed that when it came to relationships, and men – Tammy Slaton seemed to have all the energy in the world.

Earlier this season on the show, Tammy Slaton told her sister that she wanted to make the trip to Vegas to go see Phillip. She has also mentioned that she has gotten intimate with her feeder boyfriends, which is an activity likely to work up a sweat. Fans of the TLC hit show are expressing confusion that Tammy Slaton sites pain, discomfort, and lack of help as reasons why she cannot exercise and perform normal daily tasks but can somehow manage to do the horizontal mambo.

Who’s Rolling Tammy Slaton To Vegas?

In the recent Reddit forum, fans continued to discuss the conundrum that is Tammy’s physical abilities. In numerous episodes of the show, fans have seen Tammy Slaton flat-out refuse to exercise. Whether it’s a walker-assisted stroll to the mailbox outside or some light-arm-weight exercises with her sister, the 640+ pound celeb just tells her family that she can’t. Occasionally, she’ll switch it by saying that the pain is just too much for her to take.

Considering that Tammy is experiencing so much pain that it affects her level of mobility, fans are confused about how she seems to have so much energy to interact with boyfriends when they come to see her.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Viewers in the forum bantered, discussing how she possibly has the energy to ‘entertain’ her boyfriends. They also inquired about how she travels to them. Many pointed out that SOMEONE has to be taking her to do these things because she cannot push her own chair into a building – much less drive herself.

“It makes me wonder how she even got there, to begin with,” wrote one reader, “Someone took her to meet the men right? She didn’t drive herself. She damn sure didn’t walk or roll her own self to meet nobody. So which one is helping her out with all the men? Or is it the show?”

Another commenter mused that it was likely Michael because he’s one of the few people who can manage to help move her from place to place. One of the most common theories, however, is that Tammy’s niece, Emily Combs, is the most likely culprit. Chris’ adult daughter and Tammy have a very close relationship and she has always been very supportive of Tammy’s happiness. This makes fans think Tammy is using her younger family member to help her meet up with her prince charmings.

Hunk of Burnin’ Calories – Not Hunk of Burnin’ Love

Fans want Tammy to find love and support her in a healthy way. They, however, don’t think now is the time. Unfortunately, Tammy trolling the BBW websites for big-girl fetishists will unlikely lead her to the man of her dreams. In fact, the only thing her relationships have accomplished is digging her further into her food addition, whittling away at her self-worth.

Photo Credit Reddit

Reddit commenters say that it’s time for Tammy to be selfish in a positive way – and start putting her health and wellbeing above the ‘love’ of feeder boyfriends. Many fear that Tammy hinges her self-worth on the attention she gets online. They wonder why she can make the effort to stand and move around to film her TikTok videos – but not to walk her 75 steps a day.

Even Dr. Eric told her that she would never achieve her goal with these toxic relationships in her life. These men validate her food addiction. So, it’s not something she is easily going to give up. Fans say it’s time Tammy Slaton chooses to be a hunk of burnin’ calories and not a hunk of burnin’ love.

Do you think that Tammy will ever give up finding men who are only attracted to her size? Tell us in the comments

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    1. If Tammy actually has sex with these feeders I’m sure she just lays there like the mound of flesh and fat that she is and they just do the deed until they’re done.

  1. Why do u people care about that fat pig 🐖? She just needs to die. Such a worthless excuse of a human. She’s disgusting. I don’t watch the show but I read about her and see that ugly fat face and it makes me want to vomit. She’s all over Google and she needs to disappear. Worthless and so disgusting.

      1. It’s the truth and you are an enabler. That’s why the whole world laughs at Americans because of ridiculously fat slobs like THAT and their enablers. Only in America do you see such grotesque unimaginable porkers. Lazy, gluttonous, stinking and going out on the town looking for herpes,clamydia and crabs. Wow. So proud to be an American.

    1. Charlotte are you okay? You seem to have such hatred towards a person you don’t know. Your words are extremely nasty. Get some help. You need it.

      1. Charlotte is normal. Charlotte isn’t a drain on our medical system. Charlotte isn’t on public assistance and disability draining our resources for those who truly need it. Are you ok? Maybe YOU should feed, house, clean, pay for home health care outta your OWN pocket because you think to live that disgusting lifestyle is perfectly fine and moral. I don’t. I’m sick of my tax money funding gluttonous, lazy, fat pigs. And now the cow’s going out on the town looking for love to boot? And you’re asking if Charlotte’s ok? Please. See a shrink.

    2. I totally agree she’s disgusting I I think she’s a sorry excuse for a human being she’s lazy she can never take responsibility for your own actions she blames everybody in her family and all they do is try to help her time and time again I tell the dumb bitch to do it her to screw off and do it her damn self I guarantee she ain’t going to survive cuz she’s too damn lazy they need to take her ugly fat ass off the show so nobody has to look at her fat ass or listen to her stupid ass whining excuses she’s an ungrateful selfish immature b i t c h who don’t appreciate nothing anybody does for her all she wants to do when she doesn’t get her way like a two-year old child who doesn’t get her way then throws a freaking temper tantrum and wants everybody to feel sorry for her well screw that I don’t feel sorry for that fat thing she’s had every opportunity to lose that weight and she’d rather Chase the men who don’t give a crap about her they have obese fetishes just like her brother chris said they are just as gross as her I’m just sick of hearing about her stupid ass it’s old it’s been old for a long time!!!!!! Get rid of her fat ass already I love watching that show but I’ve stopped watching it because of her it wouldn’t be so bad if she’d get up off your fat ass and do something with herself and for herself instead of using everybody and being so ungrateful and selfish bottom line get rid of her!!!

      1. Who ever this is is a horrible human being
        Have deeper issues then watching a fat lazy person on TV it’s her life why would or could you care so much.

        Sincerely, ANTI-HATER

      2. I kinda agree with you, she is very selfish and stubborn. She has no intention of loosing weight. She likes all the attention she is getting from fans, it seems the show is also wasting their time and money on her, if she is not going to achieve what the show is about. People trying to beat an awful addiction and actually fight for there life. Loose the weight and be healthier. So when she does die people will be like, oh poor Tammy. Poor Tammy my foot. She did nothing to save herself. She liked the fat girl attention. I feel sorry for those in heaven when she does go. God bless you.

    3. You are going straight to HEll comments like yours are worthless and ur a worthless piece of trash to wish death on someone who has done nothing to you. She has a right to put whatever the hell she wants on the internet. You unhappy miserable person…Peroid

      1. Glottony is a sin. Using resources meant for disabled people is STEALING. Going on hook up sites for the purpose of fornicating multiple weirdos is a sin. Using people, your family is a sin….but you say someone who calls out the TRUTH is the one going straight to hell? When, not IF she drops dead, it will be by her OWN fat hands, by her OWN poor life choices and by her OWN gluttony and venereal diseases, NOT by a strangers truthful comments.

      2. Its crazy how some of yalls minds come up with this stuff is Tammy over 18? yes she is does she pay for her self? yes she does so is it you or your mamas concern what she does H. E. DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS NAH! leave her alone she has made her goal weight and has gotten married and started a new chapter of her life and we should be sending love to her and nothing less some of yall don’t have any room to speak have the haters are ugly so lets be real now everytime u wanna hate on someone go look in the mirror, oh and its a sin to hate:)

      1. I have chronic pain. I’m not 600 lbs and still manage to work with horrific back pain. I don’t take drugs for the pain. I don’t stuff myself like a hippo. I’m not on disability although I could easily get it. I’m not on any food stamps or public assistance. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to look like that, live like that, eat like that or act like that. None.

    4. And to think that OUR tax money is funding her “disability” makes me screaming mad! There are people out there who are truly disabled through no fault of their own and have to fight and prove it every year. Then you have this lazy disgusting blob of lard using the system while she goes out there letting weirdos do her. Wow. Such depravity. Let her come here with me and I’ll for sure cure that blobs “disability.”
      Halleluyer! It’ll be the biggest miracle since Jesus! That slob would be getting 3 salads a day and hog tied so it couldn’t escape to McDonald’s til she resembles something earthly instead of a 5 ton manatee!

    5. Ya’ll got some nerve to talk about obese persons às if it’s effecting you personally! They earn an income thru YouTube & she’s no different than the people on the show Catfish or other reality shows that have nothing to do with weight.. like Jersey Shore! Drinking hater aide only shows your level of maturity & how being a bully can be of any age.. Shameful!!!

  2. Tammy is rude, self centered, and just crazy. As long as her family puts up with her treating them in such a disgusting way she will never lose weight. She wants to go live instead of calling in her RX then blames Amy for interrupting her going live. If she can have sex, and brags about it she must be exerting energy that should be put towards her health, walking and exercising. Her brother should have never picked her up from rehab. She was on the right path. Tammy had lost 60 lbs then her brother helped her leave. If he didn’t go get her how would she have left rehab? She could have stayed and lost more weight. I am starting to change channels when she comes on. Tammy does NOT want to lose weight and this is obvious. Her actions speak louder. She says her family should have faith in what she says. Hell…why should they. She talking with her mouth full of s__t.

    1. I find the more people talk about having sex- especially the GOOD sex that Tammy claims to enjoy- the less believable their sexual feats are! Ffs, Tammy can barely move! What she considers sex might just be her lying on her bed like a walrus & barely moving & her fetish buddies pop one off in whatever crevice they can reach!

    2. I agree 100 percent about her family picking her up from rehab.. they try to justify that if they didn’t she would gripe & moan… but yet they know without weight loss she would push her closer to 6ft under faster! !Priorities are all screwed up!

  3. Surely there is some legal way to force Tammy into some mental health facility or weight rehab and make her stay. She is killing herself and doesn’t seem to care. The show is not helping by giving her so much attention that she feeds on. The show should concentrate on Amy and Chris and their weight loss journey after their surgery. Amy needs immediate help.

    1. The state unfortunately say they have rights and can’t make her whether it’s for her own good! I think she has a deep inner problem. If she likes sex so much that would be a form of excercise right? She needs a incentive maybe that would work.
      She is not a happy person and needs to find herself.

  4. So true. The show should be about Chris and Amy. She hasn’t done anything that’s asked , she is the most ungrateful person who only thinks of her self. There are so many
    People who would love the opportunity to be giving this chance at a better life. She’s rude, nasty, and her facial expressions are starting to look like a swine. Just put her in a pen. Rehab, hospitals, well she just leaves. She says she has it figured out, and she can do this, well it’s getting old. She’ just wants the attention, not from the doctors and staff they have hired to help, but me n, She is so dissolutiomal

  5. I can’t stand to look at her. She’s mean an doesn’t respect the things that her family does for her. They are all enablers. They should have let her sleep in the van when she said she wanted to go home. TO HER FAMILY:. Stop letting her talk to you the way she does. Stay away and let her fend for herself and see how long before she figures it out.

  6. How would Amy, Chris, Tammy and the rest of the clan make a living if the show stopped? No one even knows if all these men are the real thing or just characters hired or invented by the producers. Tammy is not exactly a great beauty inside or out.

  7. Tammy has too many emotional issues and too many people enabling her to ever want to do anything for herself let alone lose weight I just love Amy and Chris and the rest of the family but I may stop watching the show because of Tammy She makes the show too depressing She’s just plain mean and nasty I hope she wakes up and takes the help thats been offered to her so many times before it’s too late and she passes away!

  8. Tammy is obviously on a self-destructive path. She will die soon. Unless she deals with her mental health issues she should not be televised. The show should focus on Amy and Chris’ weight loss journey.

  9. I can’t stand Tammy anymore. I love Chris and Amy, but I just can’t stand even looking at lazy and ungrateful Tammy. Please put her somewhere so Amy can live her life. Give Amy a backbone, so she can tell her sister to grow up.

  10. Why is it that Tammy’s BAD BEHAVIORS are REWARDED WITH ATTENTION, yet AMY & CHRIS have done so much good FOR THEIR OWN HEALTH & DONT GET THE TIME OF DAY?? How is this fair? Tammy’s attention seeking, has made her into a “SIDESHOW” a “FREAKSHOW” is that what she wants? The men that she’s laying with, ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO HER AT ALL, THEY ARE PERVS, curious to see her JUNK, & get off on it!! She’s nothing more than a notch in their belt, a LAUGH, A BIG JOKE, & as Discusting as it sounds, “BRAGGING RIGHTS” within the “PERV COMMUNITY”

    1. This whole shoe is for attention. I wish people would wake up and stop watching it stop feeding into it….it’s disgusting.

  11. These women are rude and vulgar.
    Calling each other ” Bitches” and doing body functions. It’s disgusting and not funny.
    I want to see progress like Chris and Amy. Amy only that way when around

  12. Why is it that Tammy’s BAD BEHAVIORS are REWARDED WITH ATTENTION, yet AMY & CHRIS have done so much good FOR THEIR OWN HEALTH & DONT GET THE TIME OF DAY?? How is this fair? Tammy’s attention seeking, has made her into a “SIDESHOW” a “FREAKSHOW” is that what she wants? The men that she’s laying with, ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO HER AT ALL, THEY ARE PERVS, curious to see her JUNK, & get off on it!! She’s nothing more than a notch in their belt, a LAUGH, A BIG JOKE, & as Discusting as it sounds, “BRAGGING RIGHTS” within the “PERV COMMUNITY”

  13. Tammy has a death wish that will come true shortly. She has way too many mental issues that are not and will never be addressed because she is totally non-compliant The saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink!” certainly applies in this scenario. She’s choosing death.

  14. Ozempic is to food addicts as an anabuse is to alcoholics. Tammy needs to try that drug as nothing else has worked. I had the same problem and I’ve lost 50 lb without dieting in the past few months. I’ve gone from 298 lb down to 252 lbs.

  15. I hate to say it but Tammy is not entertaining at all. She’s loud, looks nasty wearing her dirty clothes day in and day out. Does she even bathe regularly? She needs to work on her hygiene..Give Amy and the rest of her family more screen time. There more entertaining

  16. This whole show and the dire urgency to “Help Tammy figure out how to get better” is bizarre to me….first, there are doctors who perform weight loss surgery without even requiring you to lose initial weight. I had weight loss surgery and to be completely honest I didn’t have to do anything for it….also there are Dr’s in Mexico who will do the surgery for Insanely cheap and hundreds of people choose to go that route so I honestly truly feel like this who show is just propaganda and entertainment and I’m not so sure that it is really about saving her.

    1. Most people who get bariatric surgery are not nearly as large as the people in TLC shows. The reason their weight loss is required is that over a certain size, anesthetizing them can be dangerous – especially because most of them have apnea and other breathing-related issues. When you’re 2,3,400 pounds – it’s manageable – but think of the strain of just her weight on her lungs laying on her back under sedation in surgery. I’m pretty sure the network doesn’t want to be responsible for the lawsuit when the doctor they hired has a 600+pound tammy dead on a table. Just saying.

  17. Even hating on Tammy is feeding her notoriety.
    Praise Amy and Chris by all means, heavens they deserve it, they have worked hard.
    If you find Tammy repulsive/greedy/rude/needy/fame starved or all of the above………stop watching her! The networks will not run a show that does not have viewers!!!!!!
    I have watched a few of the earlier shows but found Tammy so nasty, rude and fame hungry that I could not waste more of my life on her.
    My Sister means the world to me so I can understand Amy wanting her to be there for Gage, but there comes a time when you need to concentrate on your own health and happiness and I hope Amy finds her own peace soon.

  18. Tammy needs help,thats obvious. But have you ever noticed how clean and tidy her house looks? Does she have a cleaning person. Amy could use some help in that area.

  19. I cannot understand how people delight in watching this horrid show. Someone needs to be held accountable for this trash! What a sick Society when people are besoted by a pathetic creature named Tammy. Why not come up with a show where people really want to be helped and focus on the positive aspects of their lives, not just on the negative. Leave Tammy alone. Let her wallow in her own misery! It is of her own choosing!

  20. I really think Tammy enjoys any attention… good or bad. I noticed Amanda and Misty don’t put up with as much verbal abuse as Chris and Amy. If it comes down to it maybe Tammy should be Baker Acted.

  21. Tammy has made the show unbearable to watch. She wants to blame everybody for being what she is. Tammy has ruined the show even for Amy.Give more time to Amy, Chris and their families. At least they are trying to get their lives together. I no longer watch due to Tammy.

  22. The show wouldn’t be as fun to watch or have good ratings if we were just tuning in to watch Chris and Amy diet and exercise. We watch to see Tammy as a train wreck. Don’t deny it because it’s the truth.

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