Old, Dark Tammy Slaton & Amy Halterman Photo Fuels Nightmares

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Fans of 1000-Lb Sisters have always been curious about the family’s life prior to the start of their show. Recently, fans a photo of the ladies in their teen years had viewers on Reddit doing a double-take. Other than the occasional side interview in the show, we rarely catch the ladies wearing makeup. In this snap, the ladies are fully glammed out – but the reactions from fans aren’t what you would expect. What’s going on? Read on to find out why fans are saying this photo is fueling their nightmares.

The Ever Unglamorous Slaton Sisters

Throughout the first three seasons of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman have never pretended that they lead a glamorous life. With the exception of the occasional side interview or family gathering – fans rarely see the sisters glammed up in fancy clothes or makeup. In fact, even in episodes where Tammy is getting to visit with boyfriends from out of town, she is filmed wearing her favorite ragged-out tank top, complete with holes in the armpit area.

Photo Credit: Reddit

In the latest episode, Amy Halterman admits to her husband that she was actually much more confident and in her looks before having lost the weight. Now, she says the excess skin on her arms and stomach, along with her double chin prevents her from feeling sexy.

On more than one occasion, fans have heard the pair say that they don’t care much for makeup. Despite the occasional makeup tutorial on YouTube, they claim they aren’t that skilled with it and aren’t sure what they are doing. As of the last few years, even dressed up – their look is very much casual, but that doesn’t appear to have always been the case.

Photo Credit: TLC

A recent photo that that has been bouncing around in Reddit, suggests that young Amy and Tammy may have had a much darker sense of fashion than they do now.

The Sisters Once Had Much Darker Fashion Tastes

Late last week, a post popped up in one of the 1000-Lb. Sisters Reddit threads that shocked and startled many readers. In the post, the OP shared a photo of a much younger Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton. It is not said where the photo came from or how it became public. The poster simply shares the photo and adds, “I came across this pic of “goth” Amy and Tammy I’ve never seen. Thought I’d share.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

In the snap, the girls appear to be roughly in the 16-18-year-old range. They are both sporting much darker hair colors than they have now. Tammy is wearing her jet-black hair parted down the center. Amy on the other hand has a layered red bob that she straightened and parted to frame her face. The photo appears to be from a prom or dance photo of some sort. Amy has on what looks like some sort of formal gown in a flattering eggplant color. Tammy is wearing a dark black frock with a wide square neckline. Her garment is bedazzled in bright rhinestones.

1000-Lb Sisters / Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Goth Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton Are Fueling Nightmares

So what’s the big deal about this photo? Well, fans found themselves confused and quite disturbed at how dark the pair looked in the photos. Tammy’s pale foundation, slicked down black hair, and bright red lip paired with what fans have affectionately dubbed her “RBF” (resting B*tch face) was definitely giving off creepy Wednesday Addams feels. Amy Halterman on the other hand, despite displaying a more natural makeup look, somehow harnessed the ability to “stare into people’s souls” in a way that makes them very uncomfortable.

As soon as the post went up, viewers with a plethora of opinions that vary from fans saying the girls looked like 90s crime show teen serial killers to “super obese Twilight fans”.  Several readers even commented that they wished they hadn’t seen the photos at all because they fear they will now have nightmares.

In regards to Tammy, one person wrote, “I really can’t stand to look at her forehead/slit eyes/nose area on the show. It’s… so… evil looking. Fits with her attitude. This picture makes her upper eyelids look like they have rolls. Js.”

Another commenter jokes about the pair being quickly “swiped right on” in a dating profile.

“A super obese woman with ‘Twilight’ on the top of their interest list on a dating profile…I’m sure men broke their fingers swiping right.”

What do you think about the pair’s recently unearthed photo? Do you think it show’s off a more fashionable Amy and Tammy of the ’90s or are their deadpan glares going to keep you up tonight? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. If she continues to be her worst nightmare then enabers need to stop helping her. Shop for groceries and make veggie soup with water. No cream or noodles or flour. Grilled fish. Appropriate six ounce portions. Steamed veggies.. no corn or rice and modest amounts of beans . No bread butter. Boiled eggs some salt and pepper. So tired or seeing huge portions. Like slopping a hog. Prune juice diluted ..one can with 6 oz. The 24 oz. Of water and lemon slices. No more fatty meals. No more sweets in house. No snacks in house. When hungry do smell amounts of exercise. Soon the get will start to burn.

    1. If Tammy wanted to help herself she would have stayed in rehab and got the help she was getting family should just step back and let her do what she wants to do and stop running every time she yelles

      1. I totally agree. Let her be. Let her be responsible for herself. Or take away her credit cards/debit cards/food stamps; call all her favorite restaurants and close her accounts. Don’t bend over for her. Let Let her fuMake h

      2. So judgemental…this is not just over eating but an eating disorder. Saying crap like slipping a hog is not the solution, but an addition to the problem. It’s easy for you to sit in your chair and advised a diet but nothing to help with why the disorder is present and how psycho social habits contribute. If she were a exercise friend and anorexic that would be more socially acceptable to you all….both are destructive to the body . Shame and blame are not the answer people.

        1. You’re so sensitive omg. Let her take accountability, it’s not that serious. She’s fine, she just loves abusing people’s kindness and taking advantage of them.

        2. I was once told your reviews are a reflection of yourself… I just don’t understand why people are so mean… If you have a problem with the show why do you watch it? Seems like anytime anyone does a show or a blog people just go around picking out things and being mean. Why are you judging people? Show love not hate!! If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. You have an old photo of them and you just dog them out. It’s really sad. They are showing the whole world something that can motivate them or speak to them in different ways. You never know who is fighting a battle. It takes 0 effort to be kind or just leave your rude comments to yourself. I believe with or without your comments they are still on TV and making the show. So if you don’t like it or it makes you that upset FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO. It’s really simple!

    2. You do realize that it’s not that. You can make her all the healthy food you want. She has to want to eat healthy and exercise. You can make her meals for days. Doesn’t mean she will eat them. She can easily order food from anywhere. Since the pandemic hit ordering groceries is just as easy. If it was that easy then it would have been done.

      She needs a facility that will take in to get the weight off. She was in I guess they called it rehab or something. But she needs to be in a place for a year. Maybe longer. Enough time to lose the weight, get the surgery, recover, continue to lose the weight, and make sure she adapts to the new lifestyle change. This isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle.

    3. If they didn’t have such nasty mouth ,they would be liked ,I don’t mind them being big,I just hate their nasty mouth ,nothing is private to them ,nasty mouth ,I will not watch it,but I see it advertisement,

      1. These women are nasty. Not because they are big, but because of their dirty mouths. The way they burb and fart is beyond gross. I wish the world would stop making dumb people famous.

        1. I agree with you 100%, they are totally disgusting. And if Tammy doesn’t want to be judged harshly then she shouldn’t put herself out there to look at her makes me sick not because she’s just obese morbidly obese but because she is entitled and she’s downright evil and Nasty

  2. No I love AMY she a sweetheart don’t be mean to her. Now Tammy another story but My Grandma always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut 🤣

  3. I think it’s pretty disgusting how people talk about other people’s flaws when everyone has flaws. The fact that there are discussion boards where people just rag on others is the real problem here.

    1. So we should just censor any media that can be seen as mean or where other people talk about other people’s flaws? That’s ridiculous. If you put yourself on TV, but can’t take criticism from others, don’t put yourself on TV. It’s like celebrities who are worth multi-millions only because of the people who watch them, but then they complain about all the attention they get from being famous, such as criticism from others. Uh, the fame is why you have a 30 foot yacht… stop complaining because people can be mean when they talk about you. It’s just someone’s opinion. Take anything you can from it as a chance to possibly improve yourself and forget the rest.

  4. Leave the women live in peace. People are so nasty. If you don’t have anything nice to say… then don’t say anything at all. So much hate in the world. Take a long Look in the mirror, I’m sure you’re flawed too.

  5. Get real people, Tammy loves being fat. She is happiest when people are feeding her, making a fuss over her, she even seems to smile when she’s being pushed around in her chair. She loves the attention and her spoiled attitude and temper only flare when you mention anything about weight loss. Move the fridge out by the mail box, that way she at least will get some exercise when she goes to get her tax payer provided support checks.

  6. The pic is a little disturbing, however those pics were taken years ago. I know alot of ppl who have gone through their goth phase. These are 2 young ladies who happen to be severely obese. They are also human and have/had a right to dress and look how they wanted to. I say leave them alone. Maybe they dressed and looked like that because they felt sexy or pretty or maybe they dressed like that to ward off the cruel comments and cruel ppl of this world. They may have d essed like that to protect themselves from the hurtful things ppl said/say.

  7. Tammy needs to be a little nice and start to take care of herself better lots of people would love to have a spot on tv and she seems to notbreally give a damn of her found career. She should have the surgrey to save her life love self more and stop thinking a man is gonna really live her for her. Her sister is the best i really like her bc She is trying to do what she needs to do. Gid bless both of them.

  8. Has anyone ever acknowledged the bump on Tammy’s forehead. I am not making a joke about it and seeing their high school photo only makes me concerned more for her health beyond her weight and maybe it has something to do with it? Could it be a Lipoma or a Cyst that needs to be taken care of by Dr. Sandra Lee ( Dr. Pimple Popper) or maybe a brain surgeon due to where it is at?

  9. As long as their “humanity” also entails what can only be described as a 24/7 hungry hungry hippo cosplay that is funded by myself and other tax payers who get off their rear end to work instead of depending on others for EVERYTHING.. they are open season for being ridiculed. Any of you out there with a bleeding heart for these piles of worthlessness can have a “sodie pop” and stfu.

  10. Look at all the judgement and put downs. It’s unbelievable. Why ? It’s obvious they’ve had hardships and still do! We all do. We’re just not on TV. I love watching them, their progress, set backs and vulnerability. It takes a hell of a lot of guts and confidence to bare your soul on national tv just to have nervy people throw stones? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. We’re not all born with a silver spoon in our mouths. Lighten up

    1. I have something to say about these 2 women.I had COVID 15 months ago for 7 months I wasn’t able to walk.. I was in a nursing home…I would watch what these 2 women were trying to do for their surgery..they inspired me to try to walk…I have been walking now for 9 months.Funny looking but I’m grateful for them sharing their experiences of trying to lose weight.So Tammy thank you for once trying you girls inspired me to try to walk.

    2. No it doesn’t take a hell of a lot of guts for these 2 to bear their… it just took money…
      And yes a lot of us were not born with silver spoons in our mouth..they were actually metal or plastic…but the difference here being that most of us have taken the spoons out of our own mouths…unlike these 2 here…I’ve said enough.

  11. I agree Tammy needs to get that huge bump checked out! It’s gotten bigger since this pic was taken. Now it looks like it makes it difficult for her to open her eyes. It’s definitely disfigured her face. So sad.

  12. Tammy is a spoiled brat. They need to quit blaming Amy for Tammy’s down fall. As far as the bump on her head it’s fat

  13. She has to want to want to change its like with any addiction, right now she doesn’t. No matter what anyone says or does she doesn’t find anything wrong with it. She’s got to hit rock bottom before she sees how serious this is and how much she’s hurting her loved ones and herself. She’s killing herself and it’s sad.

  14. I believe OUR choices in life ARE ALL NOT GOOD! I love Tammy however she is grown and able to make her OWN CHOICES!Amy needs to live her life as her life! Just like how Chris is living his life.
    God will protect those that believe, as for Tammy I love ya girl, but choices you need to make ARE ALL ON YOU! you CANNOT DEPEND ON YOUR FAMILY. Cause one day those that YOU DEPEND on might be gone and who is there to blame but your self sista. Love you and please take care And do what right for you and don’t pay attention to negative things

  15. Tammy needs to take responsibility for action and be accountable for the reactions of her actions. I could not believe that she told her sister that they are lucky she isn’t bed bound and able to go to the bathroom on her own and wipe her a$$. No Tammy, they are not Lucky you are. I hate that it was presented as a threat. And why does she keep saying Amy the lazy one?

  16. I love them I watch the show weekly I’m so proud of Chris and Amy and Tammy y’all give it a break I’ve been overweight and it’s harder than you know she has a eating disorder it’s just as tragic as the opposite anorexia and if you don’t like them simple solved don’t watch .! Rest of us do we like em

  17. It certainly isn’t the photo in this article that would give me nightmares, but the comments. Many of you really need to grow up. There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and being an outright bully. A whole lot of you were never taught that if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all, and it shows.

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