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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Amy Halterman Wants A Boob Job

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Amy Halterman made a confession regarding a desire to get a boob job during tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. What has made her decide she wants this type of work done? How does Michael Halterman feel about his wife’s desire? Here’s what we know about Amy’s desire.

Warning: 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 spoilers

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Amy Halterman seeks out a plastic surgeon

During tonight’s episode, Amy Halterman seeks out a plastic surgeon. She and her husband Michael take a trip to go see him. While she seeks the doctor out because she wants to talk about skin removal — she admits what she really wants is a boob job. Amy Halterman jokingly tells her husband she’s sick of the skin flaps dangling and drooping down her chest. She wants something that looks perky and healthy.

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As a man of few words, Michael mostly just nods and agrees with his wife. Speaking to the camera, Amy opens up more about wanting plastic surgery. She admits that she doesn’t feel very attractive with all the sagging, extra skin. Amy Halterman wants to get back to a place where she feels sexy. Turns out, she felt more attractive and confident when she weighed 400 pounds. This loose, saggy skin was really weighing her down.

Is a boob job going to happen soon?

Unfortunately, Amy Halterman doesn’t get the news she wants regarding her boob job. The plastic surgeon decides there is still a fair amount of body fat inside of the loose skin. And, he does not believe Amy is done losing weight yet. The doctor continues to explain a person like Amy will be way happier with their results if they lose more weight first. The appointment ends with the doctor encouraging her to lose more weight and then come back to see him.

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Now, Amy did get a look at what her face would look like after they removed the extra skin. She jokingly admits it was kind of bizarre to see herself with no hair. She, however, looked forward to the youthful face she was going to have.

Bummed, the TLC personality understood why the doctor said she needed to lose more weight first. She, however, wasn’t happy about it.


Are you surprised to learn Amy Halterman wants a boob job? Do you agree with the doctor’s decision regarding the work Amy wants to be done to herself?

1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3, Episode 6 titled “Man vs. Scale” airs tonight only on TLC. Viewers can stream the 42-minute episode early via Discovery+.

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