‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Think Chris Combs Needs Dr. Now’s Help

Chris Combs - Dr Now

1000-Lb. Sisters fans think Chris Combs is setting himself up for failure and My 600-Lb. Life star Dr. Now could have the solution to his problem. Why do fans have doubts about Chris Combs’ weight loss journey? And, why do they think Tammy and Amy’s brother needs a pow-wow with Dr. Now from My 600-Lb. Life? Keep reading for all the details.

Chris Combs - Dr Now
Chris Combs – Dr Now


Does Chris Combs need Dr. Now’s help?

In 1000-Lb. Sisters fan chatter on Reddit, viewers speculate diet culture is setting Chris Combs up for failure. Fans point out how unease hearing Chris talk about how anxious he was to get to the weight loss surgery because he was sick of dieting made them. Other fans pointed out his statement said he was sick of dieting only to fall short of his goals. What he said, however, as a lot of fans are afraid Chris Combs sees weight loss surgery as a fix for his problems instead of a tool. Is he going to slip back into his poor eating habits after he has the surgery? This is what fans fear.

One fan points out that “diet culture” causes Chris Combs to slip into yo-yo dieting. His diet has boxed him into a corner and it is so restrictive it causes him to yo-yo and cheat from time to time. The individual noted if he was counting calories instead of eating a horribly restrictive diet, he would be much happier.

Chris Combs TLC
Photo Credit: TLC| ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’

Other fans pointed out counting calories would put him on a diet similar to that of Dr. Now. While there are some big no-no’s on Dr. Now’s diet, it is largely focused on counting calories and staying under 1,200 for the day. Many fans speculate Chris Combs would be much happier with his diet if he was counting calories because it would give him some flexibility with what he could eat.

Does he need more therapy?

Some 1000-Lb. Sisters fans pointed out that Dr. Now’s program comes with therapy and a lot of resources that go beyond simply having the surgery and being on a diet. Fans question of Chris is offered all of these extra resources through Dr. Smith’s program. One fan noted Chris Combs may not have the discipline to follow Dr. Now’s diet. Others point out that it is possible Dr. Smith offers therapy and all these other resources — perhaps they just don’t film them.

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Would Chris Combs benefit from some time with Dr. Now? A lot of 1000-Lb. Sisters fans certainly seem to think so. At the very least, fans believe Tammy and Amy’s brother would benefit from adopting his diet for a while.

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  1. Um, y’all are high. Dr. Now’s diet not only restricts by calories, but it also restricts carbs. So, no breads, pasta…even fruit is on the no no list. So, it isn’t eat what you want within x amount of calories. It is 1200 calories of protein and carbless vegetables. Like broccoli. Not potatoes.

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