Mangina? ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Beg Chris Combs To Buy New Shorts

TLC viewers have been commenting for years about the horribly unflattering angles that cast members are subjected to during filming. This production hack is used especially frequent in shows like 1000-Lb. Sisters and My 600-Lb. Lifewhere making the stars look as big as possible is the name of the game, despite the point of the show being weight loss. Recently, on Twitter, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans brought this topic up yet again, this time BEGGING for someone to buy cast member Chris Combs a different pair of shorts. What about Chris’s apparel has fans averting their eyes? Read on to get the details.

Chis Combs Gets Caught With His Pants Up.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans really love Chris Combs. Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman’s older brother often fill a comic relief role in the family – helping to keep people on track and call people on their ridiculousness. Like several of the other siblings, Chris Combs has dealt with being overweight for years. In fact, in the last episode, he reveals to fans that he has been waiting 11 years for bariatric surgery. Unfortunately, until just recently he was never able to commit to the work it took to get qualified.

Photo Credit: TLC

Those who watch the series know that they often interview the cast members, sitting in chairs directly in front of the camera. The interview is filmed dead-on and often from low angles. The angles are often less than attractive and surely do nothing to bolster the celeb’s self-confidence.

Fans BEG For New Wardrobe

In one of the latest episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Chris filmed a short interview, discussing his and Tammy’s upcoming Dr. Appointment. While filming, the cameraman captured Chris in a pose that definitely had show fans doing a double-take on social media.

In the still photo from the interview, Chris Combs is wearing a striped, blue-collared polo. He pairs the top with a standard pair of khaki cloth shorts. Unfortunately, despite the huge strides he’s made to get healthy, Chris still carries a lot of excess weight around his middle and lower stomach. That extra weight was definitely on display during the interview.

Photo Credit: TLC

The photo got picked up by fans on Reddit who certainly had a lot to say – especially about how the center seam on Chris’ shorts put his “front butt” on display. Comment after comment rolled in from fans saying they had to purposefully avert their eyes from staring at the celeb’s cramped crotch area.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Mangina or Mameltoe? The Great Debate

While the community seems unified in their horror, they are not in agreement on what to call Chris’ segmented frontal pudge. Fans bantered back and forth arguing over what term most appropriately described what they were seeing on the screen.

Some fans felt that it deserved the more well known distinction of “Mangina”. Other viewers went with the more obscure “Ninja Boot.” A chunk of fans even felt the “Moose Knuckle” was the most appropriate descriptor.

On the flipside, some people wanted to use more standard ‘feminine’ descriptors such as FUPA while some tried to masculinate them by adding letters which added terms like “Goochie,” “FUDA,” and “MUSSY”.

Photo Credit: TLC

Regarldess of what the fans decided their term of choice to be, most agreed that TLC’s deliberate handling of the camera creating the situation. Many of them acknowledge and were even sympathetic to 1000-Lb. Sisters cast members because they are often filmed in ways that make them purposefully appear larger and less attractive for footage.

Reddit Viewers ‘Feel Pain’ For Chris Combs’ Situation

In addition to discussing Chris’ “FUDA,” many said that they wished Chris would get some new shorts. Fans noted that his looked quite uncomfortable. In fact, many stated they had to look away because his seam-squished undercarriage caused their own genitals physical pain.

One user wrote that while she normally doesn’t judge other people on their attire, she could look at the photo because it made her own lady parts hurt. While parts obviously differ, several men chimed in, agreeing with that commenter on her sentiment.

Photo Credit: Reddit

One fan even pointed out that his tight shorts may have been the initial cause of the “vagina-like” boil that Chris had to have surgery on earlier this year.

Overall, fans feel TLC should either give the show a wardrobe budget, or stop purposely trying to embarrass the cast members with horrid unflattering camera angles. What do you think about the great Mangina debate? Tell us in the comments.

You can catch a new episode of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday night at 10pm.

Nikki Desrosiers


  1. As someone who was morbidly obese and has had gastric bypass surgery, front butt is a huge thing and it’s embarrassing. The producers probably gave him that cruddy fitting outfit just to look huger than he actually is to get more ratings. Usually, he’s dressed pretty decently for his size.

  2. I think Tammy doesn’t want to lose weight because she’s afraid she’ll stop getting attention from those weird men she dates. No normal weight guys want her so she goes for who she can get no matter what they are. Just my opinion !

    1. Weight should not even b a factor when dating someone as u call “normal size guys” it should be what’s on the inside. Too many shallow people in this world, and it’s sad

  3. I use to putty Tammy but I have lost any respect that I had for her. I never needed to know about her sex life and she is no lady. She has had so many chances to lose weight but refuses to follow her doctor’s advice. She will not be around much longer if she refuses to change. Her arms are like two huge 50 pound hams.

  4. Tammy needs to be taken off the show, period… the show is about a weight loss journey. She has done nothing to lose weight, she won’t walk or do any form of exercise to help herself and she treats people like crap. Don’t want to watch her anymore, all she cares about is the next sick idiot with a fetish who pays her 2 seconds worth of attention. She is absolutely disgusting trying to look coy and sexy on the garbage she puts out there. All she does is get bigger and fatter and I for one don’t want to watch the train wreck any longer.

  5. I use to feel sorry for Tammy, but at this point she’s not trying to lose weight, and she uses every excuse in the book to not exercise or eat healthy, and she yells at everyone who has an opinion about her. at this point take her off the show it’s ridiculous now.

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