Tammy Slaton Confirms New Relationship: ‘Finally Truly Happy’

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Tammy Slaton recently confirmed she is, in fact, in a new relationship. It, however, is more than just that. She’s “finally truly happy.” Wondering where Tammy confirmed her new relationship at? Who is the lucky guy? Or, what happened to Jerry Sykes? We’ve got the scoop.

Tammy Slaton confirms new relationship, she’s really happy

1000-Lb. SistersĀ star Tammy Slaton took to comments on her TikTok to confirm she is in a new relationship. The confirmation came in the form of a response to someone asking about her boyfriend Jerry Sykes. As those who follow the TLC series know, Tammy revealed she and Jerry decided to split at the end of Season 2. It was unclear if it was a permanent or mutual split. She, however, asked for privacy for both her and him.

Admittedly, fans were not too bothered by the lost relationship. Jerry Sykes was not a huge hit among fans of the show. Even Tammy’s family had mixed feelings. On one hand, they want Tammy to be happy. On another, they recognize Jerry was an enabler and feeder for Tammy. He did not seem to think about eating junk in front of her. And, he was unwilling to even try the diet with her. Jerry Sykes did taste one of her smoothies during an episode of the show. He, however, couldn’t even pretend it was alright or chug it down for her. He made it clear he did not like it.

See the comment from Tammy on TikTok confirming her new relationship below.

Tammy Slaton TikTok

“Jerry and I have been over for months now I’ve got someone so much better now and I’m finally truly happy.” Tammy Slaton penned in response to a comment about Jerry.

The question remains: who is Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend?

Her new boyfriend is believed to be The BBW King

As we recently reported, Tammy Slaton made it clear on TikTok she has a new man in her life. Reddit agrees Tammy’s lastest comment confirms she and The BBW King of TikTok and Instagram are officially a couple. Unfortunately, we don’t really know too much about him. He doesn’t have his official name listed on his social media profiles. Moreover, his profile largely consists of videos of him discussing his love for larger women. He also makes it clear he welcomes all women over 300 pounds to reach out to him.

Here’s what Reddit has to say about this budding new relationship:

  • “I’m going out on a limb and guessing he’s a feeder.”
  • “Yea. Seems like he’s using her for clout. He brags about dating women around 300 or 400 lbs but not as big as Tammy.”
  • “It’s beyond being comical at this point. It’s sad, I’m no fan of tamtam or her sister, but if her posts aren’t being encouraged by producers to keep people interested (and even if they are), I hope someone intervenes and she gets help. Sometimes I think TLC perpetuates her being portrayed as an ignorant, uneducated, needy creature in hopes that she’ll create more drama.”

A few Reddit users wonder if the guy even knows Tammy and he are in a relationship. Overall, fans agree he is just with her for clout. Others believe she should be more concerned with losing weight and less concerned with dating.

Tammy Slaton Jerry Sykes YouTube

Jerry Sykes is officially out and the new guy is in. Are you surprised Tammy Slaton has a new relationship? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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