‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Sneak Peek! Tammy and Amy Slaton Therapy Throw-Down

1000-Lb Sisters Screen Grab from January 18th Episode CLip on TLC Youtube

‘1000-Lb Sisters’ fans are in for a surprise on tonight’s episode. It appears that tensions are running high between these siblings and it might just come to a head tonight on TLC. Read on to get the details on Tammy and Amy Slaton’s therapy throw down.

Has Amy Slaton’s Pregnancy Caused a Rift in Their Relationship?

1000-Lb Sisters fans have been watching on the edge of their seats these last few weeks as the family gets used to their latest scandal. Younger sister Amy Slaton is pregnant. Why is this such a big deal? It all boils down to the fact that over the last year, Amy has lost a significant amount of weight on her own and finally qualified to have bariatric weight loss surgery. The procedure went well and, all in, the reality star has lost a total of 124 pounds.

Shockingly, just weeks ago, Amy revealed to her sister, Tammy, that she is pregnant. While many fans are happy for her – her family is not digging the idea so much. They worry about all of the complications that a high-risk pregnancy like Amy’s might cause. In fact, before she was allowed to get the surgery, part of her agreement with her surgeon included a stipulation that she would avoid pregnancy for at least 2 years. The doctors were well aware of the health risks that Amy could potentially bring on herself — but that didn’t deter Amy from keeping the baby. Her family knows that she has always wanted to be a mom, but some, like Tammy, have been very outspoken about feeling Amy is making the wrong decision.

Tensions are Brewing Between the 1000-Lb Sisters

In a sneak peek of the January 18th episode, US Weekly reports that the siblings make a visit to their therapist. The magazine reports that the two use the session to ‘talk’ about some of the issues and frustration they are dealing with in their relationship.

Unfortunately, despite the soul searching the pair don’t appear to be finding a happy medium. In tonight’s episode, the accusations start flying as the duo let out some of the feelings they’ve been holding back this season.  In the clip released by TLC, Amy and Tammy are visiting a therapist that specializes in treating pre and post-bariatric surgery patients.

When the therapist approaches a conversation with Tammy about her eating habits – the conversation quickly becomes futile. Tammy tells the therapist that she eats whatever she wants. She then proceeds to begin pointing fingers at her sister, accusing her of sabotaging her eating plans – as if thats the reason she’s struggling to lose weight.

“When I look for her to go get my food, every time where I tell her I want something specific and she brings back something different, I’m like, ‘Is that what I asked for?” Tammy says condescendingly, referring to her now much smaller sibling. Tammy also unintentionally reveals that she maybe feels slighted by her sister’s success when she goes on to say, “I know I don’t make the greatest decisions on food but neither do you, and you think it’s OK just because you had the surgery.”

Amy quietly responds, “I never said it was O.K.”

Is Tammy Slaton Too Dependent on Her Sister?

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During the last season we have seen big changes in Amy Slaton. In the last year, the TLC star has made huge strides in getting her weight under control. In conjunction with dietary changes, exercise, and surgery, Amy lost more than 100 pounds. She has also moved out of the home she and Tammy shared. Amy now lives next door with her husband.

While it seems Amy has begun the process of living her life as an individual,  Tammy has not. In fact, Tammy seems to have some serious codependency issues that are bubbling to the surface.

Dependency might be what’s causing a lot of the issues in their relationship. According to the video, Tammy is doing everything she can to latch on to her sibling. Some viewers think she is afraid to be alone. Tammy now relies on Amy for even basic things. It seems that Tammy resents Amy for not being around to tend to her every need.

What are your thoughts on this relationship? Is it toxic? Is Tammy Slaton too dependent on her sister? Tell us in the comments!

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